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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 7/14/2014

Tracy Morgan Is Out of the Hospital, and He's Suing Walmart Over the Truck Driver Who Crashed Into Him
TRACY MORGAN is back home.  He was in a physical rehab facility, recovering from a car crash in New Jersey last month.  He suffered a broken leg and several broken ribs.  On Saturday, his rep said he'll do the rest of his rehab from home.
Tracy also just filed a lawsuit against Walmart over the crash, because it was one of their trucks that slammed into the back of his limo around 1:00 A.M. on June 7th.
The lawsuit alleges that Walmart was negligent for overworking the driver, and he shouldn't have been on the road to begin with.
The 35-year-old driver had been working for 13-and-a-half hours when the crash happened, and he's accused of not sleeping for over 24 hours, which is against the law in New Jersey.
He was also doing 65 in a 45 when it happened, according to investigators.
Walmart released a statement on Saturday that said they're cooperating with the investigation, and still "committed to doing the right thing for all involved."  Tracy and three other plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages.
JWoww Gave Birth Yesterday
JWOWW from "Jersey Shore" gave birth to a daughter yesterday.  It's the first child for her and her fiancé, Roger Matthews.
In a statement, they said, quote, "[We] are so excited to welcome the newest guidette, Meilani Alexandra Mathews, to the world weighing seven pounds and 13 ounces . . . Meilani is already looking to trade her baby bottle for barbells."
It's unclear exactly how they're pronouncing "Meilani" . . . but we're assuming its "May-la-nee."  It's also unclear whether they plan on nicknaming her MWoww. Let's hope not.
Susan Sarandon Is "Down with Cannabis", but Avoiding Cigarettes Is Why She Still Looks Good at 67
SUSAN SARANDON says the reason she still looks so good at age 67 is that she never smoked CIGARETTES.  She's totally cool with smoking POT though.
Quote, "I'm down with cannabis, but tobacco is the worst for the skin.  Apart from that, just practice moderation, because too much of anything takes its toll.  Not too much sun, not too much alcohol, not too much food."
She also says she's not that unusual, and A LOT of women look good into their late 60s now.  That might be a reference to plastic surgery.  In the past, she's admitted to having a little bit of work done, but says she'd never go overboard with it.
"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" Made $73 Million This Weekend
"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" was the only new movie in theaters this weekend, so it easily took the #1 spot with $73 million.  That's far better than "Rise of the Planet of the Apes", which made just under $55 million in 2011.
Here are this week's Top 5 movies:
1.  NEW:  "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", $73 million.
2.  "Transformers: Age of Extinction", $16.5 million.  Up to $209 million in its 3rd week.     
3.  "Tammy", $12.9 million.  Up to $57.4 million in its 2nd week.
4.  "22 Jump Street", $6.7 million.  Up to $172 million in its 5th week. 
5.  "How to Train Your Dragon 2", $5.9 million.  Up to $152 million in its 5th week.
Is Daniel Radcliffe Headed to Rehab . . . for Cigarettes?
We find this hard to believe.  But with celebrities, I guess ANYTHING could be true.  According to a British tabloid, DANIEL RADCLIFFE from "Harry Potter" is heading to rehab . . . so he can quit smoking CIGARETTES.
The not-so-reliable "Daily Star" says he smokes about a pack a day, and recently tried hypnotherapy and e-cigarettes.  But neither of them worked, so he's desperate.
Daniel previously admitted that he's had issues with alcohol in the past, and used to show up to the "Harry Potter" set still DRUNK from the night before.  But he says he got past that.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 7/14/2014
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