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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 5/31/2012

Kathie Lee Gifford Talks to Martin Short About His Wife . . . Not Knowing She Died Two Years Ago


KATHIE LEE GIFFORD made a pretty huge mistake on the "Today" show yesterday.  She and HODA KOTB were interviewing MARTIN SHORT. . . and Kathie Lee started asking him about his wife.


--She said, quote, "You and Nancy have one of the greatest marriages of anybody in show business.  How many years now for you guys?"


--The thing is, Martin's wife DIED TWO YEARS AGO.  But he didn't correct her.  He just kind of rolled with it.  He said, quote, "We, uh . . . married . . . 36 years."


--Kathie Lee replied, quote, "But you're still, like, in love," and Martin replied, quote, "Madly in love."


--Kathie Lee said, quote, "Why?" . . . and Martin answered, quote, "Cute.  I'm cute."


--Kathie Lee later apologized for her error on-air, saying Martin corrected her after the interview.  But he wasn't upset at all.  In fact, he told her that he had one of the greatest marriages . . . and he STILL DOES.



Jessica Simpson Got a $4 Million Weight Watchers Deal


Not that she needs the money, but JESSICA SIMPSON just scored a $4 million deal to drop her baby fat using Weight Watchers.


--She says, quote, "[I'm] so excited to be part of the Weight Watchers family.


--"The cool thing about the program is that it focuses on healthy habits for the long-term (and I can still indulge in my guilty pleasures every now and then, too).  I have actually gotten a group of friends together who are going to be doing it with me."


--Jessica reportedly put on 65 to 75 pounds during her pregnancy.


--Meanwhile, Jessica debuts her daughter Maxwell in this week's issue of "People" magazine.  She scored $800,000 for the pics.


--She says, quote, "Life has completely changed.  From how I sleep to what I think about, Maxwell has definitely taken over everything!  We stare at her all the time.  We can't get enough!"



Christina Applegate Will Be in "Anchorman: The Legend Continues"


The biggest unanswered question about "Anchorman:  The Legend Continues" has been answered:  CHRISTINA APPLEGATE is on board.


--That's according to DAVID KOECHNER, who plays sportscaster Champ Kind.  He adds, quote, "It's set around the advent of the 24-hour news channel.  They're writing a script right now so no specific details."



Did the New "G.I. Joe" Movie Get Delayed Because the Producers Were Afraid to Kill Off Channing Tatum?


"G.I. Joe:  Retaliation" was recently delayed from June 29th to March 29th of next year.  That's NINE MONTHS.  The official reason given was that they wanted to convert the movie to 3D.


--But sources now say it's really because test audiences were unhappy to see CHANNING TATUM'S character Duke get killed off in the first few minutes.  So they're doing re-shoots to keep him around.


--Interestingly enough, this has happened before.  In the 1987 animated flick "G.I. Joe:  The Movie", they killed off Duke.  But then they changed their minds, and added some dialogue to keep him alive.



Tyler Perry Says Bobbi Kristina Did *Not* Quit His Show "For Better or Worse"


RadarOnline.com is reporting that WHITNEY HOUSTON'S daughter BOBBI KRISTINA walked off the set of TYLER PERRY'S TBS show "For Better or Worse".


--An "insider" says, quote, “She thought she was ready for this, but she wasn't.  She was crying and said she needed a minute to get herself together.  But then she decided she couldn’t handle doing the show right now.  She’s still mourning her mom."


--The story made it seem like Bobbi was quitting the show altogether, and that the producers . . . including Perry . . . are scrambling to figure out what to do because she already filmed a few episodes.


--But Tyler Perry denied all of this in a blog post yesterday titled "Leave This Baby Alone and Stop the Lies Please!!!"  He said that this can't be true because they've already finished taping the whole season.



Did Christina Aguilera Say Britney Would Be a "Disaster" on "X Factor"?


The journalists at "Star" magazine claim CHRISTINA AGUILERA threw a tantrum when she heard that BRITNEY SPEARS got the"X Factor" gig.


--During this alleged "freak out," "Star" says Christina was "throwing things and cursing."  She also ranted about how Britney was, quote, "going to be a disaster," because she'd "act like a zombie."  (???)


 --For what it's worth, an unnamed friend of Christina tells GossipCop.com that the story is, quote, "totally not true . . . she is very happy for Britney."


--Meanwhile, "Us" magazine is also on the bandwagon.  They have a source saying Britney is so "extremely nervous and anxious" that she's headed for "meltdown territory." 



Elton John Is Recovering and Plans to Perform on Monday


ELTON JOHN'S partner DAVID FURNISH says Elton is "doing incredibly well and recovering" from the "serious respiratory infection" that landed him in the hospital last week.  (--He was forced to cancel four shows in Las Vegas last weekend.)



--In fact, he says Elton plans to perform on Monday at QUEEN ELIZABETH THE SECOND'S Diamond Jubilee concert.  PAUL MCCARTNEY and KYLIE MINOGUE will also take the stage.  Elton launches a European tour next Friday.


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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 5/31/2012
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