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Posts from September 2013

KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/30/2013
Taylor Swift's Autograph Is on a New Coke Can . . . And She's Doing a Movie with Meryl Streep
There's a limited edition Diet Coke can coming out that has TAYLOR SWIFT'S autograph all over it.  Plus, there's a message written from her that reads, quote, "If you're lucky enough to be different, don't ever change."
It's called "Sleek Can" because it's longer and slimmer than the usual soda can.  It looks similar to the Red Bull canister. 
In other Taylor news:  The "New York Post" says she's been cast in the movie "The Giver".  It stars Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgård, Jeff Bridges and Aussie actor Brenton Thwaites.  Yes, the guy she may have hooked up with earlier this month.
It's about a boy who learns about the real world in a Utopian community without war, pain, suffering . . . or choices.  There's no word when it will be out.  
Kanye West Calls a Photographer a "Mosquito Bully"
KANYE WEST went off on another paparazzi scumbag on Friday.  But this time, it was kind of justified . . . because they were pestering him outside his house at four in the morning.
Kanye and KIM KARDASHIAN were leaving for the airport, and photographers were outside his garage waiting.  One guy kept trying to talk to Kanye, and Kanye kept telling him to, quote, "Shut the [eff] up!"
He also lunged at one of them, but it doesn't appear he made contact with the guy.
He also called the guy a "bloodsucking mosquito" and a "mosquito bully".  (???)  He added, quote, "Pick a profession . . . with some kind of respect to it."  
The funny thing is, Kanye and Kim were headed to Paris.  And when they got there, Kanye was confronted by a photographer, and he was COOL. 
He did tell the guy he didn't want to talk, but he added, quote, "I respect you guys out here.  It's all good." 
Is Lamar Odom Moving To China?

Hollywoodlife.com claims Lamar Odom may move to China. 
A source tells the site, “Lamar is not going to play in the NBA again  but he is still a name and with his celebrity, he has put out feelers to possibly play in China as some other NBA stars have done in the past. 

He is basically using [China] as a tool to show that people still want his basketball services. Lamar is delusional and really thinks he will play in the NBA again, and if there are offers on the table, then he believes he will get more, especially in the NBA.”

Female First also claims Lamar is mad at his dad and is no longer going to pay his $2,900 monthly rent.
Katy Perry Says Barbara Walters Once "Shaded" Her for Being Late to an Interview, and That It Was the "Coolest Thing"
KATY PERRY sat down for an interview with BARBARA WALTERS in 2011 . . . two weeks before RUSSELL BRAND filed for divorce.  It was for Barbara's annual "10 Most Fascinating People" special.
Well, the interview got off on the wrong foot because Katy was LATE . . . and Barbara was, well, NOT fascinated.
Katy tells "Billboard", quote, "I shouldn't have done the interview, I was playing Madison Square Garden that same night, and I knew that the end of my marriage was coming.
"I'd [told] everyone that I was running late, but Barbara showed up at the original time anyway.
"When I got there, I apologized immediately, but then she said to me, 'You know, I've only ever waited for one other person this long, and you know who that person was?  JUDY GARLAND.  You know how she turned out, right?'"
You'd think that Katy would've been embarrassed, but she actually thought it was AWESOME.  She says, quote, "I was like, 'Oh, snap!  Yes, [B-word]!'  I think it's the coolest thing that Barbara Walters shaded me."
She adds, quote, "I just couldn't tell her as we were sitting down for a mega-interview, 'Hey, my marriage is falling apart.  Give me a break.'"
By the way, Katy sounds like she's ALL IN for her new boyfriend, JOHN MAYER.  She says, quote, "He literally is a genius, as is evident from his songwriting . . .
"I always tell him . . . 'Darling, you know I'm going to have to give your mind to science after you've passed, because we're going to have to understand how all these sparks work.'"  
Heather Morris from "Glee" Had Her Baby
"Glee" star HEATHER MORRIS gave birth to a baby boy Saturday.  This is the first child for Heather and her longtime boyfriend Taylor Hubbell.  They named him Elijah.
Heather is only 26, but this could be the beginning of the end of her showbiz career.  In 2011 she told "Fitness" magazine, quote, "I want to marry Taylor and have kids with him.  I love acting, but if it affects my relationship, then I won't continue."
Jennifer Lawrence Has a Cameo in "Dumb & Dumber To"
JENNIFER LAWRENCE has a cameo in the upcoming "Dumb & Dumber" sequel, "Dumb & Dumber To".
The "Hollywood Reporter" says she'll play a younger version of Fraida Feltcher . . . a woman who's mentioned in the first movie, when JIM CARREY and JEFF DANIELS realize they both had sex with her.
The older version of Fraida will be played by KATHLEEN TURNER.
In related news . . . remember the scene in the original where Jim Carrey sells his dead parakeet to a blind kid?  Well, the actor who played that kid is named Brady Bluhm, and he's coming back for the sequel.
"Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" Won the Weekend Box Office
"Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" made $35 million and easily took the #1 spot at the box office this weekend.  That's a slightly better haul than the original, which opened with $30 million back in 2009.
As for the other new releases, the romantic comedy"Baggage Claim" made $9.3 million in 4th place, while "Don Jon" was right behind with $9 million.  And the IMAX concert movie "Metallica Through the Never" had a decent showing in limited release, bringing in $1.7 million in 13th place. 
Here are this week's Top 5 movies:
1.  (NEW)  "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2", $35 million.
2.  "Prisoners", $11.3 million.  Up to $39 million in its 2nd week. 
3.  "Rush", $10.3 million.  Up to $10.6 million in its 2nd week.
4.  (NEW)  "Baggage Claim", $9.3 million.
5.  (NEW)  "Don Jon", $9 million.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/27/2013
Did Oprah Lay the Smack Down on Lindsay Lohan?
LINDSAY LOHAN is working on a reality show for OPRAH WINFREY'S OWN channel . . . but it sounds like she was up to her old tricks.  Until Oprah brought the hammer down.
At the beginning of the project, Lindsay was being difficult . . . no-showing, being a diva and that kind of thing.  So Oprah went to see her at her mom DINA'S house on Long Island, and she got a bunch of excuses.
But Oprah wasn't having it.  She told Lindsay to shape up or she could kiss her $2 MILLION paycheck goodbye.  That was about a month ago, and things have been running smoothly ever since.
Lamar Odom Was On a Crack Binge With Two Women . . . And He DID Write That Tweet About His Dad
The speculation about what LAMAR ODOM is doing and where he's doing it is getting EXHAUSTING.  But here's the latest:
Rumor has it he was holed up for several days in a private house in a gated community 100 miles from Los Angeles . . . partying and smoking crack with TWO WOMEN.  Although apparently, he was only being "intimate" with one of them.
He was also really paranoid about getting caught, so he used a phone app that deletes texts he sends to other people as soon as they're read.  It also notifies him if someone tries to screenshot a text he sends them.
But sources say he returned to Los Angeles Wednesday night.
Meanwhile, TMZ is taking back its story that Lamar didn't send that angry Tweet to his father.  Now they're saying he not only sent it, but he called the KARDASHIANS ahead of time to tell them he was sending it.
Kaley Cuoco from "The Big Bang Theory" is Engaged to a Guy She's Been With for Three Months
KALEY CUOCO from "The Big Bang Theory" is engaged to pro tennis player RYAN SWEETING . . . even though they've only been dating for about THREE MONTHS.
A source says, quote, "She knows Ryan is the one.  When you know, you know."  Ryan supposedly popped the question on Wednesday.
And while Kaley hasn't officially confirmed it, she did Tweet this . . . quote, "Flying high, I could literally touch the sky with you...."

