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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/16/2012

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are Engaged . . . Even Though That Breaks Their Promise to Wait Until Gay Marriage is Legalized Nationwide


Back in 2006, BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE said they wouldn't get married until gay marriage was legalized nationwide.  And they tried SO HARD to keep that promise.  Until, I guess, they couldn't hold out anymore.



--Because Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are engaged.  It's official.  She's wearing the ring, their reps have confirmed it.



--Brad is 48 and Angelina is 36.  They've been together for seven years and have six kids.  Three are biological, three are adopted.



--And those kids are the reason they're not holding out for marriage equality anymore.  Over the past few years, they've hinted that their kids have been pressuring them to get married . . . and now they've caved.



--In an interview with CBS News back in January, Brad said, quote, "We're getting a lot of pressure from the kids.  It means something to them and . . . they have questions when their friends' parents are married and why is that?"



--"We will someday.  We will.  [But the kids say,] 'Get mommy a ring!'"



--According to Brad's manager they haven't picked a date to get married yet but, quote, "their kids are very happy."


--At least one gay rights organization says that's cool . . . and they're happy for Brad and Angelina.



--Rebekah Orr is the communications director for a gay rights group called Equality California.  She says, quote, "We would never want any committed couple to deny themselves and their families the happiness and security that marriage brings."



--She also praised Brad and Angelina for, quote, "clearly demonstrating they are supporters of equality."



--And now what you really want to know…details on Angelina's engagement ring, according to a jewelry expert named Michael O'Connor.



--The center diamond is approximately SIX CARATS.


--It's an emerald cut.  That means it has fewer facets so it won't sparkle as much as other cuts . . . and needs to be the best-quality diamond.


--The setting is platinum.


--It was made by a designer named Robert Procop, who worked with Angelina in 2011 to design a line of jewelry to auction off for charity. 


--Brad was heavily involved in the design from start to finish.



--And, most importantly, the cost of the ring is . . . approximately $250,000.


Does Matt Lauer Have an Illegitimate Son With His Co-Anchor?


It's hard to picture MATT LAUER cheating on his wife and knocking up a coworker.  But wild rumors are flying around that it happened.  


--According to the "National Enquirer", Matt has an illegitimate three-year-old son with his"Today" show co-anchor NATALIE MORALES.



--A source at a rival network says, quote, "I heard that Matt had an affair with Natalie and he's the father of one of her kids.  Everyone's buzzing that the boy looks just like him."


 --In 2006, Matt's wife Annette filed for divorce . . . right as rumors were surfacing that Matt and Natalie got-it-on while they were covering the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.  Annette withdrew the papers a month later and they're still together.



--Natalie is also married.  In 2008, she announced she and her husband, Joe Rhodes, were pregnant.  But the rumors started again that Matt was the father.



A Week After Her DUI, Amanda Bynes Has Another . . . Much Smaller . . . Driving Incident on the Way to the Same Club


Back on April 6th, AMANDA BYNES got a DUI after she was out at a Hollywood club called Greystone Manor Supperclub.



--And clearly, she's not going to let THAT stop her from hanging out there again . . . or driving herself there either.



--On Thursday night, Amanda was photographed driving her black BMW outside the club . . . and TEXTING behind the wheel.  Meanwhile, she backed up over a curb.



--There weren't any cops around, so she wasn't ticketed . . . just photographed by the paparazzi. 



Mitt Romney Is "Considering" an Offer to Host "Saturday Night Live"


The "New York Times" says MITT ROMNEY is "considering" an offer to host "Saturday Night Live".  It's unclear if it's for one of the remaining episodes this spring, or if it's for when the show returns in the fall.



--A lot of Presidential candidates have appeared on "SNL" over the years . . . but only one HOSTED the show.  That was STEVE FORBES in 1996.



--Of course, the difference between Steve and Mitt is Steve wasn't in the race long, while Mitt is going to be the Republican nominee.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/16/2012
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