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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 11/8/2013

Did Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Split Up?
EVA MENDES and RYAN GOSLING have reportedly broken up after about two years together.  A source says, quote, "Eva said the relationship had just run its course.
"There wasn't a lot to say.  He was everything you're supposed to want in a guy . . . great on paper . . . but she felt like something was missing."
Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Seem to Be Getting Along
Sources say LAMAR ODOM and KHLOE KARDASHIAN have been spending a lot more time together lately, and things are going pretty well.
Lamar was even at KRIS JENNER'S birthday party Tuesday and a witness says they were, quote, "getting on very well and were couple-y together."
Meanwhile, Khloe is denying new reports that she and Lamar are selling their house. 
She Tweeted, quote, "If you want to make up stories that I'm selling my home at least use images AFTER I renovated it.  LOL  I can't stand those horrendous old images."
On the other hand . . . The paparazzi caught up to Lamar and asked him how things are going with Khloe, and he didn't answer.  He just kind of grinned . . . which some people are taking as a bad sign.  
The Olsen Twins Have No Plans to Act Again
This may be considered tragic by some but not unexpected:  At 27 years of age, MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN are insanely rich . . . and they have no plans to return to acting.  (!!!)
Sure, the foundation of their zillion-dollar empire is the acting they did when they were kids.  But these days they're making bank with their clothing and fragrance lines.
In an interview with "Women's Wear Daily", Ashley said, quote, "We have a video catalogue of everything we did when we were younger, so we're looking at distribution for that now.
"That's not being in show business, but it's been fun talking to these people we used to be in business with many, many years ago.  But the industries are completely different."
And Mary-Kate added, quote, "We still feel welcome in the [entertainment] industry.  But it's not the one we're in."

Will Katie Holmes Be In The 'Fifty Shades' Movie?
Katie Holmes to star in Fifty Shades of Grey ? That's just the latest rumor surrounding the upcoming film adaptation. 
Reports say that Holmes, 34, is vying for the role of Mrs. Robinson-type character, Elena Lincoln. Elena Lincoln, Christian's former lover who introduces him to his S&M lifestyle.
The Sequel to "Thor" and a "Hunger Games" Parody Are in Theaters This Weekend
1.  "Thor: The Dark World"  (PG-13)  Trailer
 The sequel to "Thor" picks up after the events of "The Avengers".  Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor, and Tom Hiddleston is his brother Loki, who's locked up on Asgard for attacking Earth.
 This time an ancient race of evil elves returns for revenge against Asgard, and Thor has to free Loki to get his help in escaping Asgard, and stopping the enemy from destroying the universe.  (Truly Desperate) (Escaping Asgard)
2.  "The Starving Games"  (PG-13)  Trailer
A spoof of "The Hunger Games" that also riffs on "The Avengers", "Oz the Great and Powerful" and "Harry Potter". 
3.  "About Time"  (R)  
 A guy learns he can travel through time and relive certain moments of his life until he gets them right.  But then he has to make his girlfriend fall in love with him again, after he accidentally makes it so they'd never met.
 4.  "12 Years a Slave" is expanding nationwide today. 
 Chiwetel Ejiofor stars in the true story of Solomon Northrup, a free black man from New York who was kidnapped and sold into slavery.  Brad Pitt, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Michael Fassbender are also in it.  

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11/08/2013 9:21AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 11/8/2013
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