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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/20/2011

Lindsay Lohan Was Handcuffed and Led Out of Court After Her Probation Was Revoked

LINDSAY LOHAN was HANDCUFFED and led out of court yesterday, after Judge Stephanie Sautner FINALLY got hardcore with her and revoked her probation.

--She was immediately released on $100,000 bail, and she's due back in court November 2nd.  At that point, they'll officially determine if she'd violated her probation and what new punishments she'll face, if any.

--Obviously, jail time is a possibility.  But if that happens, it could just be another situation where they check her in, then check her right back out because of prison overcrowding.

--Ahead of yesterday's hearing, the probation department gave Lindsay a glowing review . . . which Judge Sautner basically said was B.S.

--She was mostly concerned with Lindsay being booted from that women's shelter for missing NINE scheduled appointments.  And she refused to accept Lindsay being reassigned to the Red Cross.

--She said, quote, "No one has the power to change my sentence.  Not the volunteer center and not probation.  She is not getting credit for any time at the American Red Cross."

--Lindsay's lawyer noted to the judge that the department's review said Lindsay has, quote, "reached a turning point in her accountability and maturity."

--And the judge replied, quote, "Failing to show up nine times is reaching a turning point in her maturity?"

--Lindsay was given a year to complete her community service.  And even though she still has six months to go, Judge Sautner was NOT happy with her progress.

--She noted that Lindsay still has about 57 of her required 60 days left to do.

--Here's something that REALLY got under the judge's skin:  The probation report stated that Lindsay didn't like working at the women's shelter because it wasn't, quote, "fulfilling" for her.

--Judge Sautner said, quote, "Is that what a sentence is about?  Is it supposed to fulfill the defendant, or is it supposed to be rehabilitative and / or punitive?"

--She's also said she doubts that Lindsay has attended all her court-ordered weekly counseling sessions, because she's spent so much time out of the country.

--Then she dropped one other bomb on Lindsay:  Until her November 2nd hearing, Lindsay MUST work a minimum of two days a week at the L.A. County Morgue . . . for a minimum of eight hours a day.

--Lindsay's original sentence was 360 hours at the shelter and 120 at the morgue, for a total of 480 hours.

--Lindsay will do janitorial work at the morgue, like emptying trash, vacuuming and cleaning toilets.  She might see corpses, but a police spokesman says, quote, "She will not be touching, handling or processing any dead people."

The Cast of "Celebrity Apprentice"

NBC has yet to officially announce the next cast of "Celebrity Apprentice", but apparently that's not necessary . . . because the cast was "outed" after they were spotted in New York City, doing some sort of sandwich-making task.

--So, here's the cast . . . according to RealityBlurred.com:

--Adam Carolla

--Clay Aiken

--24-year-old racecar driver Marco Andretti.  He's the grandson of Mario Andretti.

--"Wayne's World" minx Tia Carrere

--'80s pop superstar Debbie Gibson

--Arsenio Hall

--Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider

--George Takei . . . a.k.a. Sulu from "Star Trek"

--Former "Incredible Hulk" star Lou Ferrigno

--Model Cheryl Tiegs (--She's 64 years old now.)

--Magician Penn Jillette

--Comedienne Lisa Lampanelli

--Former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day

--"American Chopper" dad Paul Teutul, Sr.

--Model Patricia Velásquez

--Former Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza

Adam Levine Doesn't Want Fox News Playing His Music Anymore

Fox News has done something to enrage MAROON 5 singer ADAM LEVINE . . . something other than the usual fair and balanced reporting.

--Apparently, Fox News used one of Maroon 5's songs, because Adam sent out a Tweet yesterday . . . warning them not to do it again.  He said, quote, "Dear Fox News, don't play our music on your evil [effing] channel ever again.  Thank you."

--He didn't elaborate . . . and Fox News hasn't commented.

Scarlett Johansson . . . Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Hittin' That?

"Us Weekly" claims that SCARLETT JOHANSSON and JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT were spotted making out in New York City last month.  There's no word why it took so long for this report to surface.

--A source says, quote, "They were kissing.  They were very lovey.  They first met about a film they wanted to do together, but it's gone beyond that now."

Jon Bon Jovi Has Opened a Volunteer, "Pay What You Can" Restaurant

JON BON JOVI has opened a charity, "pay what you can" restaurant in Red Bank, New Jersey.  It's the JBJ Soul Kitchen, and it serves "healthy variations on classic soul food."  It actually started in 2009, but now it has a permanent location.

--Here's how it works:  There won't be prices on the menus.  Diners can pay a suggested donation . . . or earn free meals by doing volunteer work in the community.

--By the way, Jon wants you to know that this ISN'T a cafeteria or soup kitchen.  He says, quote, "It's the hottest-looking restaurant in this town.  We have to get rid of a few stigmas attached to the word volunteering and making a difference."

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10/20/2011 5:18AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/20/2011
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