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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/28/2012

Has "Bachelorette" Emily Maynard Found Love . . . with Host Chris Harrison?


EMILY MAYNARD is down to FOUR guys on "The Bachelorette".  Shooting has already wrapped, but the finale won't air until next month.


--"Star" magazine claims Emily HAS found love on the show . . . but not with one of the remaining bachelors.  They say she's "madly in love" with host CHRIS HARRISON.  


--In addition to anonymous "insiders," they have quotes from VIENNA GIRARDI, who won "The Bachelor" the season before Emily did.


--Vienna says, quote, "From the beginning, I always said there was no way Emily was really going to end up with one of the guys because she really wanted to be with Chris, and it was obvious he wanted to be with her too.


--"I vacationed with Chris and his family in St. Lucia, and I know him well.  He was never with his wife.  He's such a flirt."  (--Last month, Chris and his wife announced they were splitting up after 18 years of marriage.)


--Vienna doesn't stop there.  She adds, quote, "I GUARANTEE Emily and Chris will end up together in the end.  If she gets engaged to another man, the show will probably spin it as a love triangle."


--"Star" also claims Emily and Chris "backed up the romance rumors" last month, when Emily Tweeted a picture of them together at the "Dancing with the Stars" finale, with the caption:  Quote, "I had so much fun with @ChrisBHarrison tonight."


--Chris re-Tweeted it, and said, quote, "Great night with my friend." 



Jennifer Aniston is Not Engaged


JENNIFER ANISTON was spotted earlier this week with a diamond on her right hand.  And even though an engagement ring is supposed to be worn on the LEFT ring finger, people were speculating that she and JUSTIN THEROUX were engaged.


--They're not.  According to "People" magazine, that diamond is a ring she's had . . . and worn . . . on and off for years.  She does have a gold band on her left hand, and Justin has a matching one.


--But they've had them since they started dating and they're NOT engagement rings. 



Oprah Winfrey Will Appear on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"


"Us" magazine says OPRAH WINFREY has agreed to appear on an episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians".  There's no airdate yet.


--Oprah just interviewed the whole family for "Oprah's Next Chapter".  She claimed she had to do a "Kardashian Kram" because she hadn't seen their shows before the interview.


--But "Us" says Oprah became "so enamored" with the family that she signed a release to allow footage of her to be used on the show.



Paris Hilton Got Knocked Into a Wall During a Scuffle With the Paparazzi


PARIS HILTON got knocked into a wall Tuesday night during a scuffle with the paparazzi in a parking garage.


--Paris was leaving a West Hollywood nightclub with some friends, when a cameraman got a little too close for her taste.   

--Paris' people tried to grab the guy's camera, and he got pushed into Paris and she hit the wall.  She wasn't injured, and police weren't called.



Ryan Reynolds is the New "Highlander"


There can be only one:  And it's RYAN REYNOLDS!  Ryan has scored the lead in a remake of "Highlander".


--The original came out in 1986, and starred CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT as an immortal warrior fighting villains throughout time. SEAN CONNERY was his Obi-Wan Kenobi, and CLANCY BROWN played his arch-enemy.


--Sure, the original was a little cheesy, but in a GOOD way.  And it was popular enough to spawn FOUR sequels, two TV series, an animated series, an animated movie and numerous novels and comic books.



The Cast of "Magic Mike" Says There's No Such Thing as "Male Objectification"


A lot of women don't like being objectified.  But some men . . . if not ALL OF THEM . . . welcome it.  You can add the cast of the male stripper movie "Magic Mike" to that list.


--JOE MANGANIELLO says, quote, "There's no such thing as male objectification, and I think that's what we're exposing with this movie.  It doesn't exist.  We really don't care."


--ALEX PETTYFER adds, quote, "I want to be objectified, but I don't feel it . . . I don't think anyone gets tired of screaming girls."



Rihanna Had to Evacuate a London Hotel After Fire Broke Out


RIHANNA was among 300 guests who had to evacuate a London hotel yesterday, after fire broke out in an elevator shaft.


--Rihanna later Tweeted a picture of herself in a cab with the caption, "Roamin da streets since 6am!  Fyah in da telly."

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06/28/2012 9:53AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 6/28/2012
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