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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 8/14/2012

Zach Galifianakis is Married


ZACH GALIFIANAKIS got married Saturday on a farm in Vancouver.  His new wife is Quinn Lundberg, who runs a charity that helps Third World nations.  Zach is 42 . . . Quinn is 29.  They've been dating since at least 2010.


--Comedians SARAH SILVERMAN and PATTON OSWALT were among the guests.  Rumor has it Zach's "Hangover" co-stars ED HELMS and BRADLEY COOPER were there, too.



Here We Go Again: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are Now Supposedly Getting Married This Coming Weekend


BRAD PITT and ANGELINA JOLIE didn't get married this past weekend.  So now the tabloids are saying it's going to happen THIS COMING weekend.


--Supposedly, they've commissioned wedding bands from their jeweler worth about $784,000 each.


--Here's how a British tabloid described them . . . quote, "They are matching rose gold bands with a tablet-cut diamond in them and their vows to each other engraved in them.  You can't see it with the naked eye but they both know they're there."



Jeremy Renner Calls the Kardashians "Ridiculous People With Zero Talent"




--In an interview with a British newspaper, Jeremy was discussing the pitfalls of fame, when the reporter mentioned the Kardashians.  And that set Jeremy off.


 --He said, quote, "Oh, all those ridiculous people with zero talent who spend their lives making sure everyone knows their name.  Those stupid, stupid people."


--This makes Jeremy the FOURTH actor in recent memory to take a shot at the Kardashian family.


--JON HAMM started the ball rolling when he told "Elle" magazine, quote, "Whether it's Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated.


--"Being [an effing] idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you're rewarded significantly."


--Then JONAH HILL joined in when he added, quote, "The fact that the Kardashians could be more popular than a show like 'Mad Men' is disgusting.  It's super disgusting to be a part of that culture."


--And then James Bond himself, DANIEL CRAIG, piled on when he told "GQ" magazine, quote, "Look at the Kardashians, they are worth millions.  Millions!  I don't think they were that badly off to begin with but now look at them.


--"You see that and you think, 'What, you mean all I have to do is behave like [an effing] idiot on television and then you'll pay me millions?'  I'm not judging it.  Well, I am, obviously."



Taylor Swift Bought a House That is Uncomfortably Close to the Kennedy Compound . . . And She Has a New Single Out


TAYLOR SWIFT bought a $4.9 million house located ACROSS THE STREET from the Kennedy Compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.  That’s a little creepy given she’s rumored to be dating CONOR KENNEDY.


--Naturally, the house is huge.  It has 13 rooms, several gardens, an arbor, a brick patio with fireplace, a farmhouse kitchen and seven bedrooms. 


--Speaking of Taylor Swift:  She did that video chat yesterday . . . and announced that her new album is called "Red" . . . and it's going to drop October 22nd.


--And it sounds like she's covering the same old themes.  She said, quote, "[The songs] are all pretty much about . . . the tumultuous . . . semi-toxic relationships I've experienced in the last two years.  In my mind all of those emotions are red.


--"I'm trying not to be too cryptic with it but I'm also trying to not give it all away . . . hiding little codes in lyrics."


--She also premiered the new single from the album.  It's called "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" . . . and it's for sale right now on iTunes and GooglePlay.



Jon Stewart Gave Robert Pattinson Ice Cream on the "Daily Show" Last Night


ROBERT PATTINSON made his first post-scandal appearance on "The Daily Show"  last night, and it was a little awkward, but definitely entertaining.  And Rob actually did really well considering the circumstances.


--JON STEWART started the interview off by breaking out the Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  And he said, quote, "We're just a couple-a gals talking."


--They did reference the KRISTEN STEWART thing for the first few minutes, without actually saying her name.


--Pattinson admitted he didn't really know what to say because, quote, "I'm cheap, I didn't hire a publicist."


