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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 3/22/2013

They Let Bobby Brown Out of Jail After Just Nine Hours


On Wednesday morning, BOBBY BROWN turned himself in to begin serving a 55-day sentence for DUI.  They let him out 9 HOURS LATER.  As usual, it was due to overcrowding in the L.A. County Jail.


--Bobby isn't totally in the clear though.  He was released to HOUSE ARREST, which he has to serve for a total of 8 days.  And they gave him one of those electronic ankle bracelets to keep him honest.



Lindsay Lohan Has a TV Gig Before Rehab


LINDSAY LOHAN will film an episode of Anger Management before she heads to rehab. She will play a patient, who falls for CHARLIE SHEEN.


--There’s no word when it will air.



Sorry . . . There Is No Joe Jonas Sex Tape


If you heard that there was a sex tape kicking around featuring JOE JONAS and his girlfriend using BONDAGE AND S&M GEAR like paddles and ball gags . . . would you believe it?


--Apparently a lot of people did, because the rumor started making the rounds yesterday.  But it's not true.  At least that's Joe's story.


--His rep says, quote, "There is no truth or validity to the story.  It is completely false."


--It probably IS false, because the story is pretty ridiculous.


--A source who SUPPOSEDLY saw the tape says Joe and his girlfriend, Swiss model Blanda Eggenschwiler, made it over a period of several hours, and even had a trusted friend there to do the filming.


--They're also seen smoking pot and downing shots . . . and during the sex there's, quote, "a lot of overly dramatic screaming and moaning."



NBC May Have to Pay Jay Leno a Big Penalty If They Dump Him Early


There's been talk that NBC might dump JAY LENO before his contract is up in September of 2014 . . . so that they can hand JIMMY FALLON the reins sooner rather than later.  Supposedly, it could happen as early as February.


--But TMZ says that's unlikely, because "when Leno renegotiated his contract during the CONAN O'BRIEN mess, he demanded, and got, several penalty clauses that would make NBC take an ENORMOUS financial hit if they pull the plug early."


--There's no word how much that payout would be, but supposedly Leno made sure it was an INSANE amount.  That way, he could essentially guarantee that he wouldn't be replaced early.



John Mayer Has Announced the Dates for a Summer Tour


JOHN MAYER has spent most of the past two years dealing with some throat problems . . . but apparently, he's well enough to return to the road, because he's announced a big summer tour.


--For now, it's scheduled to run from July 6th at Summerfest in Milwaukee through October 5th in Hollywood.  Before that, John has a few random dates next month at various events, including the New Orleans Jazz Festival on April 26th.


--"American Idol" winner PHILLIP PHILLIPS is the opening act for almost all the shows.  (--You can find the whole itinerary at JohnMayer.com.)



New in Theaters This Weekend


#1.)  "Olympus Has Fallen"  (R)


With the White House captured by terrorists and the President taken hostage, Gerard Butler is the only secret service agent left who can fight the terrorists and try to retake the building.  It's sort of like "Die Hard", but in the White House.


--Aaron Eckhart plays the President, Ashley Judd is the First Lady, Angela Bassett is the director of the Secret Service, and Morgan Freeman is the Speaker of the House . . . who steps in as the acting president once everything hits the fan.


#2.)  "The Croods"  (PG)  Trailer


An animated Dreamworks movie about a family of prehistoric cavemen looking for a new home after the cave is destroyed.  It stars Emma Stone, with Nicolas Cage as her overprotective father, Ryan Reynolds as her boyfriend, Clark Duke from "Hot Tub Time Machine" as her little brother, and Cloris Leachman as their grandma.


#3.)  "Admission"  (PG-13)


Tina Fey plays a Princeton admissions officer who bends the rules for an applicant who may be the son she secretly gave up for adoption.  Paul Rudd plays Tina's love interest, and Lily Tomlin is in it as her mom.


#4.)  "Spring Breakers"  (R)


Selena GomezVanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson from "Pretty Little Liars" fund a raunchy spring break trip by robbing a fast food joint . . . then get busted on drug charges, and bailed out by James Franco


--He plays a drug dealer named "Alien" who convinces the four chicks to continue their crime spree for him. 


#5.)  "InAPPropriate Comedy"  (R)


A raunchy sketch comedy that stars Adrien Brody as a cop named Flirty Harry, Michelle Rodriguez as a porn critic, and Rob Schneider in two roles . . . as both a porn critic and a horny psychologist. 


--Lindsay Lohan is in it too, playing herself . . . and she gets to take out her revenge on the paparazzi who stalk her.

03/22/2013 9:32AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 3/22/2013
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