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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 5/29/2013

Former Wide Receiver Keyshawn Johnson Chased Down Justin Bieber for Driving Recklessly
Former NFL wide receiver KEYSHAWN JOHNSON reportedly chased down JUSTIN BIEBER on Monday night, for driving recklessly through their neighborhood in Calabasas, California.
According to TMZ, Keyshawn was walking through the neighborhood with his kids, when Bieber went flying past them in his Ferrari.  So Keyshawn brought the kids home, jumped in his Prius and went after him.
When he got to Justin's house, he parked right behind him, blocking him in.  But there was no confrontation because Justin hightailed it into his house and refused to come out.
At least one other person called police to report Justin's reckless driving that night, and the cops ended up questioning him.  But we don't know what, if anything, will come of that.  
Sources told TMZ that Justin appeared to be STONED.
Keyshawn's lawyer says Justin is "playing with dynamite" because Keyshawn is, quote, "very, very, very livid."
He adds, quote, "Keyshawn is taking the situation very seriously.  He wants Justin to slow down and be a responsible neighbor."
And another former NFL star has had enough of Justin too.  ERIC DICKERSON Tweeted, quote, "I live in Calabasas too and Justin Bieber needs to slow his ass down."
Justin is currently being investigated over an incident where he allegedly spit on a neighbor and threatened to kill him, after the guy complained about Justin's driving.
And he isn't making many friends in his neighborhood.  There have been a lot of complaints about his driving, and the parties that go on at his house.  And then there's this . . .
On Sunday, Justin and a friend were reportedly driving Segways side-by-side through the neighborhood . . . while they were both SMOKING JOINTS.  And they were in full view of children.
Is Katy Perry Going After Robert Pattinson, Or Is She Back With John Mayer?
KATY PERRY was spotted with both ROBERT PATTINSON and her ex-boyfriend JOHN MAYER over the Memorial Day weekend.
On Monday, Mayer showed up at a party at Katy's house.  And a witness says, quote, "They seem to be back together . . . or back together-ish.
"They were very flirty and having a really good time together.  They have good chemistry."
Another witness adds, quote, "They were definitely friendly."
But on Sunday, she was with ROBERT PATTINSON at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, California.  "People" magazine says they were sitting at the back of a courtyard, watching two strangers rehearse for their wedding.  
A source says, quote, "There was no PDA between them and no body language that showed they were dating.  They just sat together and watched."
And Now Amanda Bynes is Insulting Courtney Love
After going at it with RIHANNA on Twitter the other day, AMANDA BYNES set her sights on a more dangerous target:  COURTNEY LOVE.
It all started when Courtney Tweeted this to Amanda . . . quote, "Pull it together dude."
That prompted the following response from Amanda . . . quote, "Courtney Love is the ugliest woman I've ever seen.  To be mentioned by her at all makes me and all my friends laugh."
Then Courtney extended an olive branch, saying, quote, "Amanda, I wasn't attacking you love.  I've been in your shoes before, wasn't easy.  DM me, let's talk. Ignore the haters." 
"DM" stands for "direct message".  There's no word if Amanda did.  But the exchange no longer appears on either of their Twitter feeds. 
Meanwhile, the NYPD says there's no evidence that one of the arresting officers sexually assaulted Amanda . . . or, in her own words, quote, "slapped my vagina."
But Amanda Tweeted that she still plans to sue the guy.  And she added, quote, "His punishment will be being the cop who sexually harassed someone who would never find him handsome enough to be my boyfriend.
"That's worse than any time in jail."  
Keith Urban Doesn't Know if He'll Return to American Idol
We'd heard Keith Urban wants to return to American Idol but that doesn't mean it will happen.
He tells Extra, "I have no official information of anything. I'm pretty much in the same boat as everybody else here with the rumors that have been floating around. I don't know anything more about what's happening next season. 
He doesn't seem bothered by it though adding "It was like this before I signed on... so it's not unusual for the 'Idol' folks to be in this place of figuring out what they want to do, then they always pull it together."'
Sheryl Crow's First Country Album Will Be Out in September 
SHERYL CROW'S first full country album is called "Feels Like Home" and it drops September 10th.  The title reflects her frame of mind after she moved to Nashville back in 2008.
She says, quote, "It wasn't until I moved here that I realized what an amazing community it is.
"It's the thing I've been missing my whole career, the feeling of being able to sit around with a guitar and have people know each other’s songs and know songs from people who've influenced all of us.
"When I moved here pretty early on VINCE GILL started calling me to do guitar pulls, and I thought, gosh, this is just like heaven on earth down here."
Sheryl is also streaming five songs from the album on DayTrotter.com.  They include a new version of her hit "Strong Enough", which you may remember from her 1993 debut album "Tuesday Night Music Club".

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 5/29/2013
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