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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/23/2013

Miley Cyrus Isn't Wearing Her Ring Again . . .And Snoop Says Her Relationship is Over


MILEY CYRUS was spotted without her engagement ring again.  And while sources say she and LIAM HEMSWORTH are still together, SNOOP LION suggested they're not.  


Sources say she and Liam are still engaged and living together, but they're having some problems so they're taking things slow.


Snoop was discussing "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks" . . . the single he and Miley just released.  And he said,quote, "We both just going through something right now."


When Snoop was asked what Miley is going through, he said, quote, "I can't speak for her, ya know what I'm saying,but I know that she has a relationship that no longer exists.



Reese Witherspoon Canceled Her Talk Show Appearances For the Week


In light of her arrest last week, REESE WITHERSPOON has canceled her upcoming talk show appearances.


She was supposed to do "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" tonight. Also, she was scheduled to tape an interview yesterday with"Good Morning America" that was going to air tomorrow. Those are no longer happening.


She also pulled out of yesterday's press junket for her new movie, "Mud".



It's Official: Khloe Kardashian Will Not Return to "X Factor"


The rumors were TRUE:  KHLOE KARDASHIAN is NOT returning to "X Factor" next season.  MARIO LOPEZ will be back . . . but it's unclear if he's hosting alone, or if he's getting a new co-host.


Some reports say Khloe was FIRED . . . but others say it was a mutual decision,because it was becoming too difficult to work around her schedule, with all the other nonsense she's doing.  There's no official word, though.


(SIMON COWELL and DEMI LOVATO are returning as judges.  Fox still hasn't announced replacements for departing judges BRITNEY SPEARS and L.A. REID.)



Rob Kardashian Cries When He Sees Himself Naked


ROB KARDASHIAN . . . during an interview between the Kardashians and RYAN SEACREST that aired Sunday night on E! revealed something disturbing.


He said "Every time I hop in the shower and see myself naked I cry."


Rob has been struggling to lose weight in recent months . . . and we should probably add that one of the things Rob hates about being heavy is . . . that, quote, "my penis looks so small now."


But he adds, quote,"The upside is, every time you lose 10 pounds you gain an inch on your penis."



There's a "Dodgeball" Sequel in the Works


The 2004 comedy "Dodgeball" is getting a sequel.  This time, VINCE VAUGHN and BEN STILLER have to stop being rivals and team up to fight an even bigger enemy.  No more plot details have been revealed.



The Woman Who Sang "I Touch Myself" Has Died


CHRISSY AMPHLETT died on Sunday.  She was the singer of THE DIVINYLS . . .the Australian band that was famous for the 1991 song "I Touch Myself".


Chrissy was just 53 years old . . . but she had been battling breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.

04/23/2013 9:56AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/23/2013
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