Robert Downey Jr. Has a 6-Foot, Remote Control Flying Iron Man
This has got to be one of the coolest toys ever . . . too bad it's a one-of-a-kind.  ROBERT DOWNEY JR.'S staff pitched in and got him a custom-built, 6-foot-tall, remote control flying Iron Man.  (!!!)  And it's AWESOME.  The creator released a short video showing it off.
Luckily for the rest of us, there's a 19-inch version on the market.  It's still over a hundred bucks . . . but it looks pretty sweet.  
The Romantic Comedies "Don Jon" and "Baggage Claim" Take on a Racing Movie and the Animated "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" Sequel
1.  "Don Jon"  (R)  Trailer
Joseph Gordon Levitt makes his directorial debut with a romantic comedy he also wrote.  He plays a guy whose porn addiction clashes with Scarlett Johansson's old-fashioned expectations from watching too many romantic Hollywood movies.
2.  "Baggage Claim"  (PG-13)  Trailer
Paula Patton plays a flight attendant who's so desperate for a date to her little sister's wedding, she agrees to stalk her ex-boyfriends through her job.
3.  "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2"  (PG)  
"SNL's" Bill Hader return for this animated sequel about a guy who invented a machine that turns water into food.  We thought he'd destroyed it at the end of the first movie, but it turns out the machine survived and now it's making food-animal hybrids.
Anna Faris is back as his dorky girlfriend, and Neil Patrick Harris is the voice of Steve the monkey.  
4.  "Rush"  (R) 
Chris Hemsworth plays a Formula One racecar driver in a vicious rivalry with an Austrian opponent in the 1970s.  Olivia Wilde plays his wife, and it's directed by Ron Howard and based on a true story. 

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/26/2013
Lindsay Lohan's Half-Sister Had $25,000 Worth of Surgery to Look Like Her

Last year, MICHAEL LOHAN admitted that he cheated on DINA back in the '90s and fathered a LOVE CHILD. 
Now she's an 18-year-old named ASHLEY HORN . . . and she recently had $25,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like her half-sister LINDSAY.
She says, quote, "My goal was to look like Lindsay in her good days, when she was around 18, 19 years old.
"I've gotten rhinoplasty, a bit of refinement underneath my cheeks and jawline, some fat injected into my chin, and some fat injected into my upper cheeks.  I'm hotter than Lindsay!  I have no problem saying that."
But she adds, quote, "I don't drink, do drugs or party.  I like being a responsible person.  I'm not Lindsay.  I wasn't raised in that family."  
Is Miley Cyrus Getting New Boobs?
The Daily Star claims MILEY CYRUS wants breast implants. 
A source tells the paper, “Miley thinks new boobs will make her look more womanly and help her get taken more seriously. She’s desperate for curves. 
According to the source, Miley has been reading what people say about her online and the Wrecking Ball video has led to comments that she looks like a young boy. 
People close to her and trying to talk her out of the surgery, but supposedly, she won’t hear of it.
Kim Kardashian is "Bored" With Motherhood
If there's one word that rarely gets used to describe life with a newborn baby, it'd be BORING but not everyone leads the exciting life of KIM KARDASHIAN.
RADAR Online claims Kim  is bored. 
A source tells the site, “Kim loves being a mom and spending all of her time with the baby. But she’s really bored! She misses going out all the time to shop or eat and have people in public fawn all over her. 
The source claims KANYE is partly to blame. He wants her to be more selective about what she’s doing to protect NORTH WEST.
Kim reportedly said she "wouldn’t trade the baby for anything, of course, but she is saying she is bored right now.”
Do Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Rent Motel Rooms By the Hour?
This sounds like an awesome way to keep the passion alive in a marriage:  The "Star" tabloid claims that BLAKE LIVELY and RYAN REYNOLDS rent motel rooms by the hour just to GET IT ON.
A source says, quote, "They maintain their intense chemistry by engaging in role play, secret romps in 'rent by the hour' motels and naked yoga at home."
They also want to join the Mile-High Club . . . and Ryan plans to rent a private jet to make it happen.
Is Richard Gere Getting Divorced?
The "New York Post" says that RICHARD GERE and actress Carey Lowell are getting divorced after 11 years of marriage.
They haven't been photographed together since last year, and a so-called "source" says they've been, quote, "spending time apart for quite some time."
He's 64, she's 52, and they have a 13-year-old son with the unfortunate name Homer James Jigme Gere.
Marvel's "Agents of S.H.I.EL.D" had huge ratings for ABC
“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” blew away its fall competition with the biggest network drama debut in FOUR years.
The ABC show earned a 4.6/14 in the key 18-49 demo, with 11.9 million total viewers.   The hype — and an “Avengers” connection — paid off big for “S.H.I.E.L.D.” 
The ratings were welcome news for ABC, which is in fourth place in the key demo.
The next new episode will be Tuesday at 8pm.
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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/25/2013
Bill Nye the Science Guy Suffered a "Partially Torn Ligament" on "Dancing with the Stars" Monday Night
BILL NYE . . . the Science Guy . . . injured his knee when he tripped at the end of his paso doble on "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night.
Last night, he posted a photo of himself in a doctor's office, with his knee all wrapped up.  The caption said, quote, "Here is the scoop:  Partially torn ligament.  Awaiting the doc's orders with Tyne.  We plan to dance!  Stand by."
It sounds like the doctor's recommendation will determine whether or not Bill continues dancing.  If he IS forced to withdraw, the show may skip an elimination, or bring back KEYSHAWN JOHNSON, who was dropped this week.
Bill was in danger of being cut anyway.  His paso doble got a 17 from the judges, the lowest score of the night.  Judge CARRIE ANN INABA called it, quote, "a weird, sort-of bizarre masterpiece of insanity."
The Emmys Had Huge Ratings This Year and the "Dancing with the Stars" Season Premiere Came in Third
"The Emmy Awards"attracted 17.8 million viewers, which was their largest audience in eight years and 33% more viewers than when Jimmy Fallon hosted it last year.  The Emmys came in second place in the ratings, behind "Sunday Night Football".
The 17th season premiere of "Dancing with the Stars" was third with 16 million, which is up 16% from last fall's All-Star's premiere.  Here are the Top 10 shows.
1.  "Sunday Night Football", NBC, 20.5 million viewers.  The Chicago Bears beat the Steelers, 40-23.  And Pittsburgh dropped to 0-3 for the first time since 1986.
2.  "The 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards", CBS, 17.8 million viewers.
3.  The 17th season premiere of "Dancing with the Stars", ABC, 16 million viewers.
4.  "Monday Night Football: Pittsburgh at Cincinnati", ESPN, 14.3 million viewers.  The Bengals beat the Steelers, 20-10.
5.  The 1st season finale of "Under the Dome", CBS, 12.1 million viewers
6.  The 8th season finale of "America's Got Talent", NBC, 11.5 million viewers. Dancer Kenichi Ebina took the title.
7.  The final performance show of "America's Got Talent",NBC, 11.2 million viewers.
8.  An "NCIS" repeat on CBS, 10.6 million viewers.
9.  The series premiere of "Sleepy Hollow", Fox, 10.1 million viewers.  This was the highest-rated scripted drama for Fox in six years.
10.  "Football Night in America", NBC, 9.8 million viewers.
Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home is For Sale

