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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 11/12/2013

Amy Robach Was Diagnosed with Breast Cancer After Randomly Undergoing a Mammogram on "Good Morning America"
Back in October, "Good Morning America's" AMY ROBACH randomly underwent a mammogram live on the show to raise awareness for breast cancer.
Amy had some reservations about whether or not SHE should be the one to do it . . . since she didn't have any connection to the disease, or any family history.  But the producers kind of strong-armed her into it.
And it's a good thing they did . . . because a few weeks ago, her doctors had her come back for some additional tests, and after that, she was actually diagnosed with breast cancer.
Amy made the announcement on "Good Morning America" yesterday.
She said, quote, "I'd been asked if I would give a mammogram on-air . . . I was a little reluctant at first.  I'm 40, I'm the age and I've been putting it off . . .
"I'm so grateful that I got the mammogram that day . . . ROBIN [ROBERTS'] words still echo inside of me.  [She had said] 'If I got the mammogram on-air and saved one life then it's all worth it.'  It never occurred to me that that life would be MINE."
Amy added that she isn't going to hold-back with her treatment . . . quote, "I've decided to have a [double] mastectomy.  I'm going to be very aggressive.  I'm 40 years old, I'm young, and I hopefully have a lot of life ahead of me.
"What comes next, we're not sure.  I'll have reconstructive surgery . . . I don't know about chemo.  I don't know what stage I'm in.  I don't know if it's spread.  We'll find out those things in the weeks to come."
There's no indication that these procedures . . . Amy's mastectomy and her reconstructive surgery . . . will be televised "live" on the air.  
Lady Gaga Wants to Stop Using Drugs, So She Can Prove She Can Be Creative Without Them
In a new interview, LADY GAGA said that she's done a LOT of drugs over the years, but she wants to kick the habit . . . to prove that she can be creative without them.
She said that she's been addicted to "various things" since she was young . . . particularly marijuana.  She said that she's kicking the habit now, because she believes you CAN get addicted to it . . . and she thinks she was.
She said that she's used pot to "self-medicate" for various physical and mental ailments . . . and just in general, as a way to deal with her life.
She said, quote, "The truth is that it's very hard to be famous . . . it's very, very hard to go out into the world when you are not feeling happy and act like you are because I'm a human being too, and I break.
"I think that there's an assumption . . . that I cannot break because I'm [an] alien woman and I'm unstoppable.  The truth is that I can break, and I did . . . I lost everything that I love . . . I did a lot of drugs and took a lot of pills."
But now, Lady Gaga wants to break the cycle.  She said, quote, "I do put that pressure on myself . . . I have to be high to be creative.  I need that, that's an error in my life that happened for over 10 years.
"Can I be brilliant without it?  I know that I can be and I have to be, because I want to live . . . I want to show people that I will last past 27 . . . and I want to change this code in the atmosphere that 'in order to be remembered, I must die young.'"
The Kardashians Held a Charity Yard Sale . . . And Kim Almost Fell Down
The Kardashians held a yard sale Sunday, and raised $6,000 for two charities:  One that feeds underprivileged children and one that provides housing for families of injured soldiers.
And the family is MATCHING everything that was raised, meaning the charities are splitting 12-grand.
But the highlight of the day was when Kim backed into a pile of merchandise and almost fell onto her backside.  
Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Looked Happy While Celebrating the Birthday of Will's Oldest Son
Despite all the cheating and divorce rumors, WILL SMITH and JADA PINKETT acted like a happy couple while celebrating the 21st birthday of Will's oldest son TREY in Las Vegas on Sunday.
A source says, quote, "They didn't leave each other's side.  They were even dancing at one point."
Now There's Going to Be a Children's Book Called "What Does the Fox Say?"
The viral video "What Does the Fox Say?" isn't going away just yet.  Now there's going to be a children's book inspired by it . . . and it's coming out just in time for Christmas.
It'll also be called "What Does the Fox Say?", and will be available on December 10th for $17.99.  

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11/12/2013 9:00AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 11/12/2013
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