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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 12/11/2012

Beyonce Has Signed a $50 Million Deal with Pepsi


Pretty soon we'll stop calling pop musicians "artists", and just refer to them as what they're increasingly becoming:  COMMERCIAL PITCHMEN.


--BEYONCE just signed a $50 MILLION DEAL with Pepsi that basically makes HER a Pepsi product.


--She'll do a new commercial and make various promotional appearances.  She's also doing the Super Bowl halftime show, which is sponsored by Pepsi.  And Pepsi will be investing in several of her CREATIVE PROJECTS.



"Sesame Street" Made a Video to Teach Kids About Divorce . . . But It Won't Air on the Show


"Sesame Street" has produced a 13-minute video to help teach kids about divorce.  But the segment won't air on the show . . . it'll be available online, as part of something called "Little Children, Big Challenges:  Divorce".


--The package also includes a storybook called "Two Hug Day", and a guide for parents.


--By not airing it on the show . . . and making it part of their optional content geared toward specific kids . . . they can tackle the issue directly without confusing or worrying kids it doesn't apply to.


--The segment stars the fairy character Abby Cadabby, whose parents have been divorced for a while.


--And here's how it initially comes out:  Abby and some friends draw pictures of their homes, and Abby draws TWO houses.  She explains, quote, "This one is where I live with my mommy . . . and this one is where I live with my daddy."


--Which seems like a more comforting approach than having kids watch a character experience a divorce in the present.  Since Abby is already living in the situation, it should feel more normal.


--"Sesame Street" actually tried to take on divorce before . . . back in 1992 . . . and it was a DISASTER.


--They planned an episode where Snuffy would announce that his dad was, quote, "moving out of our cave, [and moving to] some cave across town."  And Snuffy was upset, angry and crying.


--When "Sesame Street" previewed it to a test audience of kids, THEY FREAKED.  They didn't know what would happen to Snuffy . . . they cried . . . and they became paranoid that their own parents might get a divorce.


--So the episode was yanked from the schedule, and never aired.  (--For the record, "Sesame Street" says a test audience of kids reacted much better to the new divorce video.  There was no crying, and they "seemed to 'get it.'")



Charlie Sheen Wants a "Thank You" From Lindsay Lohan for the Hundred-Grand


When CHARLIE SHEEN gave LINDSAY LOHAN $100,000 to pay down some of her debt to the IRS, he didn't expect anything in return.  Except maybe a "thank you".


--He says, quote, "[She's] a very good and decent young lady that is just going through a lot.  I'm still waiting for a text to say 'thank you.'  Anything, you know?"



Pamela Anderson Owes More Than $371,000 in Back Taxes


PAMELA ANDERSON just had two tax liens filed against her.  The IRS is hitting her up for more than $259,000 in back taxes . . . and the state of California says she owes them more than $112,000.


--Combined, she owes more than $371,000.  This is just for 2011.  Earlier this year, California said she owed $529,000 from 2010.


--And in 2009, the IRS said Pam owed them $1.7 million.



Luke Bryan Was the Big Winner at the American Country Awards


The LUKE BRYAN fix was in at last night's "American Country Awards".  He came in with nine nominations . . . and WON EVERY SINGLE award he was nominated for . . . including ACA Artist of the Year. 


--Other winners included CARRIE UNDERWOOD who took home Female Artist of the Year . . . and LAUREN ALAINA who won Best New Artist.  MIRANDA LAMBERT'S song "Over You" won Single of the Year and Female Music Video of the Year.


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12/11/2012 9:24AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 12/11/2012
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