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KJ's Hollywood Dirt 7/30/2014

Did Orlando Bloom Take a Swing at Justin Bieber in Spain Last Night?
ORLANDO BLOOM and JUSTIN BIEBER almost mixed it up at a restaurant in Ibiza, Spain yesterday.

Witnesses say it started when Justin PURPOSELY bumped into Orlando.  Orlando then went after him and even THREW A PUNCH, which missed . . . after which Justin yelled, quote, "What's up, [B-word]?"

There was a brief confrontation, then Justin left . . . and the crowd applauded.  There's video, but it catches the action AFTER the punch was supposedly thrown. 
"Bachelorette" Andi Dorfman's New Fiance Josh "Could Care Less" About Nick 
"Bachelorette" ANDI DORFMAN and the winner of her love, JOSH MURRAY, haven't split up yet . . . even though the runner-up, NICK VIALL, announced to the world that he'd "made love" with Andi on Monday's live "After the Final Rose" special. 
When asked about it yesterday, Josh said that he, quote, "could care less" about that . . . adding that Nick revealing that on TV was, quote, "classless."  He also said that Andi has been "honest with him about everything."
Yes, he said he "COULD care less" . . . as opposed to "COULDN'T care less".  It's a common grammatical mistake . . . but in this case, maybe it was a Freudian slip.
Andi added, quote, "Everyone may be talking about it . . . but it's been over and done for two months.  That's the thing people don't realize, this happened months ago, so we've already put all of that behind us."
Andi also revealed her engagement ring, and said that while they don't have a wedding date yet, they're thinking of tying the knot next spring.  
Kiefer Sutherland vs. Freddie Prinze Jr.: Some of Kiefer's Co-Stars Weigh In
We've heard FREDDIE PRINZE JR.'s negative review of working with KIEFER SUTHERLAND on "24".  But what do some of Kiefer's OTHER co-stars have to say?
LOUIS LOMBARDI, who played Edgar Stiles in 2005 and 2006, says, quote, "My experience with Kiefer was absolutely the opposite.  He was one of the most professional actors I've ever worked with.
"Maybe [Freddie] was jealous, maybe Kiefer did something to him, who knows?  [But] I think he's a great dude and I have nothing but love for him. Everyone loves him, all the actors around him, the crew.  Everyone!"
And GILES MATTHEY . . . who played Jordan Reed on the season of "24" that just aired, said he enjoyed DRINKING with Kiefer.  He said Kiefer's a great guy who always buys drinks for the whole bar.
He added that he's never seen Kiefer drink a beer . . . he's a WHISKEY man.
Toby Keith Calls Taylor Swift the Best Female Songwriter in the Past 20 Years
TOBY KEITH was asked in an interview if he thinks TAYLOR SWIFT is "ordinary or legendary."  He believes she's too new to the game for legend status . . . but he did give her serious props. 
He said, quote, "Taylor Swift's probably the best female songwriter that's come along in the past 20 years.  She's great, but she can't be legendary because she hasn't been around that long."
As far as what we can expect from Toby.  He'll be releasing a new single in late summer or early fall.  It'll be the first single from a new album, but he didn't say exactly when that'll be out.
Did Nicholas Hoult Break Up With Jennifer Lawrence Because of Her "Exploded Ego"?

Most of what we hear about JENNIFER LAWRENCE is that she's super sweet, real and down-to-Earth.  But what if it's all just an act?
An Australian gossip site says Jennifer's boyfriend NICHOLAS HOULT has broken up with her because of her, quote, "EXPLODED EGO."  You know him as the guy who plays Beast in the "X-Men" movies.
A source says, quote, "Nicholas is moving on.  He hates how in love with fame Jen is, and he told her he hates dating an A-list actress . . . Nic wants a more low-key girlfriend."
Who could that low-key girlfriend be?  Sources say he's already cozying up to ELVIS' granddaughter RILEY KEOUGH . . . because, quote, "Riley is into acting in indies and not playing the fame game."

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07/30/2014 9:07AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt 7/30/2014
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