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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/24/2013

Justin Bieber is Bored Of His Monkey. He Wants to Put It In a Zoo


JUSTIN BIEBER has tired of his monkey.  As you probably recall, Mally the capuchin monkey was seized by customs officials at the Munich airport last month, after Justin tried to bring it in to Germany without the proper paperwork.


Mally has been in quarantine ever since . . . because Justin apparently doesn't want him back.  His people have been in contact with German authorities about getting Mally into a zoo or another, more suitable environment.



Jon Bon Jovi Says Richie Sambora Is Still in the Band . . . But He Still Won't Explain His Mysterious Absence


JON BONJOVI was on "TheEllen DeGeneres Show" yesterday. . . and Ellen tried to get him to explain RICHIE SAMBORA'S mysterious absence from the band.  But Jon would only reiterate the same vague comments he's made before.


He said,quote, "OK, well . . . all I can say is that, honest to God, it's a personal matter, but we love him very much and he's absolutely still a member of the band." 



David Spade's Message to Reese Witherspoon


The paparazzi caught up with DAVID SPADE the other night, and asked him about REESE WITHERSPOON.  Specifically, they asked him about her playing the "Do you know who I am?" card.


And he said, quote, "The general rule is . . . If you have to explain to someone you're famous, then you're technically not that famous."


He added,quote, "[When people] won't let me in somewhere I go, 'Great,thanks.'  I don't try to explain to them I'm a big deal, because clearly I'm not big enough of a deal." 



Next Monday Through Friday, Ben Affleck Will Live on $1.50 a Day


Next Monday through Friday, BEN AFFLECK will live on just $1.50 in food and drink.  It's all part of the "Live Below the Line" challenge, which is an effort to raise awareness of global poverty.


Other celebrities are doing it too, including SOPHIA BUSHDEBI MAZAR and JOSH GROBAN.  Josh did it last year, and was so inspired he wrote a song called "Below the Line".  


(It'sestimated that 1.4 billion people around the world live on just $1.50 aday.  For more information on google the Live Below the Line challenge.)



The Rock Had Surgery . . . Then Posted aWeird-Looking Photo of Himself Flexing in His Hospital Bed


DWAYNE "THE ROCK" JOHNSON had surgery yesterday to repair the damage he suffered during his Wrestlemania match with JOHN CENA earlier this month. 


 After the operation he Tweeted, quote, "Surgery a success!  Dr repaired 3 hernial tears (fun pain).  Superman is on the mend.  #WeFallWeRise."


He also posted an odd-looking photo of himself in his hospital bed, flexing in a Superman T-shirt and shower cap.

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04/24/2013 10:07AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/24/2013
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