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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 1/7/2014

Did Lil Wayne Impregnate Nicki Minaj?
NICKI MINAJ and LIL WAYNE have always claimed to have a platonic relationship.  But there might have changed recently . . . because there are rumors going around that Nicki is PREGNANT, and Wayne is the father.
So-called "sources" say Nicki has a noticeable baby bump . . . and during a recent dinner she drank WATER instead of booze. 
One source says, quote, "Nicki twice made toasts by drinking water instead of wine, and it's highly unusual for her to toast with anything but a full glass of wine."
Lil Wayne got engaged last Valentine's Day.  Not to Nicki, obviously.  
Nicki and Wayne get it on in their "High School" video . . . but Nicki said Wayne was a perfect gentleman during filming, and wouldn't do anything to her unless she told him he could.  
Eva Longoria is "Maxim" Magazine's Woman of the Year
The people at "Maxim" magazine have named 38-year-old EVA LONGORIA their Woman of the Year.
She says, quote, "It's especially awesome after how long it's been since my first cover."
But she also tries to downplay her sexiness . . . quote, "One thing people are usually surprised about when they get to know me is how domestic I am.
"So when you see the sexy 'Maxim' cover and then you put it against me in an apron with flour in my hair, it takes a moment to reconcile that image."
Eva actually had to reschedule her "Maxim" interview because she was getting her MASTERS.  She says, quote, "I was like, 'My brain can't jump that fast from a 'Maxim' interview to a thesis!'"  
"Saturday Night Live" Has Finally Added a Black Female Cast Member
"Saturday Night Live" has been criticized lately for its lack of black female cast members . . . so they did something about it.
"SNL" has hired a comedienne named SASHEER ZAMATA.  She's the first black female cast member since the departure of MAYA RUDOLPH, over six years ago. 
And she's a HOOSIER!  Zamata is a 2004 graduate of Pike High School.
She is a recent University of Virginia graduate who has worked for the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy group in New York City.
 Sasheer will make her debut on January 18th, the Saturday after next.
A Reporter Apologized to Taylor Swift for Writing Inaccurate Stuff About Her Rhode Island Mansion

TAYLOR SWIFT'S $17 million Rhode Island mansion is in the news again.  You may recall last summer when locals were upset that her bodyguards were not letting people cross the property to get to the beach. 
A little over a week ago a local reporter named David Collins wrote an article blasting her for piling up massive boulders that basically eliminated the beach in front of the property.  He also called her out for NOT having permits to do so. 
Several websites saw the article and wrote their own stories with headlines like, "Taylor Swift Is Ruining Lives", and "Taylor Swift Is [Effing] up the Rhode Island Coastline."
Collins was surprised at the amount of hate his article stirred up . . . especially after finding out the town does NOT require permits for that kind of work. 
So, he wrote an apology and ended it with a peace offering, saying quote, "I hope you have fun back here for the summer of 2014.  We'll try to leave you alone."

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01/07/2014 8:36AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 1/7/2014
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