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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/14/2013

Did Shia LaBeouf Get Kicked in the Crotch for Filming Two Girls Puking?
The not-always-reliable British tabloids say SHIA LABEOUF was punched in the face and kicked in the crotch for filming two girls puking on the sidewalk.
Shia is in London filming a World War 2 movie called "Fury" with BRAD PITT and SCOTT EASTWOOD.  The other night, he was out on the town with a friend, when he came across two sisters who were throwing up on the sidewalk.
We ASSUME they were drunk, although that's not explicitly stated.  Whatever the case, Shia found this amusing, so he whipped out his phone and started filming them.
They asked him to stop, but he wouldn't.  So a COMPLETE STRANGER who happened to witness this walked up to Shia, slugged him in the face TWICE and kicked him in the nards.
At that point, bouncers from a nearby club jumped in and pulled everyone apart.  Shia took off, and as far as we know, he didn't file a police report.
Ironically, one of the girls says she didn't even recognize Shia until after he got beat up.  She says if she'd known it was him, she would have gladly allowed him to film her throwing up, because she has a "massive crush" on him.
Did Justin Bieber Assault the Manager of a Club DJ?
JUSTIN BIEBER has been accused of cheap-shotting the manager of a club DJ in South Korea.
The DJ's name is Michael Woods, and here's what he Tweeted Saturday morning . . . quote, "Justin Bieber and his army of heavy security muscled in to the booth half way thru my set in S. Korea demanding hip hop.
"So when I told [him] to [eff] off and put some clothes on he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and fled behind a wall of security."
Woods then got some support from DEADMAU5, who Tweeted, quote, "Dear Justin Bieber, would you please grow the [eff] up already?  In the meantime, put a shirt on, and stay away from nightclubs."
By the way . . . after Woods finished his set, Justin hit the DJ booth and played his beloved hip hop.
Now Michael Douglas Says He Had Tongue Cancer, Not Throat Cancer
MICHAEL DOUGLAS LIED about having throat cancer.  He actually had TONGUE cancer.  So why did he lie?  Because he was about to do press for the "Wall Street" sequel, and tongue cancer is a lot more serious.
He says, quote, "The surgeon said, 'Let's just say it's throat cancer.'"  The doctor also told Michael that if they had to do surgery for tongue cancer, he could potentially lose part of his jaw and tongue.
Carrie Underwood Spreads Coconut Oil "All Over" Her Body
If you ever get close enough to smell CARRIE UNDERWOOD, expect coconut.  
She tells "Women's Health", quote, "I put coconut oil on my food, I put it on my face, I put it on my hair.  If it's winter, the second I get out of the shower, I spread it all over and it feels really good and it smells good too."
As you may know, Carrie is a proud vegan, but she's not a strict one.  She says, quote, "I consider myself to be a practical vegan.  If I order something on a menu and it has a sprinkling of cheese on top I'm not going to send it back.
"I've been vegetarian . . . no fish no chicken no meat vegetarian . . . for about a decade now.  The vegan thing is something I try to do my best on because it's a cheesy world out there.
"It's when I go other places that it can be a challenge especially when you don't exactly know what you're ordering.  It doesn't say that there's cheese on the menu. But like I said I'm practical vegan."
Pearl Jam Is Being Honored on "Fallon" Next Week
Next week, "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" is launching a five-day tribute to PEARL JAM.  Of course, this coincides with the release of Pearl Jam's new album, "Lightning Bolt", which comes out TOMORROW.
Next Monday, Chris Cornell and the Avett Brothers will perform the Pearl Jam song "Footsteps" . . . on Tuesday, Robin Pecknold from Fleet Foxes will cover "Corduroy" . . .
On Wednesday, Dierks Bentley, The Roots and Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready will do a mysterious, quote, "one-of-a-kind performance."  And on both Thursday and Friday, Pearl Jam will take the stage.
"Captain Phillips" and "Machete Kills" Didn't Come Close to Beating "Gravity"
"Gravity" was the #1 movie at the box office again this weekend, pulling in another $44.3 million.  It's now made more than $123 million in the 10 days since it was released.
"Captain Phillips" was a distant second place with $26 million . . . and "Machete Kills" was basically dead on arrival with just $3.8 million in 4th place.  Here are this week's Top 5 movies:
1.  "Gravity", $44.3 million.  Up to $123 million in its 2nd week.
2.  (NEW)  "Captain Phillips", $26 million.
3.  "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2", $14.2 million.  Up to $78 million in its 3rd week.
4.  (NEW)  "Machete Kills", $3.8 million.
5.  "Runner Runner", $3.7 million.  Up to $14.1 million in its 2nd week.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/14/2013
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