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Hollywood Dirt for 4/17/2012

Did Johnny Depp's Entourage Handcuff and Drag a 52-Year-Old Disabled Professor Around Until Her Pants Fell Off?


A 52-year-old disabled woman is suing JOHNNY DEPP, because his entourage essentially TORTURED her . . . literally . . . at an IGGY & THE STOOGES concert in L.A. back in December.


--The woman is anonymous . . . but it doesn't sound like she's one of those crazy people who file insane lawsuits against celebrities, because she's a "medical professor at UC Irvine," which is a college in Orange County.


--Still, her accusation seems too crazy to be true.


--Basically, she claims she had multiple run-ins with Johnny's security in the V.I.P. area.  It sounds like these were his personal bodyguards.


--This woman claims Johnny's security:  Quote, "Grabbed her from behind . . . bear-hugged her . . . tightly grabbed and restrained both of her wrists . . . [and tried to] wrench her iPhone from her hand."


--They were initially unsuccessful, so they "dragged her" away, and "dropped her to the ground."  There, they "pried her iPhone from her hands, one finger at a time."  She also claims Johnny "witnessed" all of this, and did nothing.


--But that's not all. 


--The woman claims she was able to go back to her husband after her iPhone was stolen, but not for long . . . because the security came back with HANDCUFFS.


--She says they "indicated that they were off-duty police officers," and "apprehended" her.  They cuffed her . . . and by holding onto the chain of the handcuffs, they "dragged her on the ground and through the theater."


--In the process, they yanked the chain up several times, quote, "causing severe injuries and trauma to her wrists, arms and body."


--And while she was being dragged around her pants slid off, quote, "exposing her buttocks to the other theater patrons."  


--She also claims the venue's employees "assisted" Johnny's security, and forced her out of the venue.  


--She went to the emergency room, and she says her injuries included torn tendons in her arms, broken bones in both wrists, and a dislocated elbow.


--There's no comment from Johnny or his people. 


Is Oprah Finally Going to Marry Stedman . . . and Air the Wedding to Try to Save Her Network?


OPRAH WINFREY has held off on marrying her boyfriend STEDMAN GRAHAM for more than 25 years.  But those 25 years were REALLY SUCCESSFUL for her.


--Now she's experiencing a little taste of failure for the first time as her network is struggling.  And the investigative journalists at the"National Enquirer" say THAT might be what FINALLY gets Oprah to marry Stedman.


--The "Enquirer" is reporting that Oprah PROPOSED to Stedman and wants to air the wedding on OWN . . . to try to save the network. 


--An anonymous TV insider says, quote, "By marrying Stedman, she can not only give viewers a TV event that will rival the royal wedding . . .


--"But also months of programming covering everything from:  Shopping for her gown and choosing the wedding site . . . to selecting the food and band.  There will be bridal showers, even Stedman's bachelor party will be televised."


--They also say she offered him a $100 MILLION prenup . . . partially for going along with all this.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Say They're Not Dating


On "That '70s Show"ASHTON KUTCHER and MILA KUNIS'S characters dated for a good portion of the series.  And there have been some rumors that they've resurrected that fake romance . . . as a REAL ROMANCE.


--Over the weekend, they were photographed shopping for furniture together, having dinner, and hanging out at Ashton's house.  So . . . are they really doin' this?


--According to "Us Weekly" . . . no.  One of Mila's friends told them, quote, "No, they're so not dating.  They've been friends for years.  But she would never ever.  Definitely nothing going on." 



J.K. Rowling Announces She's Working on a New "Harry Potter" Book . . . a "Harry Potter" Encyclopedia


J.K. ROWLING has announced she's working on a new "Harry Potter" book.  But not a real one.  It's a "Harry Potter" encyclopedia.


--She wrote on her website, quote, "For a long time I have been promising an encyclopedia of Harry's world and I have started work on this now . . . when finished I shall donate all royalties to charity."


--There's no word when it comes out.


--Her first non-"Harry Potter" book, which is called "The Casual Vacancy", comes out on September 27th.


--As for whether she'll ever write another REAL "Harry Potter" book . . . she didn't give that an outright NO.


--Quote, "I have always refused to say 'never' to this question because I think it would be foolish to rule out something I might want to do in a few years' time.  However, I have no immediate plans to write another 'Harry Potter' novel."

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04/17/2012 9:58AM
Hollywood Dirt for 4/17/2012
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