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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 3/14/2013

Dennis Rodman Showed Up at the Vatican . . . In a Flower-Print Jacket


DENNIS RODMAN did indeed show up at the Vatican yesterday . . . wearing a black jacket with brightly-colored flowers all over it. 


--By the way . . . Rodman's trip was sponsored by an Irish online gambling site called PaddyPower.com.  That's their hat he's wearing.


 --Rodman was expected to show up in his own version of the popemobile, but he failed to make good on that promise.  Supposedly, the car got delayed by snow in Northern Italy.  


--Rodman wanted to meet with whomever the new pope was going to be.  We're guessing Pope Francis didn't take that meeting.



Alice Cooper Has Some Advice for Justin Bieber: If You Have to Vomit Onstage, Do Not Turn Your Back to the Crowd


ALICE COOPER has some rock advice for JUSTIN BIEBER:  If you have to puke onstage . . . don't turn your back to the crowd.


--He's talking about an October concert, where Justin BARFED onstage, and later blamed it on wolfing down too much milk and spaghetti bolognese before the show.


--Alice says, quote, "He came into Phoenix, comes up onstage, turns his back to the audience and throws up.  I [thought], 'Justin, just as a note of professional rock 'n' roll, never turn your back when you throw up. 


--"Let the audience SEE you throw up.  Because that's a moment they're gonna remember.'"  


 --Now, Alice is NOT a Bieber hater . . . in fact, he thinks he has the talent to make it, but he warns that he's going to have to survive his 20s first.


--He says, quote, "If he rides this thing out and still makes records, he's gonna be a seasoned artist in about 10 years, 'cause he makes good records now, but he's got to survive the next 10 years.  The excess is gonna come at him so quick."



Did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Break Up Or Not?


By now, you've probably heard the rumor that MILEY CYRUS and LIAM HEMSWORTH are through.  So is it true?  Well, so far there's not a consensus on the World Wide Web of Unverified Celebrity Gossip.


--E! Online says they're not through just yet.  A source told them, quote, "Miley and Liam have been a bit rocky, but are not giving up.  They both want it to work."


--As for why things are rocky . . . well, there's no consensus on that, either.  Obviously, there's the rumor that Liam hooked up with JANUARY JONES last month.


--Another source says it's a lifestyle thing . . . quote, "She likes to party really hard and can be pretty wild.  It became a problem for him."


--Another source says Miley suspected that Liam had a "wandering eye."  And yet another source says Liam isn't really down with Miley's new short hair.



Prince Harry Is Coming to America To Meet Hotties


Prince Harry is making a trip to New York and May and hoping to meet some Hollywood Hotties including Jennifer Lawrence. 


--A source tells OK! magazine, “He has given his flunkies a list of Hollywood hotties. Harry has a thing for all of them, but Jennifer’s his number-one girl right now.”


--Harry thinks Jennifer is a girl after his own heart — very chill and out for a good time. Harry is looking for a serious relationship and is ready to settle down. And the way he’s thinking right now he could end up with a Hollywood wife.”



Fans Raised Over $2 Million in Just Six Hours . . . and a "Veronica Mars" Movie Is Now Happening


Ever since KRISTEN BELL'S UPN (slash) CW series "Veronica Mars" went off the air in 2007, fans have been begging for a movie version.  Well, I'm happy to report that the movie is officially ON.


--Series creator Rob Thomas . . . (--No, not the Matchbox Twenty guy) . . . has been trying to make it happen all this time.  And he and Kristen finally got the bright idea to start a Kickstarter campaign to fund it.


--First they went to Warner Brothers . . . which still owns the series . . . and floated the following offer:  If the Kickstarter campaign raises $2 million in a month, Warner Brothers lets them make the movie.


--Well, the campaign went online yesterday morning . . . and had raised more than $2 million in SIX HOURS.


--As of late last night, they'd raised over $2.5 million.  And they're going to keep taking donations.  Obviously, the more they raise, the bigger and better movie they can make.


--The movie goes into production this summer, and will be released early next year.  Warner Brothers will pay for the marketing, promotion, and distribution.


--When they started their campaign, they said their $2 million goal was already the most ever sought on Kickstarter . . . so apparently, this is now the most successful Kickstarter campaign of all time.

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03/14/2013 9:30AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 3/14/2013
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