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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/3/2013

John Mayer Admits He and Katy Perry HaveBroken Up . . . But Won't Talk About It


Yesterday on "TheEllen DeGeneres Show"JOHN MAYER admitted that he's no longer dating KATY PERRY . . . but that's about all he'd say about it.


--He told Ellen, quote,"Listen, it was a very private relationship going in.  It was aprivate relationship during, and it's a private relationship, still."


--He added, quote,"I can understand asking the question based on some previous answers Ihave given, but I have finally learned how to put the wall between one thingand the other.


--"I've been muchhappier since then.  I'm on the same journey as everyone else. Coupling isa tricky thing.  It's a tricky thing.  I want everyone to behappy."



Ellen DeGeneres Announces the"Finding Nemo" Sequel, "Finding Dory"


ELLENDEGENERES announcedyesterday that the "Finding Nemo" sequel is officially in the works . .. and it's called "Finding Dory". Sadly, it won't be in theaters until 2015.


--Shesaid, quote, "I read the script and it's fantastic, it's hilarious, it'swarm, it's everything that you want it to be . . . It's got a lot of heart,it's really funny, and the best part is, it's got a lot more Dory."


Lamar Odom's Cancer Charity HasNever Given a Dime to Cancer Causes


LAMARODOM just gotSLAMMED by ESPN's "Outside the Lines" over his cancer charity, Cathy's Kids,which he started back in 2004.


--Sowhat's the problem?  Cathy's Kids has never given A SINGLE DIME to cancercauses.  


--Fromits inception up until last year, the charity raised $2.2 million.  Morethan half of that money . . . $1.3 million . . . has gone to fund two eliteyouth basketball travel teams.


--Cathy'sKids has one paid employee, Lamar's old high school coach JerryDeGregorio.  From 2004 to 2011, he was pulling an annual salary of$72,000.


--It'snot clear where the rest of the money went, but Cathy's Kids has operated at aloss since its creation.  According to its 2011 tax returns, Cathy's Kidsis $256,000 in debt.


--"Outside the Lines" approached Odom and asked himabout the charity's practices . . . and he replied, quote, "IT'S MYMONEY." 


--Unfortunatelyfor Lamar, that's not necessarily true.  If his charity is spending onthings that are not consistent with its stated mission, that could violate taxlaw.


--Couldany of this controversy blow back on Lamar's wife KHLOEKARDASHIAN?  Probably.  She's done plenty to helpLamar raise money for Cathy's Kids.


--However. . . Khloe's rep says Lamar contributed almost ALL the money that was raisedby Cathy's Kids, that no charitable funds were misused, and that, quote,"the IRS has repeatedly given Cathy’s Kids a clean bill of health."



"Buckwild" Star ShainGandee Died of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Authorities in West Virginia have confirmed that 21-year-old "Buckwild" star SHAIN GANDEE died of carbon monoxide poisoning after hisvehicle got stuck in some deep mud while he was off-roading.


--Shain, his uncle and a friend were "mudding" inShain's 1984 Bronco, when the vehicle sank into the mud . . . the tailpipebecame blocked . . . and the exhaust leaked into the Bronco.  


--According to reports, Shain made just $1,000 per episode, whichmeans he got around $12,000 for the season.  Since "Buckwild" hadn'tmade Shain rich . . . yet . . . the family needs help to cover his funeralexpenses.


--TMZ says that the family plans to raise the money by organizinga "mud run," which is basically what killed him in the firstplace.  


--A source tells E! News that MTV will cover the cost of the funeral,but that hasn't been confirmed.


--MTV had awarded the cast a 300% pay raise for Season Two, whichmeant Shain was in line to make at least $4,000 per episode . . . plus a $5,000bonus.


Adam Levine Has No Plans to Ever Marry

Sorryladies. If you’re dreaming of becoming Mrs. ADAM LEVINE one day, it’s NEVER going tohappen. Adam has no plans to marry. 


--He tells NYLON Guys magazine:''I'm doing pretty well. If you don't get married, you can't get divorced. Whycouldn't we learn from the devastatingly low percentage of successful marriagesthat our last generation went through?''



Conan O'Brien Crashed a Weddingin Atlanta


CONANO'BRIEN crashed awedding in Atlanta this past Saturday.  It all started when one of thebridesmaids found out that Conan was staying at the same hotel where thewedding was being held.


--She Tweeted Conan an invite just for the heck of it, and he actually showed. A source says he joked around a little, did his "string dance",chatted with the bride and groom and showed them pictures of his wife and kids.


--He alsoordered a whiskey cocktail, but "politely refused" a lemon dropshot.  He stayed for about an hour, and a source says he was, quote,"cool and approachable and the nicest guy in the world." 

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/3/2013
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