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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/29/2013

Chris Brown's Felony Assault Charge Was Reduced to a Misdemeanor
CHRIS BROWN got some good news in court yesterday morning.  A judge reduced his felony assault charge to a misdemeanor, then set him free after he pleaded not guilty.  He's been ordered to return for a hearing on November 25th.
Chris and his bodyguard were arrested in Washington, D.C. early Sunday morning for allegedly punching a man who tried to jump into a photo with Chris.  The bodyguard's charge was reduced as well.
Chris Brown's mother and rapper TREY SONGZ showed up to support Chris, and there were protesters outside the courthouse with signs saying stuff like "Free Chris" and "Leave Chris Brown Alone".  (Here are some pics.)
Don't forget though, Chris is still on probation for assaulting RIHANNA in 2009.  Authorities in Los Angeles are in the process of deciding whether this arrest constitutes a violation. 
If they decide it does, Chris could wind up behind bars for up to FOUR YEARS.
Michael Jackson's Doctor is a Free Man . . . And His First Stop Was In-N-Out Burger
The man who was "caring" for MICHAEL JACKSON at the time of his death is a free man.  DR. CONRAD MURRAY was released from prison at 12:01 A.M. yesterday morning, after serving two years of a four-year sentence.
His attorney said he was, quote, "elated" to be out.  And his first stop was IN-OUT BURGER.
One person who's NOT elated that he's out is Michael's brother JERMAINE . . . who said he's DISGUSTED.
Murray has said in the past that he'd like to resume practicing medicine, but his license has been suspended or revoked in three states . . . and he's known all over the world as the man who killed Michael Jackson.  So good luck with that.

Kanye West Says There Will Be Fighter Jets At His Wedding
Proposing in the middle of a Major League Baseball park with a full orchestra just isn't big enough.  KANYE WEST has something even BIGGER planned for when he and KIM KARDASHIAN get married.
In a radio interview yesterday he said, quote, "Two words:  FIGHTER JETS."
As for his over-the-top proposal, there was no significance to choosing AT&T Park as the venue.  He said, quote, "I just thought it would be dope."
He also admits he was nervous, but only about, quote, "everything being on cue."
A few things didn't go exactly as planned.  Kanye said they didn't have the lights exactly how he wanted them, and he originally wanted LANA DEL REY to perform in person, rather than have the orchestra.  He didn't say why she wasn't there.
Kanye said he went through four different jewelers and three different rings before making up his mind.  In fact, he chose the final ring just four hours before slipping it onto Kim's finger.
As for the relationship itself, he said, quote, "I wanted to marry that girl from the first time I saw her.  Kim and I are the perfect balance."
He also said that he hadn't had a cell phone in three years, before buying one to keep in touch with Kim after she broke up with KRIS HUMPHRIES.

Miley Cyrus Would Rather Be Naked Than Cry in Front of People
I think by now we can all agree that MILEY CYRUS is comfortable being naked.  In fact, during the making of her "Wrecking Ball" video, she was more comfortable with the nudity than she was with the crying.
In a new interview she says, quote, "For me, nudity has never been something that I've ever tripped about.  I don't really see it the way everyone else sees it. 
"I'd rather be naked in front of people than cry in front of people because I don't like showing weakness and that shows a lot of vulnerabilities.
"It was harder to be in that emotional state in front of so many people on set . . . rather than it just be about being naked."
Miley also says the sledgehammer-licking just sort of happened, after the director told her to, quote, "look like you're in love with it."  

Justin Bieber Didn't Just Spend Time With a Prostitute in Central America, He Also Did Some Humanitarian Work

Over the weekend, we heard that JUSTIN BIEBER fooled around with a Panamanian prostitute earlier this month . . . ALLEGEDLY, of course.
Well, we do know that Justin's trip to Central America DID include some good, humanitarian work. 
Justin was deep in the jungles of Guatemala this weekend, helping some poor villagers build a schoolhouse.  It was part of his work with Pencils of Promise, an organization dedicated to building schools for communities in need.
In a video blog afterward, Justin said it was, quote, "one of the most amazing powerful experiences of my life."  Again, he's talking about the school-building, not the alleged prostitute action.
Ellen DeGeneres Is Developing a Sitcom About a Pregnant Lesbian
16 years after ELLEN DEGENERES came out on her old ABC sitcom, she's developing a new sitcom for NBC about, quote, "a lesbian who gets pregnant just as her straight male best friend meets and marries the love of his life."
There's no title yet . . . and it's too early for any word on casting, however it does NOT sound like Ellen would actually appear on the show.  If everything goes well, this show could be in the running to be on NBC's schedule next fall.

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10/29/2013 8:49AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 10/29/2013
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