This month marks the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's final studio album, and fans aren't just able to buy a new "super deluxe" box set to celebrate the occasion. 

They can also buy the childhood home of late frontman KURT COBAIN. It comes complete with his actual mattress. Ewww.
Simon Cowell Won't Be in the Delivery Room
SIMON COWELL says he'll be involved in his child's life . . . but his involvement will NOT start in the delivery room.
On RYAN SEACREST'S radio show yesterday he said, quote, "I know this sounds awful, but it's like you don't want to go in to the restaurant while they're making your dinner.  There are certain things you shouldn't see and that is one of them."
Ryan's co-host asked if Simon would marry the baby's mother, LAUREN SILVERMAN.  He said, quote, "Let's put it this way, I wouldn't expect her to be a single mother."  
Lamar Odom's Dad Talks Smack About the Kardashians . . . And Lamar Rips Him a New One
LAMAR ODOM'S father JOE knows who to blame for his son's downfall:  THE KARDASHIANS.  He says all of Lamar's problems began after he married KHLOE . . . quote, "They haven't been a good influence on my son.  It's been the curse of his life.
"He hasn't really accomplished anything since he's been with them.  Without them, he'd still be in the NBA playing basketball.  He'd be playing for the Lakers and be one of the top players in the league."
Joe also called KRIS JENNER, quote, "an evil [B-word]". 
Well, last night Lamar lit into his dad in a message on TwitLonger.com.  He said his dad wasn't there to raise him because he was fighting his own demons . . . and added that those demons are probably the only thing daddy passed on to him.
Then he defended the Kardashians, saying, quote, "How can a man who has NOT once called me to check on my well being have the nerve to talk so recklessly about his own 'son' . . .
"He [is] disrespecting the ONLY FAMILY that has loved me without expecting anything in return.  They are the ONLY ones that have been here consistently for me during this dark time."
Meanwhile . . . Khloe hit the clubs Monday night, where she hung out with the rapper GAME and some of his friends.  But she was still wearing her wedding ring.   

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/24/2013
Is Britney Spears Having Trouble Selling Tickets to Her Vegas Shows?
Tickets to BRITNEY SPEARS' upcoming residency in Las Vegas went on sale on Friday, and three of the first 16 shows are already SOLD OUT.  But apparently, that's not good enough.
A so-called "industry insider" tells RadarOnline.com that this is "dismal" . . . because all 16 shows were expected to sell out "instantly."
The insider adds, quote, "Many are considering this a disaster . . . [it] really isn't looking well for Britney.  Ticket sales need to start skyrocketing or else there's going to be a lot of disappointed investors and people involved with the show."
By the way, another "source" tells the "New York Daily News" that Britney is probably going to lip-sync her way through all the shows . . . and adds, quote, "Britney does not sing."
But Britney's rep has said there's, quote, "zero truth" to this.
(The tickets have only been on sale for a few days, and the performances don't begin until the end of December.)
Justin Timberlake's New Album Is Streaming Online and He Tells Leno Why He's On Drugs
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S new album, "The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2", doesn't come out until NEXT week, but the whole thing is now streaming on iTunes.
Justin was on The Tonight Show last night with a sinus infection.  Jay mentioned it, and Justin started talking about all the other times he's performed when he was sick.  
First he joked that he's on performance-enhancing drugs, but he was actually talking about antibiotics.  Then he talked about shows he's done where he ran off stage to vomit every time the lights went down.
And don't forget...today is TIMBERLAKE TUESDAY!!  JT will once again by on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon tonight.
R. Kelly Needs Dinosaur-Shaped Chicken Nuggets from the Grocery Store
If you're heading to the grocery store, would you mind picking up some dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets for R. KELLY?  He's out.
Seriously.  Vulture.com has somehow obtained a grocery list that R. Kelly threw together.  Supposedly, they got it from someone who visited his house, snapped a photo of it, and sent it their way.
The top item on the list is, quote, "Tyson Dino Shape Chicken Nuggets."  (Yes, that's a real thing.  You can check it out at TysonFoodService.com.)
Some other entries include:
Three different types of Haagen-Dazs sorbet:  Mango, lemon and raspberry

