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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 2/19/2014

Charlie Sheen Will NOT Get a Prenup
Yesterday, we heard "sources" say that CHARLIE SHEEN will get a prenup before marrying porno minx BRETT ROSSI.  But that's NOT the case.  Charlie says, quote, "Prenups poison marriages."
Charlie says they're going into it with this simple agreement . . . quote, "You keep your [crap] and I'll keep mine."

VH1 Is Developing an Absurd Reality Show Called "Naked Dating" 
At this point, we're all aware there's no idea TOO ABSURD to be turned into a reality show . . . so maybe this shouldn't come as a surprise.
VH1 is developing a show called "Naked Dating", which is exactly what it sounds like.  Each episode will have a man and a woman dating two different people . . . and nobody's wearing clothes.
At the end of every episode, they decide whether or not to move forward with a relationship.  Of course, this is VH1 . . . so the nudity will be censored somehow.
VH1 also released this ridiculous statement:  Quote, "The series will play with the idea of what it really means to be naked in the search for love . . .
"Once everyone has stripped away the artifices of our modern world . . . and revealed their ultimate, honest selves . . . the results will be surprising."  (???)
There's no word on a host yet . . . and there's no premiere date either.
Jay Leno's Last Episode of the "Tonight Show" Did Better Than Jimmy Fallon's First Episode 
According to the early numbers, 11.3 million people tuned in for JIMMY FALLON'S debut on "The Tonight Show" on Monday night. 
That's down slightly from the 14.6 million who watched JAY LENO'S last episode earlier this month . . . but it beat out CONAN O'BRIEN'S debut back in 2009, when he attracted 9.2 million viewers.
Tim McGraw Says Faith Hill is the Perfect Role Model for Their Three Daughters
Raising three teenage daughters in today's Twerking and Snapchatting world can't be easy.  But TIM MCGRAW is confident his daughters are doing okay because they have FAITH HILL as a role model. 
He says, quote, "I think the greatest thing my girls have going for them is having their mother as a role model.  All they have to do is watch her and be exposed to how she lives her life and the way she treats people and the way she takes care of her family. 
"I think they're learning the best lesson they can learn just having her as someone to look up to and someone to learn from."  (Tim and Faith's three daughters are 16-year-old Grace, 15-year-old Maggie, and 12-year-old Audrey.)

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02/19/2014 8:33AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 2/19/2014
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