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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/26/2012

As the Third Anniversary of Michael Jackson's Death Passes, Conrad Murray Still Isn't Sorry


Yesterday was the third anniversary of MICHAEL JACKSON'S death.  So does the man who was held legally responsible for it have anything to say?  Yes, he does . . . but one thing he WON'T say is that he's sorry.


--Murray spoke to E! News through his attorneys, and he said he DOES feel bad about one thing:  He claims that he was trying to wean Michael OFF propofol.


--And in doing so, he basically deprived Michael of sleep the night before his death.  This, according to the version of the story that Murray's lawyers told during his trial, led Michael to give HIMSELF that fatal dose of the anesthetic.


--He also considers it an INJUSTICE that he's behind bars, and says he does NOT owe the Jackson family an apology.


--In fact, he thinks Michael's family owes Michael an apology for burying him at Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, California.


--Murray says Michael wanted to be cremated and have his ashes spread in the Pacific Ocean.  Supposedly, he didn't like California, and wouldn't have wanted to be bound there for eternity.


--As for how he's passing his time, Murray spends about 10 hours a day reading.  He also plays a "word-of-the-day" game with his fellow inmates.


--When he gets out of prison, he plans to go back to practicing medicine, and wants to serve humanity in some way. 



Did Two of the Guys in One Direction Kiss Onstage at a Recent Show?


Two members of ONE DIRECTION allegedly shared a nice kiss onstage during a concert in Houston on Sunday night. 


--Here's what happened:


--HARRY STYLES, "The Hot One", walks over to NIALL HORAN, "The Blond One", after the group's performance of "What Makes You Beautiful".  He grabs his shoulder, leans in, and "kisses" him.


--Or, he's just leaning in to tell him something . . . if that seems more likely.  


--Neither of these guys has responded to this nonsense, but after the show, Niall Tweeted, quote, "Bedtime!  Great show in Houston!  Tired now!  Sleepies!"  



Did Steve Carell Help Out Behind the Counter at a Pizza Joint?


This sounds a little far-fetched, but I would LOVE for it to be true:


--The "National Enquirer" says STEVE CARELL went to a Hollywood pizza joint to pick up an order, and saw that the boss was all by himself and totally stressed because an employee never showed up.


--So Carell, quote, "jumped behind the counter, donned an apron and began answering the phone, taking orders from hungry patrons."  He worked for about 45 minutes, until the guy got caught up.  As a reward, he got his pizza for free.



Is Regis Philbin "In Talks" to Be Kathie Lee Gifford's New Co-Host on the "Today" Show?


If HODA KOTB replaces ANN CURRY as MATT LAUER'S co-host on the "Today" show, that might mean KATHIE LEE GIFFORD would be looking for a new partner for the fourth hour.


--And it was only a matter of time before someone came up with this:


--RadarOnline.com claims REGIS PHILBIN is "in talks" to take Hoda's spot . . . which would re-team him with Kathie Lee.  Of course, they did "Live!  With Regis and Kathie Lee" together for 12 years.


--Just last week, Regis filled in for Hoda.  It was Regis and Kathie Lee's first time co-hosting a show together since Kathie Lee left"Live!" in 2000.


--An anonymous "insider" says NBC executives "absolutely love Regis" and, quote, "want to formally sign him to become a special contributor . . . [and] Regis would be the natural choice to replace Hoda."


--Well, of course they love Regis . . . and of course they'd like to reunite him with Kathie Lee.  The question is:  Would Regis be interested in this, less than a year after retiring from his own show with KELLY RIPA?


--There's no word on Regis' thoughts . . . officially or unofficially.


--Keep in mind this assumes that Ann IS being dumped . . . that Hoda IS replacing her, and IS leaving Kathie Lee . . . AND that Regis wants to spend his "retirement" riffing off Kathie Lee's tipsy banter.  That's a lot of speculation.



Comedy Central Will Roast Roseanne Barr


ROSEANNE BARR will be the next target of the Comedy Central Roast series.  The special tapes on August 4th . . . and will premiere on August 12th.  (--There's no word on a host yet.)


--Roseanne released a statement saying, quote, "All I can say is good luck finding anything about me to make fun of . . . I mean, I've never made a mistake or offended anyone in my life!"

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06/26/2012 10:26AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/26/2012
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