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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 2/6/2014

Selena Gomez Spent Two Weeks in Rehab Last Month . . . Was It Justin Bieber's Fault?
SELENA GOMEZ spent two weeks in rehab last month.
Her rep confirmed it . . . saying, quote, "Selena voluntarily spent time at The Meadows [in Arizona], but not for substance abuse."  They didn't say what she DID go for . . . but the obligatory "exhaustion" excuse is being thrown around.
In addition to drug and alcohol abuse, The Meadows' website says they treat:  "Sexual addiction, codependency, depression, bipolar disorder, love addiction, panic and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, gambling addiction, and trauma."
In the past two months, Selena canceled tour dates . . . said she "needed to spend some time on herself" . . . and allegedly told Justin that HE needed to go to rehab.
A so-called "source close to Selena" tells Radar Online that, quote, "She'd been partying very hard."  Supposedly, she was drinking, smoking pot, and had begun "experimenting" with prescription drugs like Xanax and Ambien.
Meanwhile, TMZ claims Selena is also addicted to . . . JUSTIN BIEBER.  She'd started hanging out with him and his buddies again around the New Year, and her people thought he was a bad influence . . . so they encouraged her to go to rehab.
And Now, Justin Bieber Was "Extremely Abusive" to a Private Flight Crew
A new report claims that JUSTIN BIEBER was, quote, "extremely abusive" to the crew of a private plane on Friday . . . just ONE DAY before he was supposedly looking for a pool in New York City to have himself baptized in.
This time, it isn't tabloid silliness . . . there's an actual POLICE REPORT.
It says the captain warned Justin and his friends on "several occasions to stop smoking marijuana."  Apparently, it got so bad that the pilots had to wear OXYGEN MASKS to avoid getting high off the smoke in the air.
The captain ALSO had to warn Justin's group to, quote, "stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant."  The woman told authorities that Justin and his father were, quote, "extremely abusive verbally."
To be clear, the "abuse" was not physical or sexual in nature, and the crew is not pressing charges against Justin.  However, the flight attendant says she will NEVER work another flight with Justin and / or his dad.
Miley Cyrus Goes Topless . . . Plus, She Quit Smoking Cigarettes
MILEY CYRUS has finally gone totally topless.  If the image that popped up on the web yesterday is legit . . . and it seems to be.
It's a black-and-white outtake from her recent "W" magazine shoot, and she's lying on a bed with her breasts FULLY EXPOSED.  
Meanwhile . . . Miley has quit smoking.  The LEGAL stuff, anyway.  Earlier this week she Tweeted, quote, "2 months no cigs.  #proudofmyself"
Did David Beckham Stuff His Drawers for His Super Bowl Ad?
DAVID BECKHAM is accused of STUFFING HIS DRAWERS in that H&M underwear ad he did for the Super Bowl.  
A supposed "stylist" who worked on the commercial says, quote, "David is definitely 'enhanced' for [the ad].  In order to make the bulge look so pronounced in the photos, his underwear has to be carefully stuffed and padded to create the illusion."
But Beckham's rep says, quote, "It's all natural."
Tonight is Jay Leno's Last Episode of The Tonight Show
JAY LENO says goodbye to the Tonight Show, again, after more than 20 years on the stage.
BILLY CRYSTAL and GARTH BROOKS are Jay's final guests.  Billy was actually Jay's first guest back in 1992.  
Jimmy Fallon takes over on February 17th.
The "Frozen" Soundtrack Is Still #1
The "Frozen" soundtrack is #1 on the albums chart again this week with 94,000 copies.  That's about 7,000 more than the week's #2 album, the "2014 Grammy Nominees" compilation, which sold 87,000 copies in the first full sales week after the awards show.
"Restoring Force" from OF MICE & MEN debuted at #4 with 51,000 copies . . . while "Thrive" from Christian rock band CASTING CROWNS hit #6 with 43,000 copies.
And BRUNO MARS enjoyed a nice little post-"Grammy Awards" and "Super Bowl" sales bump . . . his "Unorthodox Jukebox" album was up 180% from last week, selling 42,000 copies and rising from #18 to #7.
Here's this week's full Top 10 . . . 
1.  The "Frozen" soundtrack  (94,000 copies) 
2.  The "2014 Grammy Nominees" compilation album  (87,000 copies)
3.  "Pure Heroine", Lorde  (68,000 copies)
4.  (NEW)  "Restoring Force", Of Mice & Men  (51,000 copies)       
5.  Beyoncé's self-titled album  (48,000 copies)   
6.  (NEW)  "Thrive", Casting Crowns  (43,000 copies)
7.  "Unorthodox Jukebox", Bruno Mars  (42,000 copies)
8.  "Night Visions", Imagine Dragons  (39,000 copies)
9.  "Prism", Katy Perry  (30,000 copies)
10.  "Random Access Memories", Daft Punk  (30,000 copies)

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 2/6/2014
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