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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/11/2012

Lindsay Lohan Ran a Porsche Into the Back of a Dump Truck and Totaled It


LINDSAY LOHAN had an accident on her way to the set of that ELIZABETH TAYLOR movie on Friday morning.  She's fine, but the Porsche she was driving is TOTALED.


--Lindsay was driving, with a male assistant riding shotgun, when she rear-ended a dump truck.  She and the assistant suffered minor injuries and were treated at a nearby hospital.  The truck driver wasn't injured.


--The accident occurred at about 11:30 A.M.  Lindsay was back on the set later that day.  


--Let me answer your first question right off the bat:  Lindsay was NOT under the influence.


 --As for whose fault it was . . . well, some reports claim that Lindsay is blaming the truck driver for cutting her off.  And a source told TMZ that she also said the Porsche's brakes didn't work when she tried to slam on them.  (--The car was rented.)


 --But the truck driver said he did NOT pull in front of Lindsay.  He was just driving along when he felt her crash into him from behind.


--TMZ interviewed the guy, and he said Lindsay tried to GET AWAY after the accident.


--He said she was being followed by an Escalade, and after the collision, she and her assistant exited the Porsche and got into it.


--Before he got out, though, the assistant supposedly filled up a pink bag with something, then covered it with clothes and brought it with him.


--The driver of the Escalade and the assistant got out and approached the truck driver.  They actually took him across the street and offered him CASH to drop the whole thing.  But he told them he'd already called 911.


--Then they told him not to mention the pink bag to the cops.



Lady Gaga Suffered a Concussion on Stage After a Pole Fell on Her Head


LADY GAGA says she suffered a CONCUSSION while performing in New Zealand yesterday . . . after one of her dancers accidentally hit her in the head with a big pole.


--She continued performing even after being hit. 


--Later, she told the crowd, quote, "I want to apologize.  I did hit my head and I think I may have a concussion.  But don't you worry, I will finish this show."  She performed 16 more songs after that.


--After the show, Lady Gaga's makeup artist Tweeted, quote, "She has a concussion but she's going to be okay.  She wants you to know she loves you.  I'm taking care of her.  [I] can't believe she finished the show."



Kim Kardashian Gave Kanye West a $750,000 Lamborghini for His Birthday


What did your girlfriend get you for your birthday?  A 12-pack of Sam Adams?  The "Die Hard" collection on DVD?  Some homemade coupons for "free backrubs" that she'll be too tired to give every freakin' time you try to redeem one?


--Well, here's what KANYE WEST got from HIS girlfriend KIM KARDASHIAN:  A $750,000 Lamborghini.  (!!!)  For those of you who know what this means, it's an Aventador LP 700-4.  Kanye turned 35 on Friday.



Matthew McConaughey and His Girlfriend Got Married


MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY and his girlfriend CAMILA ALVES got married Saturday in a private ceremony on Matthew's estate in Austin, Texas.  Even some of the guests didn't know about the wedding until the last minute.


--About 100 close family and friends were there.  The only famous people who've been mentioned are fellow stoner WOODY HARRELSON and RICHARD LINKLATER, who directed Matthew in his breakout film, "Dazed and Confused".


--Tents were set up for any guests who wanted to stay the night.  Many arrived early and made a weekend of it.


--But they weren't exactly roughing it.  The tents were air-conditioned.


--Matthew and Camila have been together six years and have two kids together:  A son named Levi who'll be 4 next month and a daughter named Vida who's 2.  They got engaged on Christmas Day.  (--Matthew is 42 . . . Camila is 30.)


--Camila is changing her name to Camila McConaughey.



Tommy Chong Has Prostate Cancer. Guess How He Plans to Treat It?


Comedy and marijuana legend TOMMY CHONG has revealed that he has PROSTATE CANCER.  Guess how he's going to treat it?  With help from Nurse Mary Jane, of course.


--Tommy is 74 years old.  He says the cancer is a, quote, "slow stage one" at this point.  And it sounds like he's blaming it on his incarceration eight years ago for selling bongs over the Internet.


--He says, quote, "The prison is built on toxic waste.  I also got gout from the food there."


 --As for his recovery he says, quote, "I'm treating it with hemp oil, with cannabis.  So [legalizing marijuana] means a lot more to me than just being able to smoke a joint without being arrested."


--Chong says he's using hemp oil because he quit smoking pot about a year ago.  But he only takes it at night so he won't be, quote, "woozy all day."


 --He also claims he started having prostate problems during a three-year DRUG-FREE period in his life, so he knows pot didn't cause the cancer.



Some Nude Pictures of Snooki Have Hit the Internet


This one comes to us from the "It Was Only A Matter Of Time" department:  Naked pictures of SNOOKI from "Jersey Shore" hit the web over the weekend.


--Fortunately . . . or unfortunately, depending on how high your standards are . . . they're CENSORED, and there are no uncensored versions out there.  At least not yet.


--In the photos, Snooki is snapping herself in a mirror.  She's wearing a white robe in one shot.  She's opening it to reveal her naughties in another shot.  And in another, the robe is OFF.


--And these ARE legit, because Snooki's rep says, quote, "Clearly these are old and personal photos that were not meant for the public.  It's a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain."


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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/11/2012
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