Lil Nas X Will Approach Yet Another Musical Genre

rock concert audience
(Photo by Sebastian Ervi from Pexels)

Whether you like his style or not, you’ve probably heard of Lil Nas X at this point thanks to his debut “Old Town Road.” He’s only 20, but he’s already making a big statement in the music world by bring together country and trap. He’s not stopping at those two genres though. He’s coming for ROCK too! Check out the little teaser he tweeted out recently:

Sounds like a good one to me personally. Bring it on, Lil Nas X. It looks like Ryan Tedder will be involved on the song (or the whole album Titanic although the two things may not link based on the above statement).

The song you hear in the tweet is called “Bring U Down” and it may just be directed at the haters on his new/viral music career…