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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/2/2013

Are Brad and Angelina Already Married?
ANGELINA JOLIE was spotted over the weekend in Australia, with what appears to be a NEW gold band on her ring finger.  She's wearing it along with the engagement ring BRAD PITT gave her last year.  (Here's a picture.)
So does this mean they're already married, and they managed to hide it from us?  That's what everybody's wondering . . . but there's no word from their reps yet.
Lamar Odom Went to Visit Khloe Kardashian Yesterday
LAMAR ODOM was spotted yesterday at the home he used to share with his wife KHLOE KARDASHIAN.  There's no word what went down.
He looked pretty thin, though, and sources claim he's still on drugs.  Apparently, he's even started FREEBASING.
Meanwhile, Khloe did a chat with her Facebook fans yesterday.  One of them praised Khloe for hanging tough during "hard times", and Khloe replied, quote, "I'm trying my best!  Kisses."
Amanda Bynes is Schizophrenic and Bipolar
RadarOnline.com is reporting that AMANDA BYNES has been diagnosed as both schizophrenic and bipolar.  A source says, quote, "The bright side is that Amanda can lead a long, normal life, as long as she takes her medication.
"Doctors at the treatment facility are still working to get Amanda therapeutic meds and she's responding to the medications she is being given to treat her dual diagnosis."
Val Kilmer Wants To Do A Batman Reunion
VAL KILMER tells the Daily Express he wants to do a Batman reunion film with himself, GEORGE CLOONEY and MICHAEL KEATON. 
He even has a script idea:  “I think Christian Bale should get killed right away – just because I think it would be funny. Then Michael, George and I can carry on as the bad guys against the new Batman. 
And he's a fan of Ben Affleck being the new Batman: " I think Ben is going to make a great Batman."
Did Ben Affleck Threaten to Cut up Jennifer Garner's Credit Cards?
The National Enquirer claims BEN AFFLECK has threatened to cut up JENNIFER GARNER's credit cards.  We know this thanks to their young daughter embarrassing her at the store.
A source tells the tabloid, “So Jen swipes her card – but little Violet suddenly blurts to the attendant: ‘Daddy says he’s going to cut up all Mommy’s credit cards if she doesn’t stop spending so much!’ The attendant, who’d recognized the star, choked back a laugh as Jennifer turned beet red and said, ‘Violet, you know Daddy was only joking!’”
AMC Has Released a Three-Part Web-Series on "The Walking Dead"
AMC released a new, three-part web-series based on "The Walking Dead" yesterday.  It's called "The Oath", and in all, it's about 26 minutes long.
The three episodes feature all new characters, but part of it is set in the same hospital from the first episode of "The Walking Dead", where Rick Grimes wakes up after a month in a coma, finding himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
If you're really familiar with that episode . . . it sheds some light on what was happening there.  (You can find the new "webisodes" at AMCTV.com.)
This is the show's THIRD web-series.  
The fourth season of the show kicks off on Sunday, October 13th.

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10/02/2013 9:07AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/2/2013
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