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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 1/30/2014

The White House Has to Respond to a Petition Asking for Justin Bieber to be Deported
If you start a petition on the official White House website, WhiteHouse.gov, and it gets 100,000 signatures within 30 days, then the White House WILL respond to said petition.
And that means that the White House now has to wade into the issue of whether or not to DEPORT JUSTIN BIEBER. 
Because last week, someone started a petition to deport him and revoke his green card.  And it got those 100,000 signatures in SIX DAYS.  (Last we checked, it had about 174,000 signatures.)
The petition describes Justin as "dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing", and says he's endangering the lives of our citizens and setting a terrible example for our kids.
We all know that when the White House does respond, they'll say something generic, like how this is an issue for the police and the courts.  But it'll still be fun to see exactly how they handle it.
Justin Bieber is Now Being Charged With Assault . . . But He Pleaded Not Guilty to DUI
JUSTIN BIEBER continues to be The Story That Will Not Die.  Here are the latest developments . . .
Prosecutors in Toronto have charged Justin with CRIMINAL ASSAULT for allegedly beating up a limo driver back in December.  The driver was reportedly hit in the back of the head several times while taking Justin and his posse to a hockey game.
We're assuming Justin was the assailant, since he was the one charged.  Justin turned himself in yesterday, and was released. 
Kim and Kanye Don't Want Bruce Jenner in Their Wedding If He Has a Sex Change
We have no idea if all those rumors about BRUCE JENNER surgically becoming a woman are true.  But if they are, this is kind of harsh . . .
The "Star" tabloid claims KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST don't want him in their wedding if he is indeed a woman . . . or in the process of becoming a woman . . . by the time they're ready to get hitched.
It's mostly Kanye though.  A source says, quote, "He told Kim that if Bruce is not a guy on the day they tie the knot, he doesn't want him to be part of the ceremony."
Cameron Diaz on Taco Bell: "Just 'Cause You Can Chew it and Swallow it and Poop it Out Doesn't Mean It's Food"
CAMERON DIAZ likes Taco Bell.  But she doesn't eat it because she CARES about her health.
She says, quote, "I saw a Taco Bell yesterday . . . it made my stomach scream.  If I had nothing else to do, I would be, like, 'Three bean-and-cheese burritos and give me some nachos with extra cheese sauce!'  I would so kill that [crap].
"But what I've learned is that just 'cause you can chew it and swallow it and poop it out doesn't mean it's food."  (Cameron just released a book called "The Body Book:  The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body".)
The "Frozen" Soundtrack Is Back at #1
The soundtrack to the movie "Frozen" is back on top of the albums chart after selling 97,000 copies last week.  It easily beat the week's #2 album, the "2014 Grammy Nominees" compilation, which sold 59,000 copies.
The debut album from A GREAT BIG WORLD, "Is There Anybody Out There?", sold 47,000 copies in fourth place.
Here's this week's Top 5. . . 
1.  The "Frozen" soundtrack  (97,000 copies) 
2.  (NEW)  The "2014 Grammy Nominees" compilation album  (59,000 copies)
3.  Beyoncé's self-titled album  (48,000 copies)
4.  (NEW)  "Is There Anybody Out There?", A Great Big World  (47,000 copies)       
5.  "Pure Heroine", Lorde  (36,000 copies)

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01/30/2014 8:35AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 1/30/2014
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