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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 12/4/2012

Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Expecting . . . And She's In the Hospital with Morning Sickness


The good news for the Royal Family is that KATE MIDDLETON is pregnant.  The bad news?  She's in the hospital with a very severe form of morning sickness called HYPEREMESIS GRAVIDARUM.


--It's marked by nausea and vomiting, but on a more extreme scale than regular morning sickness . . . to the point where it can lead to dehydration, malnutrition, weight loss and other problems.


--It's estimated that at most, only 2% of pregnant women get it.  Some estimates say the number is as low as three-tenths of a percent.  For most women, the issue resolves itself by about the 20th week of pregnancy.


--Kate will remain in the hospital for several days, after which she'll require, quote, "a period of rest."  There's potential for harm to the mother and child, but this doesn't seem to be one of those cases.   


--An interesting side note, though:  Some experts say the condition is associated with TWINS.  There's no word if Kate is carrying what the Brits call "an heir and a spare" at the same time.


--This is the first child for Kate and PRINCE WILLIAM.  


--That means Harry is now fourth in line for the throne, behind PRINCE CHARLES, Prince William and this unborn fetus.


--Of course, if Kate IS carrying twins, that means Harry is FIFTH.



The IRS Has Seized All of Lindsay Lohan's Bank Accounts


Great news!  LINDSAY LOHAN doesn't have money to buy cocaine or vodka . . . because the IRS has SEIZED ALL HER BANK ACCOUNTS.


--Despite the hundred-grand CHARLIE SHEEN gave her recently to pay down her debt, Lindsay still owes $233,904 in back taxes . . . and they got tired of waiting for it.



Nick Lachey Got Kicked Out of the Bengals / Chargers Game


NICK LACHEY got BOOTED from the Cincinnati Bengals / San Diego Chargers game on Sunday for TRASH TALKING.


--It probably didn't help that the game was in San Diego and Nick is a Cincy native and rabid Bengals fan.


--After getting ejected, he Tweeted, quote, "Just got kicked out of the chargers stadium and couldn't be prouder!  Go Cincy Bengals."


--After the Bengals won, he added, quote, "Bengals win again.  I'd talk trash to everyone in SD, but what's the point?  You already had me kicked out of the stadium and you still lost."



A New Poll on Humor Says Jay Leno is the Funniest Late-Night Host, and "Seinfeld" is the Greatest Sitcom


According to a new "60 Minutes" / "Vanity Fair" poll on humor, JAY LENO is the funniest late-night  host . . . "The Simpsons" is funnier than "Family Guy" . . . men are funnier than women . . . and "Seinfeld" is the greatest sitcom.


--Leno beat out DAVID LETTERMAN 24% to 13%.  They were followed, in this order, by Jimmy FallonConan O'BrienJimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson.  But 23% of respondents said NONE OF THEM are funny.


--"The Simpsons" beat "Family Guy" 36% to 30% . . . while 34% said they "didn't know" which one was funnier.


--As far as the comedic battle of the sexes goes, I think we can call this one:  MEN ARE FUNNIER THAN WOMEN.  That's according to 60% of Americans.  A mere 22% said women are funnier . . . while 15% said there's no difference.


--22% of Americans said "Seinfeld" is the greatest sitcom, giving it a slight edge over "The Honeymooners", which got 16% of the vote.


--They were followed, in this order, by "Friends""Cheers""Arrested Development""The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "30 Rock".


--Oh . . . and the funniest letter of the alphabet is Q . . . followed by Z, W, P and X.



Kim Kardashian is the Most-Searched Person of 2012


After topping Bing.com's list of the Most Searched Person of 2012KIM KARDASHIAN also sits at the top of Yahoo!'s version of the list.  Although she's the highest-rated PERSON, she only came in THIRD on the overall search list, behind "Election" and "iPhone 5". 


--Here's their Top 10:


#1.)  Election


#2.)  iPhone 5


#3.)  Kim Kardashian


#4.)  Kate Upton  (--Something tells me most of the people searching for Kate were looking for this video.)


#5.)  Kate Middleton


#6.)  Whitney Houston


#7.)  Olympics


#8.)  Political polls


#9.)  Lindsay Lohan


#10.)  Jennifer Lopez



Adam Levine Calls "Honey Boo Boo" the "Decay of Western Civilization"


ADAM LEVINE went OFF on the TLC show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" in a recent interview . . . and he didn't hold back at all.  In fact, he got so worked up, he started DROPPING F-BOMBS.


 --He told "GQ" magazine, quote, "Seriously, 'Honey Boo Boo' is the DECAY of Western civilization.  Just because so many people watch the show doesn't mean it's good.


 --"So many people witness atrocities and can't take their eyes away from them, but that doesn't mean they're good.  That show is literally:  The. Worst. Thing. That's. Ever.  Happened.


 --"It's complete, [effing] ignorance, and the most despicable way to treat your kids.  [Eff] those people.  You can put that in the magazine:  [Eff] those idiots.  They're just the worst.  Sorry, I'm so sensitive to that . . . like, I don't know, man, it's upsetting.


--"Just to clarify, I said, '[EFF] THOSE PEOPLE.'"

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 12/4/2012
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