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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 3/7/2014

Miley Cyrus Attacks Katy Perry for Dissing Her Tongue
KATY PERRY seemed to be joking when she said she broke off that kiss with MILEY CYRUS because, quote, "God knows where that tongue has been." 
But it sounds like Miley didn't take it that way . . . and as a result, IT IS ON.  Because she fired back with a Tweet that insulted both Katy and her ex-boyfriend JOHN MAYER.
She said, quote, "Girl if you're worried about where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know where THAT [tongue's] been."
She might have tried to smooth things over, though, because her next Tweet was a picture someone had DRAWN of the two of them kissing, and Miley captioned it, quote, "Don't you act like you didn't love it."
 And it sounds like Katy is taking all of this in stride, because she replied, quote, "Oooo gurrrl I'm gonna give you the BIGGEST spanking when I see you in the UK."
For the record, John Mayer's tongue has been with the following ladies:  Jennifer Love Hewitt, Vanessa Carlton, Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz, Minka Kelly, Jennifer Aniston and Taylor Swift.
The Video of Justin Bieber Peeing in Jail Is Out
The video of JUSTIN BIEBER providing a urine sample in jail has finally surfaced.  It's from his DUI arrest in Miami back in January.  And . . . it's a waste of two minutes of your time but you already knew that, right?
It shows him peeing at a toilet behind a privacy wall, like you'd see at most urinals.  It doesn't look like you'd be able to see over the wall from the camera's angle . . . but even if there WAS a chance of that, it's all censored by a giant black square.
One of Oprah's Twitter Followers Asked Her For One of Her Dresses . . . And Oprah Gave It To Her
 You know how your mom always used to say, "If you want something, just ASK for it"?  Well, that apparently works . . . even on OPRAH.  
One of Oprah's Twitter followers was so into the dress that Oprah wore recently on the cover of "Essence" magazine, that she Tweeted Oprah about it.
She said, quote, "You look beautiful in that essence cover pic.  WOW.  CAN I please have that dress?  Cuz I know u won't wear again lol luv u."  And Oprah actually replied, quote, "You're right I won't wear ever again. Contact my assistant and show her this tweet."
A week later, the woman received the dress. Obviously she was thrilled and text Oprah a big THANK YOU.
Are NBC and "The Tonight Show" Trying to Block Celebrities from Appearing on Other Networks?
If celebrities want to be on "The Tonight Show", they better not plan on hitting up any of the other networks.
TMZ claims NBC is trying to use JIMMY FALLON'S ratings as leverage . . . and have put the word out that if a star wants to be a guest on the "The Tonight Show", they can't appear on ABC, CBS or Fox.
That doesn't just cover late night shows . . . they're also banned from doing the various morning shows like "Good Morning America", as well.  Of course, they're still free to do other NBC shows like "Today" and "Dateline".
This supposedly comes from "sources connected to CBS, NBC and ABC" . . . plus someone at "Good Morning America" . . . but there's no actual word from anyone "on the record."
"300: Rise of an Empire" and "Mr. Peabody & Sherman" Are Out Today
1.  "300: Rise of an Empire"  (R)  
Sullivan Stapleton, who you may know from the Cinemax series "Strike Back", is the hero in this one.  He plays a Greek general fighting off an invasion led by Eva Green, the bloodthirsty chick in charge of the Persian Navy.
Lena Headey from "Game of Thrones" is back from the first film as the Queen of the Spartans and widow of Gerard Butler's character from "300".  Rodrigo Santoro is also back as the Persians' god-like leader Xerxes.
2.  "Mr. Peabody & Sherman"  (PG)  
This Dreamworks animation movie is about a talking dog who invents a time machine, and then goes back to ancient Egypt after his "adopted" human son changes history.
Ty Burrell from "Modern Family" is Mr. Peabody, Max Charles from "The Neighbors" does the voice of Sherman, and Ariel Winter from "Modern Family" is the girl Sherman was trying to impress when they screwed up the space-time continuum.
It also has a short film starring Rocky & Bullwinkle, since it's based on the "improbable history" segments that ran on the classic "Rocky and His Friends" TV series.

03/07/2014 8:55AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 3/7/2014
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