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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 12/11/2013

Lindsay Lohan is Not Being Investigated in the Beating of Paris Hilton's Brother
Miami police say LINDSAY LOHAN is NOT being investigated in the beating of PARIS HILTON'S brother BARRON over the weekend. 
A police spokesman says, quote, "Lindsay Lohan's name was never mentioned.  If she had orchestrated it, we would have been told.  And we didn't receive that information on the scene."
There are reports that Barron is no longer pursuing charges . . . and one source says it's because someone who was at the party threatened to release photos that show the whole thing was his fault.
Britney Spears Wants a Baby Girl So She Won't Feel "As Alone in the World Anymore"
BRITNEY SPEARS wants another baby . . . and not surprisingly, it's for selfish reasons.  She says, quote, "I would really like to have another baby, a girl.  I think she would be like a mini-me.
"I think it's going to be crazy.  I'm not going to feel as alone in the world anymore.  I'm going to feel like I have a second person, like, that's me."
Britney has two sons, 8-year-old Sean and 7-year-old Jayden.  Their father is KEVIN FEDERLINE.
Kate Winslet Gave Birth to a Baby Boy
KATE WINSLET had a baby boy on Monday.  There's no word yet on his name.
The boy's father is the nephew of billionaire RICHARD BRANSON.  He calls himself NED ROCKNROLL.  In fact, he legally changed his name to that.  And yet Kate married and reproduced with him anyway.  She's 38, he's 35.
Kate now has three children with three different husbands.  

Demi Lovato Couldn't Go 30 Minutes Without Cocaine
When DEMI LOVATO was hooked on cocaine, she was SERIOUSLY hooked.  During a recent interview she said, quote, "I couldn't go 30 minutes to an hour without cocaine and I would bring it on airplanes.
"I would smuggle it basically and just wait until everyone in first class would go to sleep and I would do it right there.  I'd sneak to the bathroom and I'd do it.
"And that was even with [a] sober companion, somebody who was watching me 24/7 and living with me.  I was able to hide it from them as well."
Taylor Lautner Is Not Getting It On With Kristen Stewart
We heard a silly rumor that TAYLOR LAUTNER was nailing KRISTEN STEWART.  Well, now we know it's not true.  Because Taylor is still dating Marie Avgeropoulos . . . an actress he met on the set of his upcoming movie "Tracers".
They were linked a few months ago, and this past weekend they were spotted snuggling at the JAY Z concert in L.A.  
"The Sound of Music Live!" Almost Beat Football in the Ratings . . . And "Bonnie & Clyde" Also Did Well
"The Sound of Music Live!" attracted nearly 19 million viewers to come in second place in the ratings . . . just behind "Sunday Night Football".
Even though a lot of them were "hate-watching" it, CARRIE UNDERWOOD'S acting was still popular enough that NBC is considering another live musical for next year.
The "Bonnie & Clyde" mini-series was another ratings surprise.  It was simulcast Sunday night on three networks . . . History Channel, A&E, and Lifetime . . . for a combined total of 9.8 million viewers.  That dropped to 7.4 million the second night.

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12/11/2013 9:21AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 12/11/2013
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