Hot dogs, bologna, and lemonade . . . specifically, the "Simply Lemonade" brand
Go-Gurts.  (That's the portable, "yogurt in a tube."  On Yoplait's official website, they say Go-Gurt, quote, "Gives everyone a reason to be happy!") 
Bananas . . . but, quote, "3 only." 
Strawberry Toaster Strudel

Lunchables . . . two with pizza and two with bologna

Romaine lettuce spears . . . but, quote, "NOT already cut"
(There are a lot of children's items there.  R. Kelly does have three kids between the ages of 11 and 15.)
It's an Exciting Day for MARVEL Fans...Iron Man 3 Hits DVD and "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Premieres Tonight
The big DVD release today is "Iron Man 3".  It is, as far as we know, the last of the Iron Man movies.  It will not however, be the last time we see Robert Downey, Jr.  He'll reprise the role for the second and third "Avengers" movies.
"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."  premieres tonight at 8:00 P.M. on ABC.  Clark Gregg reprises his role of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson, as he assembles a team of agents and heroes to fight evil.  The first thing we'll learn is how Coulsen is ALIVE since he died in "The Avengers" movie.
If you need me, I'll be glued to my TV tonight...so don't need me. Thanks.
Jessica Alba Was More Critical of Her Before She Had Kids
Things like age, experience and childbearing can really do a lot for a woman's self-image.  Just ask JESSICA ALBA.  As a 32-year-old mother of two, she's more confident in her body than ever before.
She says, quote, "I was a lot more critical of my body when it was probably pretty awesome.  Why did I not ever wear jean shorts?  That's so crazy.  I was so skinny.  I didn't have any cellulite . . . what was I thinking?"
She adds, quote, "I was more willing to wear short skirts after I had my kids.  I never wore them before.  Ever.  I was so self-conscious.
"Now I'm a lot more confident in my skin . . . because who cares?  At the end of the day, it's so much time spent on something that really doesn't matter that much."

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/23/2013
The Emmys: Tina Fey Had a Nip-Slip and Michael Douglas Thanked His Wife
The Emmys are one of the less outrageous award shows.  No swearing, no twerking.  But there was actually more NUDITY during last night's show than you usually see at ANY of the other shows . . . thanks to TINA FEY.
While accepting a writing award for "30 Rock", Tina suffered a NIP SLIP.  
Meanwhile . . . KERRY WASHINGTON from "Scandal" was getting a lot of hype for having a shot at being the first African-American to win Best Actress in a Drama.  But she LOST to "Homeland" star CLAIRE DANES.
Here are some other noteworthy moments from the show:
MICHAEL DOUGLAS won Best Actor in a TV Miniseries or Movie for the LIBERACE movie "Behind the Candelabra".  His acceptance speech included some GAY INNUENDO aimed at his onscreen lover MATT DAMON, who was in the audience.
He said, quote, "Obviously there's one nominee in particular that I really have to thank.  This was a two-hander, and Matt, you're only as good as your other hand."
He added, quote, "You really deserve half of this [award].  Do you want the bottom or the top?"
He also said, quote, "I wanna thank my wife, Catherine, for her support."  (They're separated.)
MERRITT WEVER from "Nurse Jackie" won Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy and gave the following speech . . . quote, "Thanks so much.  Thank you so much.  I gotta go.  Bye."  And then she just walked offstage.
She later said she was nervous and didn't think she would win.  
This Year's Emmy Winners
Here are all the Emmy winners you care about . . .
Best Drama Series:  "Breaking Bad"  (AMC)
Best Comedy Series:  "Modern Family"  (ABC)
Best Actor (Drama Series):  Jeff Daniels,  "The Newsroom"  (HBO)
Best Actress (Drama Series):  Claire Danes,  "Homeland"  (Showtime)
Best Supporting Actor(Drama Series):  Bobby Cannavale,  "Boardwalk Empire"  (HBO)
Best Supporting Actress(Drama Series):  Anna Gunn, "Breaking Bad"  (AMC)
Best Actor(Comedy Series):  Jim Parsons,  "The Big Bang Theory"  (CBS)
Best Actress(Comedy Series):  Julia Louis-Dreyfus,  "Veep"  (HBO)
Best Supporting Actor (Comedy Series):  Tony Hale,  "Veep" (HBO)
Best Supporting Actress  (Comedy Series):  Merritt Wever,  "Nurse Jackie"  (Showtime)
Best Miniseries or Movie:  HBO's "Behind the Candelabra" . . . and Michael Douglas won Best Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie for his role as Liberace.
Best Reality-Competition Program:  "The Voice"  (NBC)
Best Variety Series:  "The Colbert Report"  (Comedy Central)
Jon Gosselin Pulled a Gun on a Photographer and Fired a Warning Shot

JON GOSSELIN must really want to stay out of the limelight . . . because on Friday, he pulled a gun on a photographer who followed him to his home in rural Pennsylvania.  He even fired a WARNING SHOT.
The female photographer was waiting for Jon when he got off work waiting tables at the Black Dog tavern in Beckersville, Pennsylvania.  She followed him home to his cabin in the woods . . . yes, he lives in a cabin in the woods, with no TV or Internet access.
What she didn't realize is that once they got onto a series of dirt roads, they were on his property.
She started snapping pictures, and that's when Jon went DOG NUTS.  He started approaching her, yelling that she was trespassing.  Then he pulled a gun out of the back of his pants and fired a shot.  
The photographer got back in her car and took off, but Jon followed her until she was back on the main road.
She went to the police to file a report, but she didn't pursue charges . . . probably because SHE was the only one who broke the law.  She was TRESPASSING, and Jon was most likely within his rights to fire the weapon on his property.
He says, quote, "The message that I take my family's privacy seriously was sent loud and clear.  I trust that she will respect that in the future."
Oprah Winfrey Had a Nervous Breakdown Over Her OWN Network
OPRAH WINFREY is admitting that she had a nervous breakdown last year, over her struggling network OWN.
She tells "Access Hollywood", quote, "In the beginning, it was just sort of speeding and a kind of numbness and going from one thing to the next thing to the next thing.
"I will tell you when I realized that I thought, 'All right, if I don't calm down I'm gonna be in serious trouble.'  I was in the middle of doing voiceovers, you know?
"And I remember closing my eyes in between each page because looking at the page and the words at the same time was too much stimulation for my brain."
She adds, quote, "I mean, I wasn't ready to go run naked in the streets.  Let's make that very clear.  But I had reached a point where I just couldn't take in anymore stimulation.  Ok?  That's what I meant by that."  (The interview will air in several parts, beginning tomorrow night.)
Mick Jagger is Going to Be Great-Grandfather
The next time you see MICK JAGGER rocking out on stage, remember this:  He's about to become a GREAT-GRANDFATHER.
Mick is 70 years old, and he has a 21-year-old granddaughter named Assisi Jackson, who is now pregnant.  Assisi's mother is 41-year-old Jade Jagger, the daughter of Mick and his first wife Bianca.
Mick has seven children from four women.  They range in age from 14 to 42.  He has three other grandchildren besides Assisi.  