--The closest anyone came to making a direct comment about the scandal was when Stewart, in a "sassy chick" kind of voice, said, quote, "Boy, you are better off!  Kick her to the curb!"


--Rob was actually booed OUTSIDE the studio, because he didn't get out of his car to meet with his waiting fans.  


--But he did sign autographs later that night at the Museum of Modern Art.  And he told fans, quote, "Thank you, guys, for being here."


(--Rob is doing press right now for his next movie, "Cosmopolis", which comes out in limited release this Friday.  Tomorrow, he'll be on "Good Morning America", and he's also doing a 30-minute interview with MTV.com on Thursday night.)



Miley Cyrus Will Guest Star as a "Love Interest" for Angus T. Jones' Character on "Two and a Half Men"


MILEY CYRUS will guest star on "Two and a Half Men" this coming season.  She's playing a "love interest" for Jake, ANGUS T. JONES' character.


--According to the "Hollywood Reporter", her character is described as "a sexy new girl in town with a comedic streak."  It's unclear if this is just a one-episode thing . . . or if she'll stick around for multiple episodes.



"The Price Is Right" Is on the Hunt for a Male Model


"The Price Is Right" is holding a contest to find its first MALE MODEL . . . but unfortunately, the winning guy will only appear on the show for ONE WEEK.


--A casting call will be held in Los Angeles on August 30th, where the dudes will be judged on stuff like "verbal skills, posing and ability to properly showcase a product."


--The finalists will appear in a "five-episode web series" on the show's YouTube channel, then fans will vote for the winner, and that guy will appear on the show the week of October 15th. 



Blake Lively is a Liar! She Was Spotted Going to the Gym With Ryan Reynolds


Less than one month ago, BLAKE LIVELY said this . . . "I don't exercise, but I will start one day.  I'm 24 now, so I guess I've been very, very lucky that it doesn't show that I like to eat.  I should probably start working out I guess!"


--Well, I'm here to tell you that Blake Lively is a LIAR!  On Sunday she and her boyfriend RYAN REYNOLDS were spotted going to a gym in Bedford, New York . . . where they have a home together.



The New "Dancing with the Stars" Pairings Have Been Announced


The new "Dancing with the Stars" pairings were announced on "Good Morning America" yesterday.  This is the all-star season, and some celebrities will have the advantage of dancing with the same partners they had during their first run.


--Here are the pairs that will be reunited:


--Drew Lachey is re-teaming with Anna Trebunskaya . . . They won Season Two.


--Emmitt Smith is re-teaming with Cheryl Burke . . . They won Season Three.


--Joey Fatone is re-teaming with Kym Johnson . . . They came in second on Season Two.


--Kirstie Alley is re-teaming with Maksim Chmerkovskiy . . . They came in second on Season 12.


--Melissa Rycroft is re-teaming with Tony Dovolani . . . They came in third on Season Eight.


--Bristol Palin is re-teaming with Mark Ballas . . . They came in third on Season 11.


 --And here are the celebrities with new partners:


--Kelly Monaco will dance with Val Chmerkovskiy . . . Kelly won Season One with Alec Mazo.


--Apolo Ohno will dance with Karina Smirnoff . . . Apolo won Season Four with Julianne Hough.


--Helio Castroneves will dance with Chelsie Hightower . . . Helio won Season Five with Julianne Hough.


 --Shawn Johnson will dance with Derek Hough . . . Shawn won Season Eight with Mark Ballas.


 --Gilles Marini will dance with Peta Murgatroyd . . . Gilles came in second on Season Eight with Cheryl Burke.


 --Pamela Anderson will dance with Tristan McManus . . . Pamela came in sixth on Season 10 with Damian Whitewood.


 --There will be a 13th couple, which is being voted on by fans at the show's website.


--It's between "Queer Eye's" Carson Kressley, and Disney stars Sabrina Bryan and Kyle Massey.  The results will be announced on "Good Morning America" on Monday, August 27th.

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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 8/14/2012
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