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7 Things Your Boss Should Never Say to You

 Here Are Seven Things Your Boss Should Never Say To You

#1.) "I pay your salary. You have to do what I say." Comes off a little threatening, doesn't it? Yeah, that's not going to fly.

#2.) "I don't want to hear your complaints." Actually, as the boss, it's part of your job to hear your employees' complaints. It may be painful, but it comes with the territory.

#3.) "I was here on Saturday afternoon. Where were you?" This is a not-so-subtle way of pressuring your employees to work all the time. Eventually, it'll cause them to burn out, hate you, and quit.

#4.) "Isn't your performance review coming up soon?" If the goal is to motivate your workers, there's no better way to make sure it DOESN'T happen than with a passive-aggressive comment like that.

#5.) "We've always done it this way." I know you're the "genius" who runs the place, but there's a chance your employees . . . you know, the people who do all the ACTUAL work . . .have a few good ideas about how to do their jobs.

#6.) "We need to cut costs." All your employees will hear is that there's a chance they'll be unemployed soon. You see how that could be a little demoralizing?

#7.) "You need to step it up." If you have a critique or a suggestion, you need to be specific. If you're too vague, it's confusing, it creates tension, and it's not all that helpful.

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03/29/2010 5:05AM
7 Things Your Boss Should Never Say to You
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