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/20/2013
Billy Ray Cyrus Says "That's Still My Miley"
Two nights after MILEY CYRUS did what she did at the "VMAs", BILLY RAY CYRUS was scheduled to appear on "Piers Morgan Tonight".  He bailed at the last second.
Well, he finally did the show last night, and Piers asked him right up front what he thinks of the "controversy".  And Billy Ray pretty much dodged the question.
He said, quote, "I'm a singer-songwriter first and foremost.  And I'm her daddy.  I come from that school of as a singer-songwriter, as a musician, that it starts with a song.
"And it's that magic moment when a song finds the right artist, the right singer, and it becomes a synchronicity of that moment in time.
"Miley harnessed into something very special.  She's just Miley.  She's an artist, she's real.  I think that's what's happened over the years, Miley has been reinventing her sound.
"She's evolving as an artist herself.  I think that it's all of what everyone is calling controversy now.  That's still my Miley."
Piers then asked Billy Ray if he knew what she was going to do ahead of time.  He replied, quote, "I knew that she wanted to do something really special and something that everybody was gonna be talking about.
"I knew that she had put a great deal of practice and thought into [her performance]."  
Did Zac Efron Go to Rehab Multiple Times for Cocaine?
There's been talk lately that ZAC EFRON went to rehab earlier this year for COCAINE ADDICTION.  Now, the rumors are starting to pile up.
TMZ says Zac rehabbed TWICE . . . the second time after a major relapse while filming SETH ROGEN'S upcoming movie "Neighbors".
Sources say Zac's issues include the fact that his career stalled after the "High School Musical" flicks . . . and the fact that his parents still trying to control his life and career decisions.
Meanwhile, RadarOnline.com says Zac was partying with CHARLIE SHEEN for several months earlier this year . . . quote, "Zac was spending a lot of time at Charlie's Beverly Hills mansion and they were definitely partying together, sometimes for days at a time."
Charlie says NONE of this is true.  He claims Zac was at his house ONCE.  It was two years ago, for a Super Bowl party.  And the last time he saw Zac was 11 months ago, when he visited the set of "Anger Management".
Still, a "source" says Zac's friends are worried he'll be the next CORY MONTEITH.
ROB LOWE Tweeted some support for Zac . . . but his Tweet makes it sound like Zac IS fighting an addiction.
He said, quote, "A thought: if you only find out a person has been to rehab weeks or months after they got out, they're probably serious about recovery."
Ellen DeGeneres is the Most Likeable Woman in Hollywood
ELLEN DEGENERES is the Most Likeable Woman in Hollywood, according to a survey by iHeartRadio.
Ellen got 35.1% of the vote, followed by JENNIFER LAWRENCE with 17.7% and EMMA STONE with 13.4%. 
Rounding out the Top 5 were JENNIFER HUDSON with 12.5% and ZOOEY DESCHANEL with 8.5%.
Meanwhile, ROBIN THICKE'S "Blurred Lines" was voted Song of the Summer . . . and DRAKE was named Best Actor / Actress-Turned Musician.  (He was followed by Johnny Depp and Jack Black.)
New Movies This Weekend
1.  "Prisoners"  (R)  
Hugh Jackman takes the law into his own hands when two girls go missing, and the police can't find evidence against the main suspect.  Maria Bello plays his wife . . . Terrence Howard and Viola Davis are the parents of the other girl . . . and Jake Gyllenhaal is the detective investigating the disappearance.

2.  "Battle of the Year"  (PG-13)  
Josh Holloway from "Lost" plays a basketball coach trying to train a break dancing team to win a global dance tournament.
Laz Alonso from A&E's "Breakout Kings" is the hip hop mogul who recruits him to whip them into shape . . . Chris Brown plays one of his dancers . . . and Josh Peck from "Drake & Josh" is Holloway's assistant.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/19/2013
Gwyneth Paltrow Keeps Booze in a Flask Bracelet 

GWYNETH PALTROW was on Ellen yesterday where she revealed an interesting way to get her BOOZE fix.

Gwyneth says she has a flask bracelet that she fills with the liquor of her choice.  She told Ellen it's great for going to "school plays" or "parent-teacher nights". 

Gwyneth has a blog on goop.com where she featured the bracelet if you're interested.  It comes in gold or silver and costs a mere $365!!!
Is Jim Carrey Headed for a Mental Breakdown?
While everyone is waiting for MILEY CYRUS or JUSTIN BIEBER to have a mental breakdown, JIM CARREY might just sneak up and beat them both to it.
The not-always-reliable "National Enquirer" says that Jim's failed relationship with JENNY MCCARTHY and diminishing box office appeal are starting to wear him down.
A source says, quote, "Jim has suffered from severe depression in the past, and you have to worry those fearful days are coming back again.  When you talk to him, he's not as animated as he used to be.  He seems at a low point."
The source adds, quote, "Jim thought he and Jenny were going to be together for a lifetime . . . He's been searching for real love, and there's no one to replace Jenny."
To make things even worse for Jim, Jenny is currently co-hosting "The View" and getting it on with DONNIE WAHLBERG.  Meanwhile, the closest thing he's had to a hit in years was "Mr. Popper's Penguins" in 2011.
The source adds, quote, "The joys of life have been eluding him, and seeing Jenny move on makes him ache for what they had.  He's in a fragile emotional state.  Pals fear for his future."
Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant?
US Weekly claims JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX are expecting a baby. 

