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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 7/24/2013

Amanda Bynes is on Involuntary Psychiatric Hold
AMANDA BYNES was placed on involuntary psychiatric hold Monday night, after starting a fire in a woman's driveway in Thousand Oaks, California.
What she's on is called a 5150 hold. They'll hold her for up to 72 hours while they evaluate her mental condition.  
Here's what happened:  Someone driving through a Thousand Oaks neighborhood called 911 after witnessing a woman standing in a driveway next to a small fire.
For some reason, Amanda had walked onto the driveway with a gas can and lit the fire.  Then she put a flaming rag on top of the gas can.  Her pant leg briefly caught on fire, but she wasn't injured.
Several people rushed over to check things out, and Amanda tried to take off in a cab.  But by that time, the cops had showed up.  They asked Amanda some questions, and determined by her answers that they needed to take her in.
This actually happened in Amanda's old neighborhood, where her parents still live.  But the woman who lives in the house had no idea who she was or why she'd want to light a fire in her driveway. 
On Sunday, Amanda was kicked out of a retirement community in Thousand Oaks, where she claimed she was trying to visit a relative.  Police were called, but Amanda wasn't arrested.
As for why Amanda is back in California, a source says she ran out of money and couldn't find a place to live in New York City.
Meanwhile . . . RadarOnline.com says that Amanda's parents are considering obtaining a conservatorship, just like BRITNEY SPEARS' parents did.  
A source says, quote, "Her parents are absolutely sick with worry about their daughter.  They have previously met with lawyers to discuss the possibility of taking legal control of Amanda's life."
For the record, Amanda hasn't been charged with any crimes, so doctors can release her at any time, if they think she's not a danger to herself or others.
William and Kate Debuted the Royal Baby . . . But He Still Doesn't Have a Name
PRINCE WILLIAM and his wife KATE MIDDLETON debuted their new baby yesterday on the steps of St. Mary's Hospital in London.  He still doesn't have a name, by the way.
William told reporters, quote, "We are still working on a name, so we will have that as soon as we can.  But it's the first time we've seen him really."
Asked which parent the child resembles, William said, quote, "He's got her looks, thankfully."  He added that the kid has, quote, "way more" hair than he does.
And he said, quote, "He's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure.  He's a big boy . . . he's quite heavy."
Kate called the experience "very emotional", adding, quote, "It's a moment that any parent having just given birth will know what this feeling feels like."
Jimmy Fallon And His Wife Are Parents
JIMMY FALLON'S wife Nancy Juvonen gave birth to a baby girl early yesterday morning.  There's no word on a name.  Their rep says they're, quote, "overjoyed about the arrival of their beautiful daughter."
This is the first child for Jimmy and Nancy . . . who runs the production company Flower Films with DREW BARRYMORE.  Jimmy is 38, Nancy's 46.
Jimmy kept his wife's pregnancy under wraps, even while making jokes about the Royal Baby.
Penelope Cruz Had Her Baby
PENELOPE CRUZ gave birth to her baby on Monday . . . the same day as KATE MIDDLETON, which probably helped her and JAVIER BARDEM keep it under the radar.
Sources say Penelope had a girl, and the birth took place in Madrid.  There's no word on a name.  Penelope and Javier also have a 2-year-old son named Leonardo. 
Kevin Smith Wants Quentin Tarantino to Star in His Movie About a Man Who Is Forcibly Turned Into a Walrus Through Surgery
KEVIN SMITH has written a screenplay called "Tusk".  It's kind of like "Human Centipede", but with a crazy surgeon turning a guy into a WALRUS.  
Last month on his podcast, Kevin started riffing and came up with the idea for a movie.  
Well, in the month since then, Smith actually WROTE THE SCRIPT.  And at Comic-Con last weekend, he called it, quote, "the most [effed-up], absurd movie ever."  He also said he had a meeting lined up about financing it.
And here's the REAL kicker:  For some reason, he wants QUENTIN TARANTINO to play the victim.  And he even sent him a copy of the script.
Beyonce Sang "Halo" with Her Hair Stuck in a Fan
During her performance in Montreal on Monday night, BEYONCÉ sat down to perform her song "Halo".  While she was singing, her hair got caught in a GIANT FAN that was just behind her.
The hair jammed the fan . . . so it wasn't pulling her in or anything.  But she was basically stuck there.
Beyoncé calmly continued singing, while a team of roadies worked on freeing her hair.  A crew member eventually had to CUT it out with SCISSORS.
After the show, Beyoncé had some fun with it, by writing some new, fan-related lyrics for "Halo", and posting them on Instagram.
The lyrics include:  Quote, "Gravity can't begiiiiiin, to pull me out of the fan again.  I felt my hair was yankiiiiiin', from the fan that's always hatiiiiiin'."  (Instagram)

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 7/24/2013
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