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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/22/2012

Was Kris Jenner Behind Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape?


KRIS JENNER is often accused of pimping out her daughters.  But was she an ACTUAL PIMP? 


--There's a rumor going around today that Kris was actually behind KIM KARDASHIAN'S sex tape.  And she even made Kim and RAY J re-shoot it because the first one wasn't good enough.


--This "information" comes from a woman named Myla Sinanaj.  KRIS HUMPHRIES nailed her after he and Kim broke up.  She says Humphries told her about Kris Jenner's involvement in the tape.


--Just how serious Humphries and Myla were is causing some commotion in Kris and Kim's divorce proceedings.


--Myla claims they were quite serious.  And Humphries wants her to SHUT UP about that, because it makes him look like a scumbag who moved on from Kim immediately, rather than someone who was backstabbed, dumbfounded and heartbroken when Kim left him.


--Kim's lawyers may very well want to talk to Myla before their divorce battle hits the courtroom.  But Humphries says Myla was just a BOOTY CALL. 



Did "The View" Give Whoopi Goldberg More Paid Vacation Days for Her "Barbara Fatigue"?


The "National Enquirer" reports that WHOOPI GOLDBERG and BARBARA WALTERS are engaged in a, quote, "BLOOD FEUD."  (--Which would still sound melodramatic even if they were literally holding knives to each other's throats.)


--And it's so bad that Whoopi almost left "The View".  


--A "source" says, quote, "Whoopi despises Barbara so much that Whoopi almost didn't sign [a] new contract.


--"But ABC really wanted her to stay on as moderator, so they offered her 10 paid 'mental health' days as a perk to use when she's having 'Barbara fatigue.’”



"American Idol" Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez Is in Talks to Guest Star on Multiple Episodes of "Glee"


"American Idol" runner-up JESSICA SANCHEZ is in talks to guest star on "multiple episodes" of "Glee" next season.  Assuming everything goes through, she'll make her debut midway through the show's upcoming fourth season.


--There are no details on her character yet.


--She would join SARAH JESSICA PARKER and KATE HUDSON, who previously signed on to do a few episodes this coming season.



Wham! Is Not Reuniting for Their 30th Anniversary Next Week


GEORGE MICHAEL says he has NO PLANS to reunite with ANDREW RIDGELEY for a WHAM! concert next weekend.


--This was in response to a report in Britain's "Daily Mirror" tabloid, which claimed that they were reuniting for a "one-off pop extravaganza" to mark the 30th anniversary of their first hit single, "Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)".


--Obviously, this is a crushing blow to gullible Wham! fans everywhere . . . but on the bright side, George is releasing a new solo single called "White Light" next week.



Would You Be Interested in a Giant KISS Photo Book . . . for $4,300?


KISS is accepting pre-orders for a new oversized photo book called "Monster".


--The book itself is a monster . . . it's three feet tall.  And it'll also take a monster bite out of your wallet.  It costs . . . are you ready for this?  $4,299!


--Before you get too hysterical, you should know two things:  One, shipping is free.  (???)  Two, if you act fast and order one of the first 75 copies . . . you'll get a discount and "only" have to pay $3,499.


 --In all, they're only making 1,000 copies of this book.  So, it'll remain collectible . . . and KISS will still end up making around $4 MILLION off it . . . if they all sell.



Jeff Daniels Says the "Dumb & Dumber" Sequel Isn't Happening


It was pretty obvious when JIM CARREY backed out of the "Dumb & Dumber" sequel that it wasn't going to happen.  But JEFF DANIELS made it clear when a paparazzi scumbag asked him about it Wednesday night.


--He said, quote, "It's on the Internet, we're not doing it . . . It's all over the Internet.  It's not happening." 

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06/22/2012 10:24AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/22/2012
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