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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/1/2014

Pharrell Will Replace Cee Lo Green on the Next Season of "The Voice"
PHARRELL AND HIS GIANT HATS will replace CEE LO GREEN on the next season of "The Voice".  There's no word who the other coaches will be, so we don't know if ADAM LEVINE, BLAKE SHELTON and / or CHRISTINA AGUILERA are returning yet.
Pharrell has been on "The Voice" twice before.  He was a mentor for USHER'S team on Season Four . . . and last May, he performed "Blurred Lines" with ROBIN THICKE on the show.
Cee Lo announced that he's quitting back in February, right around the same time we learned about Christina's pregnancy.  But since he also said he didn't want to "wear out his welcome," he'll likely be back as a performer or an adviser someday.
Johnny Depp Smokes a Lot
In the new issue of "Interview" magazine, JOHNNY DEPP admits that he smokes A LOT.  Asked how many cigarettes he burns down in a day, he says, quote, "I'll bet a thousand.  I'm working my way up to ten thousand."
Obviously, he CAN'T smoke a thousand cigarettes a day.  That would be 50 PACKS. 
On another note, Johnny showed off his, quote, "chick's ring" to confirm his engagement to Amber Heard during a press conference to hype his new movie.
Another Michael Jackson Album Is on the Way with Eight "New" Tracks
 A new MICHAEL JACKSON album is coming out on May 13th . . . nearly FIVE YEARS after he died.
The album is called "XSCAPE" . . . and it'll include eight previously unreleased tracks, which were unearthed from old recordings.  Former "X Factor" judge L.A. REID put it together, with the help of TIMBALAND and other producers.
There aren't many details on the music . . . other than that they only used vocal tracks that Michael had supposedly "completed," and that the songs were, quote, "contemporized . . . while retaining Michael's essence and integrity."
It'll be interesting to see how fans receive this album.  In 2010 . . . a year after Michael's death . . . an album called "Michael" was released, and there was a lot of controversy over the authenticity of Michael's vocals.
Showbiz Tragedy: A Back Injury Has Forced Billy Dee Williams to Quit "Dancing with the Stars"
Sadly, there will be no more Lando Calrissian on "Dancing with the Stars".  On last night's episode, BILLY DEE WILLIAMS announced that a back injury has forced him to quit the competition.
There aren't any specifics on his injury . . . but his doctors recommended that he withdraw, so apparently it was something fairly serious. 
Of course, Billy Dee isn't a spring chicken.  He will celebrate his 77th birthday on Sunday, and he's had two hip replacements.  He danced twice and was awful both times . . . but he HAS been entertaining.
On last night's episode, Billy Dee said, quote, "I've had a wonderful, brilliant, fantastic, blast of a time" . . . and added that working with dancer Emma Slater was a, quote, "pure joy."
"How I Met Your Mother" Ended Last Night . . . and Parts of the Finale Were Filmed Nine Years Ago
"How I Met Your Mother" ended its nine-season run last night . . . and some parts of the finale were filmed NINE YEARS ago, which you've probably realized if you've been watching the show.
LYNDSY FONSECA . . . who plays the "Mother's" daughter . . . says she and DAVID HENRIE filmed a bunch of stuff together back in 2005, so they wouldn't appear to age in the "flash-forwards" over the years.
She explains, quote, "We shot this last little section nine years ago.  It was so long ago, I don't really remember what I said . . . David was growing so fast.  He grew like four shoe sizes and his voice dropped, so it was very apparent."
She says they filmed improvised scenes and generic reaction shots that could be used for any occasion throughout the course of the show.
David adds, quote, "When we started, I wasn't even old enough to drive.  Now, I come home . . . and my cousins are watching the show.  It's always a funny feeling.  They always say, 'Baby David is on TV!'"

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04/01/2014 9:01AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/1/2014
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