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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 7/29/2013

The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Didn't Give Her Baby a "K" Name
Everyone expected KIM KARDASHIAN to give her baby a "K" name, especially since the kid's father KANYE WEST also has a "K" name.  But it turns out that's exactly why she didn't.
In the latest episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians", she explained, quote, "If we name our kid with a K name, which is kind of what we want, mainly just because Kanye and I are K's, then . . . they'll call us the KKK."  
Selena Gomez Partied With Justin Bieber . . . And Says She'll Always Care About Him
As far as we know, SELENA GOMEZ and JUSTIN BIEBER are OFF at the moment. 
But on "Good Morning America" Friday, Selena said, quote, "He and I have had such a history together.  I'll always care about him and protect him if anyone tries to be mean." 
Then on Saturday, Selena celebrated her 21st birthday at a club with several friends . . . including Justin.  He showed up with JADEN SMITH, and brought Selena a single red rose.  Then Selena and Justin left TOGETHER at about 2:00 A.M.
Amanda Bynes' Parents Say She's Paranoid and Burning Through Money at an Alarming Rate
In their petition to establish a conservatorship over AMANDA BYNES, her parents say she's paranoid and burning through money at an alarming rate.  The paranoid behavior started even before Amanda moved to New York. 
Her parents said, quote, "She would cover smoke alarms with towels, tape windows shut, and cover her car's dashboard with cardboard and tape out of fear that cameras were watching her from inside these places."
They also addressed her obsession with the idea that she and others are UGLY, and said she constantly talks about plastic surgeries she wants to have.
And they say she's gone through $1.2 million of her estimated $4 million savings in a very short time.
They said, quote, "We believe that a substantial amount of this money is being used to pay for marijuana and other illegal substances, and possibly for plastic surgery."
And they said that when they asked Amanda how she got back to L.A. from New York, she told them she, quote, "cabbed it."  They also don't know where she's been staying since she came back, and they believe she's, quote, "essentially homeless."
Meanwhile, Amanda wants OUT of the hospital.  They extended her 72-hour stay to two weeks, but she'll be asking for an early release at a hearing this week.
Again? NBC Wants to Keep Jay Leno Around After Jimmy Fallon Takes Over
Here's something that may sound STRANGELY familiar:  NBC is trying to figure out a way to keep JAY LENO around after he leaves "The Tonight Show" in February, when JIMMY FALLON is taking over.
A higher-up at NBC says, quote, "We've been having conversations, [and] talking about various ideas.  Nothing would make us happier than to have him stay on the network, and [Jay's] got a lot of ideas."
There's no word what any of those ideas may be, but regardless, it sure sounds a little ominous . . . especially since "keeping Jay Leno around" was the main reason for the mess with CONAN O'BRIEN in 2010.
"The Wolverine" Won the Weekend Box Office
"The Wolverine" was the only big new movie in theaters this weekend, giving it the easy win at the box office.  The movie made $55 million in its first three days of release, which is actually on the low end when compared to the other movies in the "X-Men" series.  
Here are this week's Top 5 movies:
1.  (NEW)  "The Wolverine", $55 million.
2.  "The Conjuring", $22.1 million.  Up to $83.9 million in its 2nd week.
3.  "Despicable Me 2", $16 million.  Up to $306 million in its 4th week.
4.  "Turbo", $13.3 million.  Up to $55.8 million in its 2nd week.
5.  "Grown Ups 2", $11.5 million.  Up to $102 million in its 3rd week.

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07/29/2013 9:24AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 7/29/2013
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