A source tells the mag, ''She is scared of having a miscarriage, given her age, so they are not saying anything until she is six months along. They’re extremely happy. This is the baby Jen always wanted. Her stylist has to redo her whole press tour wardrobe.''
Jen's rep denies the story.
Will Khloe Kardashian Adopt a Baby?
InTouch Weekly claims KHLOE KARDASHIAN  is adopting. 
A source tells the mag, “She never ruled out adoption, and now she’s pursuing it. Khloe is saying she’ll have a baby regardless of what’s happening with her marriage."
InTouch claims the adoption will be addressed on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 
As far as Khloe and Lamar are concerned, it sounds like she is really done with him.  A source tells US Weekly, “Her assistants packed up Lamar’s clothes and dropped them off at his loft.''
"Glee" Star Naya Rivera Made Out With Demi Lovato in Her Trailer to Get Her "Warmed Up"
DEMI LOVATO joins the cast of "Glee" this season as NAYA RIVERA'S new love interest.  And Naya revealed how she broke the ice with Demi before filming began.
She told "Access Hollywood", quote, "I made out with her in my trailer before we shot the scene, so I just warmed her up."
Not surprisingly, Naya's boyfriend, rapper BIG SEAN, was upset . . . that he MISSED IT.  Naya said, quote, "He was like, 'Oh man, I'm out of town.  I'm jealous.'"  

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/18/2013
Did Britney Spears Vomit Just Before Making Her Big Vegas Announcement?
As expected, BRITNEY SPEARS announced an upcoming two-year residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on "Good Morning America" yesterday.
It's called "Britney:  Piece of Me", and it'll include 50 performances a year.
As part of the insanity, Britney arrived in Vegas in a helicopter, where she was "surprised" by more than 1,000 of her fans, who had gathered in the desert in the middle of the night.  (It was around 3:00 A.M. local time.)
But it sounds like the helicopter did a number on her stomach.
She said, quote, "It's craziness.  It's so chaotic.  Actually, I got SICK in the helicopter.  I was like 'Oh, my God!'  But this is amazing . . . it's so cool."  
Technically, Britney didn't SAY that she vomited . . . but that's the most amusing interpretation of her "getting sick," so we'll go ahead and assume that's what happened.
She later Tweeted, quote, "Y'all that will be the last time you EVER see me in a helicopter.  Love you 'Good Morning America' and that was INCREDIBLE . . . but helicopters are not for this girl."
The "Good Morning America" report also revealed that tickets to her show go on sale on Friday . . . and will range from $59 to $179 a pop.  The show launches on December 27th.
For more information, hit up BritneySpears.com and PlanetHollywoodResort.com.  There are a few pre-sale opportunities, but Friday is the official first day tickets will be available.
Britney also announced that her next album, which doesn't have a title yet, is scheduled to come out on December 3rd.  Naturally, it'll include her new single, "Work [B-word]".  
Jennifer Aniston Wouldn't Let Justin Theroux Display His "STD Art"
When JENNIFER ANISTON and JUSTIN THEROUX moved in together, she wouldn't let him display his STD ARTWORK.  I'm not making this up.
Justin tells "GQ" magazine that Jennifer made him move his STD ARTWORK out of their Bel Air mansion.  
He says, quote, "I have these beautiful wax-museum pieces, handmade, from the 1800s, from a museum of curiosities.
"They're just these open mouths, with tongues, and in the throats are different stages, labeled, of syphilis and gonorrhea and whatever . . . They weren't going to be above the fireplace anytime soon."
Justin didn't get rid of them altogether though.  They're in his office in L.A.
Justin also reveals that one of the reasons he and Jennifer bought their $21 million home is because it came with SIX CHICKENS.  He says, quote, "[The previous owners] were like, 'Of course we'll get rid of the chickens.'
"And we said, 'Are you crazy?  Don't get rid of the chickens.  That's half the reason we wanted this place.'"
Sara Bareilles Doesn't Think Katy Perry Stole Her Song
When KATY PERRY released her hit "Roar", there was some talk that she may have ripped off a SARA BAREILLES song called "Brave".
Well, Sara has finally weighed in . . . and she says Katy is in the clear.
She explains, quote, "I don't feel like anything was taken from me artistically.  I wasn't the one having any problems with it.  I've known Katy a long time.  We're friends and she and I spoke about it."
She adds that they considered releasing some kind of mash-up in response to the accusations . . . to, quote, "let everybody know we're not mad at each other."
Regardless, Sara didn't mind having this "controversy" run its course, because everyone was talking about "Brave".  She says, quote, "I was stoked . . . I was like, 'You guys want to go get [mad] about something and buy my music, that's great.'"
Brad Pitt Took a Photo With a Bride and Groom When He Happened to Be in the Same Hotel as Their Wedding
BRAD PITT showed up at a British hotel one day last week for a meeting . . . and there just happened to be a wedding going on.
The groom, one Daniel Lingwood, noticed Brad and some other guys at a table in the bar and brought his bride Abi over for a picture. 
Abi says, quote, "He congratulated us on our wedding said I looked great in my dress, shook our hands and said to pose for a picture.  He was very accommodating.  Unfortunately I didn't get a kiss from him!"
The WOMEN at the wedding went NUTS, and rushed over for pictures.  Brad accommodated a few of them, but then said, quote, "This is the last one, we are trying to have a meeting."
"Manning Bowl III" Took the Top Spot in the Ratings
The third match-up between quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning drew this week's highest TV audience, 26.4 million viewers.  The Broncos-Giants battle between the Manning brothers was also the biggest "NFL on CBS" audience since 1998.
In the end, the Broncos beat the Giants 41-23 to give Peyton his third win over his little brother.  Eli threw four interceptions, while Peyton's performance was nearly perfect.
"Sunday Night Football" took second place with the Seattle vs. San Francisco game.  The Seahawks crushed the 49ers with a score of 29-3.  And check this out:  Seahawks Fans set a Guinness Book World Record for loudest crowd noise during the game.
Here are some additional ratings that may interest you: 
• 8.6 million people tuned in to watch Indian-American beauty Nina Davuluri crowned your new Miss America at this year's "Miss America Pageant".
•  The series premiere of Ryan Seacrest's 10-day game show, "The Million Second Quiz", got off to a decent start with 6.5 million viewers.  The final episode airs tonight on NBC.
•  "Breaking Bad" attracted a record 6.4 million viewers and was the highest-rated non-football show last Sunday night.  There are only two episodes left until the series finale.
•  The 6th season premiere of "Sons of Anarchy" pulled in a record-breaking 5.9 million viewers.  (The premiere also drew fire from the Parents Television Council for featuring a school shooting and rape scenes.)
•  The series finale of "Burn Notice" attracted 5 million viewers.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/17/2013
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Over
It's official:  MILEY CYRUS and LIAM HEMSWORTH are finished.  Reps for both of them confirmed it yesterday.
There are two theories as for why it ended . . . and we've heard them both before.
First, there's Liam's frustration with Miley's new image and attitude.  Sources say it's, quote, "not what he signed up for."
Then there's Liam's alleged CHEATING.  There have been rumors of an affair with "Mad Men" minx JANUARY JONES.  And now the "New York Post" says he hooked up with a, quote, "random brunette" at the Toronto Film Festival last week.
Of course, BOTH things could be true:  Liam could be looking for love elsewhere BECAUSE he's fed up with Miley's antics.
Whatever the case, Liam was partying in Las Vegas Saturday night after the FLOYD MAYWEATHER fight, and he spent the night pretty much stapled to a sexy Mexican actress named Eiza Gonzalez. 
Britney Spears Announces a Las Vegas Residency That Will Pay Her Millions
It's VEGAS bitch!!  BRITNEY SPEARS announced 16 dates residency at Las Vegas' Planet Hollywood THIS MORNING on ABC's "Good Morning America" 

