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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 3/26/2013

Kim Kardashian Claims She Weighs 140 Pounds


KIM KARDASHIAN is as you certainly know by now, PREGNANT and so of course, people are talking about her weight gain and she’s NOT happy about it.


--In an interview with "Extra", Kim takes a shot at all the gossip rags that are claiming she weighs 200 pounds.


--Kim claims she wouldn't mind if she really DID weigh that, but the tabloids are WAY OFF.  By how much, you ask?  She says, quote, "You are 60 pounds off here." 



Will Justin Timberlake Host the Oscars?


SETH MACFARLANE has already said he’ll never host the Oscars again despite the fact that ratings were up so organizers are moving on too. There’s now talk that JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE may host next year's Oscars. 


--National Enquirer gossip columnist Mike Walker says, “He has been considered before, but they always thought he was too young and not seasoned enough. Now, he’s the frontrunner for the job—after showing he knows how to sing, dance, act, host, and improvise on the spot.”



Lindsay Lohan Showed Up Early to the Set of "Anger Management"


LINDSAY LOHAN started taping her guest appearance on CHARLIE SHEEN'S "Anger Management" yesterday, and get this:  She was EARLY.  Lindsay was supposed to be on set at 10:00 A.M., and she showed up at 9:00.


--Meanwhile, Lindsay is defending herself against reports that she was getting hammered at a club over the weekend.


--Lindsay was photographed leaving a place called 41 Ocean over the weekend.  She was there to see her alleged boyfriend AVI SNOW and his band CITY OF THE SUN.


--But on her Facebook page, she posted the following explanation . . . quote,


1)  It wasn't a nightclub.  41 Ocean is a members only dining club . . . and a private event.


2)  It WAS Pellegrino!


3) The most important part . . . the band City of the Sun did any amazing job last night



A “Breaking Bad” Script Is Still Missing


A man accused of breaking into Breaking Bad actor BRYAN CRANSTON's car late last year and stealing a script for the popular television show set in New Mexico has been arrested.


--Bernalillo County Sheriff's officials said Xavier Macafee, 29, was being held on suspicion of burglary.


--Macafee, of Albuquerque, was booked into jail last Friday and made his initial court appearance yesterday.


-- Other items reported taken from Cranston's car were an iPad, a shoulder bag and "miscellaneous personal items."


--A spokesman for the sheriff's department said none of the stolen items have been recovered but detectives were investigating the case.



Jay Leno "Hopes" Jimmy Fallon Replaces Him on "The Tonight Show"


JAY LENO is ALL FOR talking about his relationship with NBC on "The Tonight Show" . . . but apparently, he isn't as enthusiastic about discussing it with the paparazzi.


--When someone from "Extra" asked him if he would continue hosting "The Tonight Show" after his contract was up, Leno evaded it by making fun of how the question was asked.


--Then, when asked if JIMMY FALLON was going to replace him, Leno said, quote, "Well, I hope so!"  And immediately walked away.


--Leno also ignored another question by pretending that he was talking . . . so it seemed like there was problems with the sound.  

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03/26/2013 9:18AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 3/26/2013
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