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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 3/7/2013

Miley Cyrus Says She's Not Canceling Her Wedding
There's a rumor going around that LIAM HEMSWORTH cheated on MILEY CYRUS with JANUARY JONES after the Oscars last month.  And ever since then, there's been talk that their engagement is OFF.
--Well, Miley hit up Twitter to deny it . . . and then she announced that she's QUITTING Twitter.  But it didn't last.
--She said, quote, "I am so sick of L.A.  And sick of the lies that come with it.  I didn't call off my wedding.  Taking a break from social media. #draining"
--Within a few hours, she was Tweeting again.  But apparently, it's going to be ALL BUSINESS from here on out.
--She said, quote, "My new music is gonna shut everyone up.  Not discussing anything but my music from now on."
Taylor Swift is Scared of Being Alone
If you’re tired of TAYLOR SWIFT’s crazy dating life, don’t expect it to end any time soon. She’s frightened of ending up all by herself.
--She tells InStyle magazine, ''I don't wanna end up being awful and intolerable. Alone. Laying in a marble bathtub by myself, like sad, with a glass of wine just complaining that my life ended up alone because I pushed everyone away because I thought I was too good to hang out with anybody.
--She says she doesn’t want to be the “typical poor lonely starlet with no one because she put up all these walls and didn't trust anyone.”
--“That's my fear. And that's why I live my life the way I live my life because I'd so much rather feel everything than end up like that.''
--The latest rumor is that Taylor is dating singer ED SHEERAN.
--In other Taylor Swift news, she sold her Cape Cod home for a $942,000 profit. She owned it for 7 months and bought the house to be near CONOR KENNEDY during their brief relationship.

Did Russell Crowe Capture an Alien Spacecraft on Film?

RUSSELL CROWE installed a camera outside of his office in Sydney because he wanted to get footage of fruit bats, for some reason.  But what he got instead was a UFO.
--He posted a video of some time-lapse photos that show what appears to be a brightly-lit object flying across the sky
--Along with the video, he Tweeted, quote, "UFO?  Time Lapse Photos Outside RC's Woolloomooloo Office (THESE ARE REAL!)"
--He later said nothing was added to the pics.  What you see in the video is EXACTLY what was recorded by the camera.  He also said the three photos were taken over a span of about four and a half seconds.

Is NBC "Grooming" Howard Stern to Replace Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night"?

There's been some talk that NBC is secretly planning to give JIMMY FALLON "The Tonight Show" when JAY LENO'S contract is up next year, even if Leno isn't ready to step down.
--And the "New York Post" reports that NBC is "grooming" HOWARD STERN to replace Fallon on HIS show, "Late Night", which of course airs right after "The Tonight Show".
--The "Post" credits this to anonymous "sources close to" Stern.
--There's no official word from NBC or Stern . . . and there probably won't be . . . UNLESS it's a denial.  NBC has already denied rumors that they're planning on moving Fallon to "The Tonight Show", and Leno's people wouldn't comment.
--The "Post" suggests that, by bringing Stern to "America's Got Talent" last year, NBC was able to show that he CAN be tamed for TV, and he can appeal to a younger audience.
(--Fallon is two decades younger than both Leno and Stern.  Fallon is 38 . . . Stern is 59 . . . and Leno is 62.)

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03/07/2013 9:30AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 3/7/2013
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