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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/2/2014

Lindsay Lohan's Oprah Money Is Already Gone . . . And She's Broke
LINDSAY LOHAN was paid $2 million to do that show on OPRAH'S TV network, but sources say it's ALREADY GONE and she's back in, quote, "dire financial straits."
Of course we should note that after Lindsay paid all her people and Uncle Sam, she only pocketed $750,000.
And the "New York Post" says Lindsay tried to buy $300 worth of clothes at a shop in New York City over the weekend, but all of her credit cards were DENIED.  A friend had to jump in and pay.
And there's also word that when Lindsay went to rehab last summer, it had to be COMPED, because she couldn't afford it.  And her insurance wouldn't pay for it, since it was her SIXTH attempt at rehab.
Lindsay ran up a $150,000 bill at the Cliffside facility in Malibu, but they didn't make her pay.  They figured the free publicity would be worth it.  
Josh Radnor Says "How I Met Your Mother's" Title Was a "Fake-Out"
JOSH RADNOR, who played Ted on "How I Met Your Mother", thinks that the fans who are upset about the finale are missing the point a little.  He says, quote, "I thought the title of the show was always a bit of a fake-out.
"It was more of a hook to hang the thing on.  Really, it was more about . . . 'These are the crazy adventures and these are the lessons I had to learn before I met your mother.'"
He adds, quote, "I think if you're going to do something new and bold and daring, you're going to upset some people and thrill others.  It's better to do that than try to have some homogenized, safe ending that was never really what the show was."
Craig Thomas, who co-created the show, saw some of the fans freaking out on social media.  He thanked fans for their "passion" and Tweeted:  Quote, "Seriously, no matter what you thought of tonight, thank you."
Regardless, the show went out on top, with a series-high of 12.9 million viewers.
Captain America's To-Do List Changes Depending on What Country You Watch the Movie In
In "Captain America:  The Winter Soldier", the Captain has a to-do list of stuff he wants to catch up on, because he missed them while he was in deep-freeze.
The list includes "I Love Lucy", Disco, Steve Jobs and the Berlin Wall.  And you'll see that list if you catch the movie when it opens this weekend.
But if you happen to watch the movie in the United Kingdom, you WON'T see those things on Cap's list.
Instead of "Lucy", you'll see "Sherlock Holmes".  Steve Jobs is gone, but Sean Connery is suddenly on the list.  Instead of Disco, Captain America wants to learn about the Beatles. 
And while he no longer cares about the Berlin Wall, he's interested in the 1966 World Cup Final . . . in which England beat West Germany.
Items that made BOTH lists are:  The moon landing, Thai food, "Star Wars" and "Star Trek", Nirvana, "Rocky" . . . and maybe "Rocky 2" . . . and the soundtrack to the movie "Trouble Man", by Marvin Gaye.
There are OTHER international versions of the to-do list, too.  In the Australian version of the movie, for instance, it includes AC/DC, a TV show called "Skippy the Bush Kangaroo" and the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin.
In Korea, the game "Dance Dance Revolution" makes the list.  And in France they put the movie "The Fifth Element" and the 1998 World Cup on the list.
(France beat Brazil in the finals of that tournament . . . and "The Fifth Element" is a French movie, even though it's in English and stars Bruce Willis.)
George Takei Isn't Hosting "SNL", It Was an April Fools' Day Joke
A few years ago there was a half-hearted push by some "Star Trek" fans to try to get GEORGE TAKEI to host "Saturday Night Live" . . . and yesterday, George said that he HAD finally been invited to do it.
But it turned out to be an April Fools' Day joke. 
In a followup Facebook post, George revealed, quote, "As far as my announcement that I'll be hosting 'SNL' . . . GOTCHA!"
Rumor is that the prank may have gotten "SNL's" attention . . . and they may want to capitalize on it like they did with the mania over BETTY WHITE a few years ago. So George could end up scoring a hosting gig after all.

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04/02/2014 8:58AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/2/2014
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