This Fast Food Chain Is Getting Roasted After Kim K Tweeted Them

Kim Kardashian
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian has almost 61 million followers on Twitter, so when she tweeted at Jack In The Box to say she wouldn’t “fully put you on blast,” I felt that irony. Kim’s got jokes apparently.

Now we don’t know what this is about, but Kim did clarify that this situation did not have to do with her or a messed up order.

But Twitter is a savage place and it didn’t take long for other fast food chains to start roasting Jack…

Other users were not impressed with the way that she communicated her problem for all to see.

Now I am just left with two questions.

  1. What was her issue with Jack In The Box?
  2. How does Kim Kardashian eat Jack In The Box and also have that waist?