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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 5/30/2013

Adam Levine Doesn't Hate America
ADAM LEVINE is catching some heat for a remark he made on Tuesday's episode of "The Voice".  It happened as it was being revealed that two of his contestants were going home because they didn't get enough votes.
One of the artists who was eliminated was JUDITH HILL, so that was a bit of a shocker.  She's the chick who was rehearsing as MICHAEL JACKSON'S duet partner at the time of his death, and she was considered a favorite to win this season.
After it started to become clear that America hadn't voted to keep her in the competition, Adam muttered under his breath, quote, "I hate this country."  
He wasn't on camera at the time . . . and may not have realized that his microphone was on.  Regardless, people FREAKED OUT over it on social media sites, and went off on Adam for dissing America.
Some people were even calling for Adam to be FIRED.
Adam responded by Tweeting dictionary definitions of the words:  "Joke," "humorless," "lighthearted," and "misunderstand." 
Then people started ripping him for that.
So Adam released an actual statement, explaining the comment.  He said, quote, "I obviously love my country very much and my comments last night were made purely out of frustration.
"I'm passionately invested in my team and want to see my artists succeed.  [The] elimination of Judith and Sarah was confusing and downright emotional for me and my comments were made based on my personal dissatisfaction with the results.
Notice there's no apology in there.
Did Justin Bieber Father a Child With a 25-Year-Old Woman When He Was 15?
JUSTIN BIEBER may have a love child after all.  An unidentified "European" woman says she got busy with Justin in Miami back in 2010 . . . when she was 25 and he was 15.  
In October of that year, the woman gave birth to a baby girl, whom she's 100% sure is Justin's.  But she never told Justin because she didn't want to be in the spotlight. 
Supposedly, she's not going to ask for money, and she'll let Justin decide if he wants to be a part of his daughter's life.
Justin's people are denying the woman's claims.
Police Still Want to Talk to Justin About His Driving
The L.A. County Sheriff's Department still wants to talk to JUSTIN BIEBER about his supposed reckless driving over Memorial Day weekend.
When the cops showed up at Justin's house on Monday, following his near-confrontation with former NFL star KEYSHAWN JOHNSON, Bieber refused to speak to them.
Keyshawn and at least one other neighbor called to complain after Bieber's white Ferrari was seen speeding through their gated community in Calabasas, California.
There have been reports that it was actually Justin's friend  behind the wheel . . . but at least two witnesses say Justin was driving.
That's backed up by the police report, too.  It says that Keyshawn drove his Prius to Justin's house after the Ferrari sped by his house, where his 3-year-old daughter was playing in the driveway.
Will Britney Spears Help Amanda Bynes? 
It's BRITNEY SPEARS to the rescue! She allegedly wants to help AMANDA BYNES get back on track.
A source tells Perez Hilton, "Britney had a brief conversation with Amanda the week before her arrest and promised to personally help Amanda get her career back on track by helping her record music. Britney also opened up to Amanda about her painful breakdown and about how she was so against her dad taking out a conservatorship - but she told Amanda that it wound up being a life, career and fortune saver."
"Two and a Half Men" Is Replacing Angus T. Jones with a Girl
Earlier this month, we heard that ANGUS T. JONES would not return to "Two and a Half Men" as a regular character next season.  Now, there are reports that the show is adding a new FEMALE character to replace him.
Deadline.com says it's a girl "in her late teens or early 20s," who shows up at Walden and Alan's door, looking for her father.  She claims she's the daughter of CHARLIE SHEEN'S old character . . . and ends up moving in with them.
The part hasn't been cast.  By the way, it's still unclear if Angus is coming back.  Last we heard, he was invited to return in a limited role . . . but no one has said for sure if that's happening or not.
Kellie Pickler's Dad Violated His Probation and Is On the Run
KELLIE PICKLER'S ex-con father, Clyde "Bo" Pickler Jr., is a wanted man.  Again. 
The Florida Department of Corrections has officially listed him as an "absconder" after he left the state without telling his parole officer.  According to reports, he's in North Carolina . . . but we don't know where, or why.
Clyde kind of had it together, at least for him, during an interview that aired before Kellie's Flamenco performance on "Dancing With The Stars". 
Even though Kellie and her dad are not close, this is certainly bothering her.  A so-called insider said, quote, "Knowing that her dad could get arrested at any moment and taken back to prison again will break her heart."
Clyde has had a lifetime battle with addiction.  Kellie hasn't lived with him since 1995 when he was convicted of armed robbery.  That's when she was shuffled off for two years to her mom, who's had her own addiction issues and finally ended up with her grandparents.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 5/30/2013
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