"Britney: Piece of Me" will debut December 27th this year.


Spears was in the Nevada desert for the announcement with more than 1,000 fans. Some dressed like the singer's signature schoolgirl look from her "... Baby One More Time" music video.



Tickets for "Britney: Piece of Me" go on sale Sept. 20. Prices range from $59 to $179.





Katy Perry "Outs" Rihanna As a Huge Pot Smoker

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that RIHANNA enjoys the occasional reefer cigarette.  But her friend KATY PERRY kind of called her on it in an interview with "Elle Canada".
She said, quote, "I think Rihanna always looks so fresh and I'm like, 'How do you do that?  We all know how much pot you smoke!'  And you don't sleep because you're on Instagram at 4 o'clock in the morning!"
Speaking of these two . . . Katy's new single "Roar" just hit #1 on the "Billboard" Pop songs radio airplay chart.  That means that Katy and Rihanna are now tied for the most number ones in the 21-year history of that chart.  They both have 10.
AMC Is Developing a "Walking Dead" Spin-Off
AMC recently announced that they were doing a "Breaking Bad" spin-off . . . and now, they're developing another "Walking Dead" show.
The new one will be set in the same zombie-apocalypse universe as the "Walking Dead" . . . but it'll involve "an entirely new story and cast of characters."  There's no title yet, and the show isn't expected to debut until 2015.
There were reports that the show was going to be called "Spread the Dead".  That's not true.
"Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman says, quote, "The opportunity to make a show that isn't tethered by the events of the comic book, and is truly a 'blank page,' has set my creativity racing."
Season Four of "The Walking Dead" premieres on October 13th.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/16/2013
Paula Deen Got a 10-Minute Standing Ovation at a Cooking Convention in Houston
PAULA DEEN was brought to tears by a 10-MINUTE STANDING OVATION at a cooking convention in Houston on Saturday.
She told the crowd, quote, "These are tears of joy, y'all.  This is my first time out in three months . . . The one place I wanted to make my first step out was in Texas.  You are forgiving folks with hearts as big as your state."
"We all experience pain in some way but pain is also a good thing because it makes you grow."
After doing a cooking demo, Deen put her face up to a camera, smiled and said, quote, "I'm back!"
Could Katie Couric Eventually Replace Barbara Walters on "The View"?
There's some talk on the World Wide Web of Misinformation that KATIE COURIC may replace BARBARA WALTERS on "The View" after Barbara retires next year.
The "New York Daily News" says it's "likely" that Katie's talk show will be CANCELED sometime this winter, because it's struggling in the ratings.  On top of that, Katie isn't happy with the show's, quote, "gossipy" direction.
So-called "sources" say Katie might work out better on "The View" . . . because viewers like her more with co-hosts than they do when she's on her own . . . and, quote, "Even [viewers] not liking her can work in the show's favor and her favor."
However, Katie shot the rumor down on Twitter . . . saying, quote, "Wow!  Appreciate the interest but . . . completely not true.  Crazy how these things get repeated.  Guess it's just the world we live in!"
Is Justin Bieber Playing Robin in the "Batman vs. Superman" Movie . . . Or Is It All Just a Gag?
It looks like JUSTIN BIEBER is having a little fun at the expense of comic book fans. 
The other day, he posted a picture of the SUPPOSED script for the "Batman vs. Superman" movie.  And it had his name stamped across the front of it.  
Obviously, he's trying to imply that he's going to be IN THE MOVIE.  And people have already begun speculating that he could be playing ROBIN.  (Even though no one has even suggested that Robin will be part of the movie.)
But it sounds like this might just be part of a PRANK . . . because he also Tweeted, quote, "Off to do something funny or...die :)"  (So hopefully this is all just hype for a parody video he's doing with FunnyOrDie.com.)
Speaking of Justin, he was one of tons of celebrities who hit up the FLOYD MAYWEATHER fight in Vegas on Saturday.  But he and LIL WAYNE actually got to walk Floyd to the ring.  
LeBron James Got Married . . . And Jay Z and Beyonce Performed
LEBRON JAMES married his high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson at the Grand Del Mar resort in San Diego on Saturday night.  He's 28 . . . she's 27.
Guests included LeBron's Miami Heat teammates Chris Bosch, Dwyane Wade, Shane Battier and Norris Cole, along with Heat owner Micky Arison and coach Erik Spoelstra.  (Wade brought along his girlfriend Gabrielle Union.)
Chris Paul of the L.A. Clippers and Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks were there, too.
There are also reports that BEYONCÉ and JAY Z performed "Crazy In Love".
LeBron and Savannah have two kids together:  8-year-old LeBron Jr. and 5-year-old Bryce.
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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/13/2013
Khloe Kardashian Got Tested After Hearing that Lamar Odom Slept With At Least Five Other Women
The not-always-reliable Radar Online says KHLOE KARDASHIAN got tested for STDs after LAMAR ODOM admitted that he'd been unfaithful and didn't always use protection.
A source says, quote, "Lamar refused to admit to how many women it was, but Khloe knew it was at least five different women in the past year."
The source adds, quote, "She is healthy, thankfully, but never thought this would happen to her."
The source also says Khloe has PROOF of his cheating . . . which she was smart enough to get because there's an INFIDELITY CLAUSE in their prenup.  And if they get divorced, he'll owe her a huge amount because of it. 
J.K. Rowling is Writing a Movie Based in the "Harry Potter" Universe . . . But It's Not About Harry
J.K. ROWLING is writing the screenplay for the first in a series of new movies based in the "Harry Potter" universe.  But it's NOT about Harry.  In fact, it's set 70 years before his time, and it's NOT a prequel to the Harry Potter stories.
Instead, it's based on "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" . . . a textbook that Harry and his friends had to read as part of their studies at Hogwarts.  It was released as a REAL book in 2001.
The focus of these stories will be Newt Scamander, the fictional author of the book.  And while it will have nothing to do with Harry, the producers say some of the characters might be, quote, "familiar to devoted fans."
What we're assuming is that the series will focus on Newt's travels around the world to locate and write about the creatures in the book.  
(And here's some deep Harry Potter trivia for you:  Newt's grandson Rolf Scamander goes on to marry Harry Potter's buddy Luna Lovegood.)
Carson Daly Is Joining the "Today" Show, and Stepping Down from "Last Call"
Yesterday, MATT LAUER announced that CARSON DALY is joining the "Today" show, beginning Monday.
Carson is hosting a regular feature called "The Orange Room".  The details are vague, but it sounds like it's going to be something where viewers interact with him over Twitter and social media, in real-time.
Apparently, the "Today" show is about to debut a brand new studio, and the "Orange Room" will be the "social media hub."  It's reportedly about adding, quote, "analysis of real-time social data and reactions from the web."
Carson says, quote, "I'll be your digital doorman."
So where in the world is Carson going to find time for the new gig?  Well, he'll continue to host "The Voice", as well as his radio show in L.A., but it sounds like he's ending his 11-year run on the NBC late-night show "Last Call".
NBC didn't specify what's happening . . . but they did say Carson would be remaining an executive producer on "Last Call", and hinted that plans for a, quote, "transition" would be announced later. 
"X Factor" Debuted with an All-Time Low in Viewers
The third season premiere of "X Factor" was a total flop in the ratings on Wednesday night.  It only attracted 6.2 million viewers, which was the show's smallest audience EVER.
It was way down from the 8.7 million viewers who tuned in for last year's season premiere . . . and LESS THAN HALF of the 12.5 million viewers who turned in for the show's debut in 2011.
Robert DeNiro's Mob Movie and the "Insidious" Sequel Are in Theaters Today
1.  "The Family"  (R)  
Robert DeNiro is hiding out from the mob, living in the Witness Protection Program with his family in a quiet little town in France.  But they don't stay hidden for very long because he and his family revert back to their mobster ways.
Michelle Pfeiffer plays his wife, Dianna Agron from "Glee" is one of their two kids, and Tommy Lee Jones is the agent in charge of keeping them alive after the mob figures out where they are. 
2.  "Insidious Chapter 2"  (PG-13) 
In the first movie, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne discovered that their son is able to leave his body to visit the spirit world.  But it's extremely dangerous because the dead are attracted to his living soul and he gets trapped away from his body.
Patrick used his own "astral projection" ability to cross over and get him back.  But something evil followed them back to their bodies, so now they need another team of paranormal investigators to help them figure out how bad things are.
This one picks up right after the death of Elise, with Rose Byrne being questioned by the cops about whether she believes her husband is innocent of the murder.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 9/12/2013

