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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 2/1/2013

Ronaiah Tuiasosopo Admits He's Gay . . . But Says He's a "Recovering Homosexual"


The first part of DR. PHIL'S interview with MANTI TE'O hoaxer RONAIAH TUIASOSOPO aired yesterday, and here are the takeaways:


--As expected, Dr. Phil asked Ronaiah straight-up if he was gay . . . and he said, quote, "If you look at this situation, and everything that I've been through . . . of course, yeah, I would say yeah I'm gay.  But, honestly I'm so confused.  I'm so lost."


--So . . . he might NOT be gay?  Well, Ronaiah admitted that he had "romantic feelings" for Manti . . . but apparently, he isn't cool with being gay.


--He explained, quote, "You've heard of recovering drug addicts?  It takes a lot of courage to stand and say that to RECOVER from homosexuality and this type of thing and coming back to your real life.


--"As hard of a task it is, I'm going to do all I can to live right."  Dr. Phil said that comment bothered him, and added, quote, "I hope it's a pressure you don't put on yourself." 


--Ronaiah also said, quote, "I pretty much had this escape of Lennay from everything else . . .


--"My heart and all my energy went into this, as twisted and confusing as it may be, I did all that I could to help this person become a better person even though I wasn't getting nothing out of it.


--"The truth of it is that it happened, I grew feelings, I grew emotions that sooner or later I couldn't control anymore."


--Throughout the interview, Ronaiah backed up Manti's general account of things . . . that he had no involvement in the hoax, and that he and Manti had not met until an event in November of last year.


--Ronaiah also talked about how "Lennay" and Manti were having problems just before she "died" . . . and that Manti had admitted to "skyping and seeing" other girls.


--The day Manti's grandmother died, Manti supposedly told Lennay that he never wanted to speak to "her" again . . . and that's why Ronaiah killed her off that night.


--Like many vocal experts, Dr. Phil was "very skeptical" as to whether Ronaiah REALLY did Lennay's voice . . . so he pushed him to demonstrate it.  Initially, Ronaiah refused, saying that he felt "awkward and uncomfortable."


--But Dr. Phil wouldn't let it go . . . and even gave him a privacy screen . . . so he wouldn't have to do it in front of the cameras.  But that's where Part One ended, so we won't know if Ronaiah actually does it until Part Two, which airs TODAY.



Beyonce Will Sing Live at the Super Bowl . . . And She Admits She Fudged It At the Inauguration


At a Super Bowl press conference yesterday, BEYONCÉ admitted to fudging it at PRESIDENT OBAMA'S inauguration.  But she didn't admit to straight-up lip-synching.


--She said, quote, "I am a perfectionist . . . I practice 'til my feet bleed, and I did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra.  It was a live television show, and a very very important, emotional show for me, one of my proudest moments.


--"And due to the weather, due to the delay, due to no proper sound-check I did not feel comfortable taking a risk.


--"It was about the president and the inauguration, and I wanted to make him and my country proud, so I decided to sing along with my pre-recorded track, which is very common in the music industry and I'm very proud of my performance."


--Beyoncé DID say that she'll be singing LIVE at the Super Bowl.  She said, quote, "I will absolutely be singing live.  I am well-rehearsed . . . this is what I was born to do, what I'm born for."


--And she started off the press conference by singing the national anthem LIVE . . . maybe just to prove she could?  


--One thing Beyoncé wouldn't do was admit that her halftime show will include a DESTINY'S CHILD reunion.



Selena Gomez Would Kiss Zayn from One Direction


In an interview with "Extra"SELENA GOMEZ was informed that all the guys in ONE DIRECTION said that if they could pick any celebrity to kiss, they'd pick Selena.


--Selena's reaction was, quote, "That’s really nice!  I love all of them.  They're so sweet.  They're really good guys."


--Asked to pick the one she would most like to kiss, Selena went with ZAYN MALIK.



Roseanne Barr Is Working on a New Sitcom for Herself . . . Again


Two years ago, ROSEANNE BARR was developing a sitcom for NBC called "Downwardly Mobile", where she would play the proprietor of a mobile home park.


--Her former "Roseanne" co-star JOHN GOODMAN was also onboard, and so was a former "Roseanne" writer.  But despite that, NBC ended up PASSING ON IT.


--Well, now Roseanne is trying again.  The "L.A. Times" reports that Roseanne is developing another sitcom . . . also for NBC.  She would star in this one too . . . but there aren't any further details yet.



Stallone's "Bullet to the Head" and the Zombie Love Story "Warm Bodies"


#1.)  "Bullet to the Head"  (R)  


Sylvester Stallone plays a hitman who teams up with a cop, and goes after the people who killed their partners and kidnapped Stallone's daughter.  She's played by Sarah Shahi from "The L Word" and "Fairly Legal".


#2.)  "Warm Bodies"  (PG-13)  


A zombie love story about "the power of human connection."  It stars Nicholas Hoult from "X-Men: First Class" as a zombie named 'R', who starts to become more human after rescuing a human survivor from a group of other zombies.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 2/1/2013
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