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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/5/2012

Ryan Seacrest Isn't Taking Matt Lauer's Job Yet . . . But He Is Covering the Summer Olympics for NBC


RYAN SEACREST was on the "Today" show yesterday to make a "big announcement."  But it wasn't all that "big" . . . unless you're an Olympics fanatic:  Basically, he's joining NBC to help cover the Olympics this summer in London.



--Things got a little more interesting when MATT LAUER asked him about the rumors that he'd been talking to NBC . . . about joining the "Today" show as his replacement.


--Ryan didn't answer that directly, he just joked, quote, "Oh, they didn't tell you? . . . [The conversations] were mostly about filling in to do weather."  


--He also said he "didn't know" if he could see himself doing a job like Matt's . . . but Matt said that he thought Ryan would be great at it.


--Obviously, NBC would prefer to keep Matt, but his contract is up in December, and there's been some talk that he wants to move on.


--Then last month, "Newsday" reported that he was "closing in" on a contract extension with NBC worth $25 MILLION a year over the next two or three years.


--Ryan's "American Idol" contract is up after this season, but it sounds like he's coming back.  He said, quote, "I plan to stay there.  I think I'll have an official announcement very, very soon . . . we're not quite there, but we're almost there."


Whitney Houston Was Found Face Down in the Tub . . . And It Sounds Like There Was Cocaine Residue


WHITNEY HOUSTON'S full autopsy report was released yesterday.  Here's what we've learned from it . . .


--First of all, Whitney was found FACE DOWN in the tub by her personal assistant, who had just returned from running some errands.  It was the assistant who suggested Whitney take a bath, because she was complaining of a sore throat.


--It sounds like there was indeed evidence of cocaine in the room.  The report says there was, quote, "a small spoon with a white crystal like substance in it and a rolled up piece of white paper" on the bathroom counter.


--And in a bathroom drawer, investigators also found, quote, "remnants of a white powdery substance and a portable mirror on a base . . . and more remnants of a white powdery substance" on the bottom of that base.


--Officials also found, quote, "a plethora of prescription medication bottles, prescribed to [Whitney], multiple blister packs and a loose tablet."


--When she was found, Whitney had a bloody nose . . . and the autopsy revealed, quote, "perforation of posterior nasal septum." 


--The report states, quote, "[Whitney] possibly overdosed on a narcotic substance, prescription medications, over the counter medications and alcohol."


--As we heard last month, Whitney's official cause of death was DROWNING . . . but heart disease and cocaine use were listed as contributing factors.


Kim Kardashian is "Not Even Close" to Dating Yet


KIM KARDASHIAN is still feeling the burn of that 72-day marriage.  She says, quote, "I'm not even close [to dating again yet].  I just don't believe in one soul mate now."


--She adds, quote, "I think you have different soul mates throughout your life, that your soul needs different things at different times.  I do believe in love.  I will always believe in love, but my idea has changed from what I've always thought."



Ryan Gosling Saved a Woman From Getting Hit by a Taxi


Bad news, guys:  RYAN GOSLING isn't just hotter, more sensitive and more attractive to your woman . . . he's also more HEROIC than you.


--Tuesday night, he saved a British journalist named Laurie Penny from getting hit by a taxi in New York City.


--Penny Tweeted that she was trying to cross 6th Avenue.  But she was looking THE WRONG WAY, since Brits drive on the other side of the road . . . and she didn't see the cab coming.


--Luckily for her, Ryan was nearby.  He shouted, quote, "Hey, watch out!" . . . and grabbed her as she was about to get splattered. 


--A woman who was in the vicinity confirmed the identity of Penny's savior when she said, quote, "You lucky [B-word]." 



Nicolas Cage Has Paid Off Half of His $13 Million Tax Bill


NICOLAS CAGE is well on his way to squaring up with the IRS.  He has paid them $6.25 million in back taxes, which means he "only" owes them another $6.75 million.  (--Yes, he was on the hook for 13-mil.  He blamed it on a shady business manager.)



Madonna Topped Lionel Richie for the #1 Album this Week...Is It 1987???


MADONNA just scored her eighth #1 album.  "MDNA" sold 359,000 copies, beating LIONEL RICHIE'S all-star country collaboration album "Tuskegee", which sold 199,000 copies in 2nd place.  (--Although some think she cheated a little.)



--The other new discs in this week's Top 10 belong to SHINEDOWN, who sold 106,000 copies of"Amaryllis" in 4th place . . . and THE USED, who hit 8th place with 32,000 copies of "Vulnerable".  Here's the full Top 10 . . .



1.)  (NEW)  "MDNA"Madonna  (359,000 copies)


2.)  (NEW)  Lionel Richie's collaboration album "Tuskegee"  (199,000 copies) 


3.)  "21"Adele  (121,000 copies)


4.)  (NEW)  "Amaryllis"Shinedown  (106,000 copies)


5.)  "The Hunger Games" soundtrack  (64,000 copies)

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 4/5/2012
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