Justin Timberlake Will Be on "Late Night" Every Tuesday This Month
In case you missed it, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE made a surprise appearance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Tuesday night . . . where he and Jimmy did an amusing skit called "The Evolution of End Zone Dancing." 
It's a part of the so-called "Timberlake Tuesdays," which will have Justin on the show every Tuesday this month . . . leading up to September 30th, when his new album, "The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2" comes out.
They did a similar thing back in March when the first part of "The 20/20 Experience" came out . . . but instead of Tuesdays, his "residency" that time was every day for a week.
Are Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Divorcing?
ROBIN THICKE has made a lot of money this summer acting like a single guy on the make.  But maybe it's not all an act.
There was that picture where he was betrayed by mirror when he thought he was SECRETLY grabbing a woman's rear.  Then that woman claimed that there was more to their interaction that night than just a grope.
Well, even though Robin continues to claim that things are fine between him and wife PAULA PATTON behind the scenes, "Life & Style" magazine says the marriage is basically OVER.
A source says, quote, "They fight all the time about the cheating rumors and all his late nights out.  Robin just wants to be able to play around more, and not be tied down with a wife."
Have Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Moved on to Other People?
We haven't heard anything official yet, but the tabloids have been suggesting for weeks now that MILEY CYRUS and LIAM HEMSWORTH are pretty much over.  And now, the "Star" says they both might be seeing other people.
Miley is reportedly dating a producer (slash) rapper who calls himself MIKE WILL.MADE.IT.  Miley appeared on his recent track "23".   
A source says, quote, "Everyone knows they're hooking up."
Meanwhile, Liam may be messing around with JANUARY JONES from "Mad Men".  There were rumors back in January that the two of them made out at a party.  But they pretty much died down.
But Liam supposedly sent January a text message recently that said, quote, "I want to [eff] you."  There's no word if he got to carry that through.
A source says, quote, "Liam and Miley haven't officially split, but it's over.  It's just that neither wants to pull the trigger."
Miley Might Retire Her Tongue
Even MILEY CYRUS is tired of seeing herself with her tongue hanging out.  During an interview on some French TV show, she said, quote, "It's getting a little old.  I'm going to have to retire it!''
She added, quote, ''For as long as it is, you would think that I could touch my nose.  I mean I've tried it, I can't, I'm so close.  I wish I had more control of it, I can't do any tricks, no four leaf clover, nothing!''
Does Angelina Jolie Think She Only Has Three Years to Live?
The not-always-reliable "National Enquirer" claims that ANGELINA JOLIE thinks she'll be DEAD within three to five years, due to various health issues. 
Those issues include her family's cancer history . . . which prompted her to have both her breasts removed earlier this year.
A source says, quote, "Angelina is trying to live her life to the fullest because she feels deep down that she doesn't have much time left.
"She's going to do everything she can to prolong her life but really believes she won't even reach her mid-forties."  (Angelina turned 38 in June.)
Angelina has supposedly written up a BUCKET LIST, which she's currently working on.
Is Lindsay Lohan Spending $2,500 a Day on a Sober Companion?
As far as we know, LINDSAY LOHAN is still sticking with this whole sobriety thing.  Maybe she IS serious about it this time.
In fact, the word is that she's spending $2,500 A DAY on a sober companion.  She was spotted in New York City the other day with a guy who might just be that companion.  

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