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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 1/7/2013

"Men's Health" Magazine Names Katy Perry the Hottest Woman of 2013

We're only a week into the year, but "Men's Health" magazine has already decided who the 100 Hottest Women of 2013 are.  And at the top of their list is KATY PERRY.


--Here's the Top 10 . . .


#1.)  Katy Perry

#2.)  Mila Kunis

#3.)  Christina Hendricks

#4.)  Jennifer Lawrence

#5.)  Jennifer Aniston

#6.)  Scarlett Johansson

#7.)  Angelina Jolie

#8.)  Beyonce

#9.)  Gisele Bundchen

#10.)  Amber Heard


LeAnn Rimes Tips Off the Paparazzi Where She's Going to Be . . . And Then Shows Up Looking Good


Have you noticed how LEANN RIMES is always photographed looking hot in a bikini or having a nice family moment?  Well, it's no accident.  According to Radar Online, she actually tips off the paparazzi in advance of where she's going to be.


--This serves two functions:  One is so LeAnn can make sure she looks just right . . . because that's what every woman wants.


--But it's also a built-in PR move to show the world she's a good wife to EDDIE CIBRIAN . . . and a wonderful stepmom to his kids.


--A source said, quote, "LeAnn wants good pictures out there.  She wants to look good and she wants people to see how she looks happy with Eddie, that's why she does that."



Josh Brolin Was Arrested for Public Intoxication


JOSH BROLIN was arrested for public intoxication on New Year's Day.  It was actually New Year's NIGHT . . . just before midnight on January 1st.


--There aren't many details.  Brolin was arrested in Santa Monica, and released the next morning on $250 bail.  But the case is already over.  Brolin wasn't cited and won't have to go back to court.


--A source says Josh was hanging out with his guy friends and, quote, "had too much fun."


--It may have been a little more serious than that, though.  The police report says Brolin was, quote, "intoxicated and unable to care for himself."



NBC Has Picked Up Michael J. Fox's New Sitcom


A while back, we heard that MICHAEL J. FOX was returning to TV on a sitcom inspired by his life.  Well, now there are a few more details.


--First off, NBC has picked it up . . . and it's in the running to be on their schedule beginning next fall.  But there's no title yet.


--On the show, Michael plays a newscaster who had to quit his job due to Parkinson's Disease . . . but is now returning to work because a new medical regimen has helped him control many of the symptoms.



Tom Selleck Wants to Do Another "Three Men and a Baby" Movie


TOM SELLECK wants to do another "Three Men and a Baby" movie . . . and he's actually talked to TED DANSON and STEVE GUTTENBERG about it.


--He says, quote, "We'd love to get back together if they've got a good idea.  And I think that's a good idea.  But it seemed to be real and then disappear, so I don't know."


(--"Three Man and a Baby" came out in 1987, and was followed by a sequel, "Three Men and a Little Lady", in 1990.)



Wade Boggs is Part of a Group That Bought the Property Where "Field of Dreams" Was Filmed


Baseball Hall of Famer WADE BOGGS is part of an investment group that just bought the property where the classic KEVIN COSTNER flick "Field of Dreams" was filmed.


--They paid $3.4 million for the property, and plan to build a youth baseball complex consisting of 24 fields and 60 clubhouses.


--Boggs played in the majors from 1982 to 1999.  He spent his first 10 years with the Boston Red Sox, then went to the Yankees, where he won his only World Series in 1996.  He spent his final year with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.


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01/07/2013 9:49AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 1/7/2013
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