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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 2/22/2013

Shia LaBeouf Quit a Play Because He Couldn't Get Along With Alec Baldwin

Here's a shocker:  SHIA LABEOUF and ALEC BALDWIN were cast in a play together, and they couldn't get along. 
--Earlier this week, it was announced that SHIA LABEOUF had left a Broadway production called "Orphans" over, quote, "creative differences".  But it turns out the only differences he had were with his co-star, ALEC BALDWIN.
--Shia went on Twitter to clear the air about why he left the play.
 --He posted an email from the play's director, Daniel Sullivan, which read, quote, " You're one hell of a great actor.  Alec is who he is.  You are who you are. 
--"You two are incompatible.  I should have known it.  This one will haunt me.  You tried to warn me.  You said you were a different breed.  I didn't get it."
--This was in response to an email Shia had sent in which he went off about what it means to be a man. It included this . . . quote, "A man can tell you he was wrong.  That he did wrong.  That he planned to.
--"He can tell you when he is lost.  He can apologize, even if sometimes it's just to put an end to the bickering." 
 --At the end of it he added, quote, "Alec, I'm sorry for my part of a dis-agreeable situation."  (--You can see both emails here.)
--Then Shia posted an email that Alec sent to him, saying, quote, "I've been through this before.  It's been awhile.  And perhaps some of the particulars are different.
--"But it comes down to the fact that what we all do now is critical.  Perhaps especially for you.  I don't have an unkind word to say about you.  You have my word."
--Shia responded to that one by saying, quote, "Same.  Be well.  Good luck on the play.  You'll be great."
Justin Bieber Went to a Justin Timberlake Show With a Girl . . . And Selena Gomez May Be After Country Singer Hunter Hayes
The Brit Awards went down earlier this week.  They're England's version of the Grammys.  JUSTIN BIEBER was in town for the show.  And when it was over, he hit up an after-party where JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was performing.
--But he didn't go alone.  He took a British singer named ELLA-PAIGE with him.  There's no word if they went as friends . . . or more.  But apparently, she's good friends with a stylist who's touring with Justin. 
--Meanwhile, "Life & Style Weekly" says that SELENA GOMEZ has her sights set on HUNTER HAYES . . . a country singer who once opened for Selena's good friend TAYLOR SWIFT.
--A source says, quote, "[They] flirted and traded phone numbers!"


Josh Brolin and Diane Lane Are Getting Divorced

JOSH BROLIN and DIANE LANE are getting divorced, after eight years of marriage.
--Josh and Diane were introduced by Josh's stepmother BARBRA STREISAND in 2002.  They got married in August of 2004. 
--Four months later, Josh was arrested for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.  His rep called it a "misunderstanding", and Diane didn't press charges.
--This past New Year's Eve, Josh was arrested for public intoxication in Santa Monica.
--In 2008, Brolin, actor JEFFREY WRIGHT and five crewmembers from their movie "W" were arrested for fighting at a bar in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Charges against all seven men were eventually dropped.
--Josh and Diane have no children together, but Josh has a son and a daughter from his previous marriage to actress ALICE ADAIR.  Diane has a daughter from her marriage to THE HIGHLANDER HIMSELF, CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT.

Next Week's "Law & Order: SVU" Was Inspired by Rihanna and Chris Brown

Next week's "Law & Order:  SVU" features a storyline that was obviously inspired by RIHANNA and CHRIS BROWN
--Two young, black pop stars are in a volatile relationship.  He's accused of beating her up . . . but then, in a twist that's sure to be a crowd-pleaser, he mysteriously ends up DEAD.  
Wednesday was RIHANNA'S 25th birthday.  It was also the day that NBC aired its first promo for next week's episode.
--Meanwhile, Rihanna posted a ton of photos on Instagram of her birthday celebration . . . which included a pot-themed cake and, of course, some cuddling with Chris. 

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02/22/2013 9:52AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 2/22/2013
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