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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 11/20/2012

Taylor Swift Is Getting Death Threats for Dating Harry Styles of One Direction


TAYLOR SWIFT and HARRY STYLES of ONE DIRECTION have yet to confirm they're dating . . . but that's not stopping his fans from posting insanely stupid stuff on Twitter.


 --According to "The Sun", a group calling themselves Directioners hit up Twitter with death threats.


--One of them Tweeted, quote, "I'll murder Taylor Swift.  She will not date my Harry."  Another one wrote, quote, "If u dating my harry, I kill u."


 --One fan Tweeted a message directly to Harry that said, quote, "Harry Styles, don't date Taylor Swift.  Are you insane?  She's gonna write a crazy song about you that'll go number one and you'll die."



Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Definitely Hung Out After the "American Music Awards"


SELENA GOMEZ and JUSTIN BIEBER had a rocky weekend . . . but it ended well.


--Selena was nowhere to be seen at the "American Music Awards" Sunday night, but she WAS there.  She and Justin left the building together . . . and then attended an after-party with Justin's mom.


--"Us Weekly" says they, quote, "held onto each other for much of the night and snuck in a few kisses as well."  They left the club at around 2:30 in the morning in a chauffeured limo.



A Source Says Lindsay Lohan's Probation Will Be Revoked


A so-called "source" says LINDSAY LOHAN'S probation WILL be revoked as soon as she's charged with lying to police. 


(--That COULD mean jail time . . . although no judge yet has thrown the book at Lindsay, despite NUMEROUS, perfectly reasonable opportunities to do so.)


 --Lindsay told police she WASN'T driving her rented Porsche when she slammed it into the back of a truck this past June.  Authorities in Santa Monica are supposedly going to charge her . . . but it hasn't happened yet.


--The "source" claims that as soon as it does, the judge in L.A. will revoke the probation Lindsay is still on for stealing that necklace.



Ja Rule Will Be Released from Prison in February But He Might Not Want to Be


Word has it JA RULE will be released from prison on February 21st.  He's been locked up since June of 2011, after being sentenced to two years for gun possession and tax evasion.


 --So apparently, he's getting out four months early, which might come as a DISAPPOINTMENT to Ja Rule.  Earlier this year . . . when he was seven months into his sentence . . . he said he was TOTALLY DIGGING prison life.  (???)


--He said, quote, "Outside, you don't meet guys like this every day.  This place is amazing . . . it's funny.  We're from totally different walks of life.  But when you're here, you're here."


--Ja Rule’s hits include “Livin It Up”, “Put it on Me” and “Always On Time” with Ashanti. He was also on Jay-Z’s hit “Can I Get A…” and J-Lo’s “I’m Real”.



Peter Jackson Is Denying Accusations That 27 Animals Died Due to Mistreatment During the Filming of "The Hobbit"


Some animal wranglers who worked on the "Hobbit" movies say 27 animals died during the production . . . because they were being kept under unsuitable conditions.


--But director PETER JACKSON is denying the claim.  He released a statement yesterday saying:  Quote, "The producers completely reject the accusations that 27 animals died due to mistreatment during the making of the films.


--"Extraordinary measures were taken to make sure that animals were not used during action sequences or any other sequence that might create undue stress for the animals involved.


--"Over 55% of all shots using animals in 'The Hobbit' are in fact computer generated.  This includes horses, ponies, rabbits, hedgehogs, birds, deer, elk, mice, wild boars, and wolves . . .


 --"We regret that some of these accusations by wranglers who were dismissed from the film over a year ago are only now being brought to our attention.  We're currently investigating these new allegations."

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 11/20/2012
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