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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 8/15/2013

Gia Allemand from "The Bachelor" Is Dead from an Apparent Suicide
GIA ALLEMAND . . . a Top 3 finisher on Season 14 of "The Bachelor" . . . is dead of an apparent suicide.  She was only 29 years old.
TMZ says her boyfriend RYAN ANDERSON of the NBA's New Orleans Pelicans found her hanging and unconscious in her New Orleans home on Monday.
We'd heard earlier this week that she was in critical condition at a New Orleans hospital, but the reason hadn't been disclosed.  She was on life support, but she'd already lost too much brain and organ function.  The plug was pulled yesterday.
Anderson and Gia's mother were with her when she died.  There's talk that trouble in the relationship may have contributed to Gia's suicide, but we have no idea if that's true.
Anderson issued a statement yesterday, calling her, quote, "the most beautiful person I knew inside and out", and saying that she, quote, "had such an amazing impact on my life."
VIENNA GIRARDI . . . who won Season 14 . . . issued this statement . . . quote, "Gia was a beautiful girl and an unbelievable friend.  I'm shocked and can't believe what happened to her . . . I will never forget her and will miss my friend forever."
And "Bachelor" host CHRIS HARRISON Tweeted, quote, "It's with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our good friend Gia Allemand.  She will be loved and missed by all who knew her."
Kris Jenner Says Khloe & Lamar Are Staying Together
Kris Jenner tells TMZ that Khloe and Lamar are not divorcing. "Khloe and Lamar are absolutely not getting divorced. There's been no talk of divorce."
InTouch Weekly claims the Kardashians had private investigators follow Lamar Odom's alleged mistress Jennifer Richardson. 
The magazine quotes her as saying, “They had private investigators following me for weeks. I was very, very intimidated and scared. She’s (Khloe) constantly looking for Lamar and trying to find out where he is, calling him, calling his assistant. Lamar would just hit ‘ignore.’”
Selena Gomez Met a Fan at an Airport, and Gave Her Free Concert Tickets
SELENA GOMEZ made a young female fan's day recently . . . after bumping into her at the airport.
Selena posted a photo them together on Instagram . . . and said, quote, "Met this little [fan] at the airport.  [We] ended up on the same flight, and [I] gave her tickets to my show.  Hehe.  I kinda like my job."
Is Justin Bieber Ruining the Friendship Between Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift?
It's well known that SELENA GOMEZ and TAYLOR SWIFT are BFFs but all good friendships are tested and right now, it appears a boy may be the problem.
US Weekly claims JUSTIN BIEBER is coming between the ladies. 
A source tells the mag, "Taylor hates him. She thinks Selena makes a mistake every time she reconciles with him. Bieber has really come between the girls."
Did David Arquette Get Kicked Off a Movie for Drinking?
DAVID ARQUETTE was reportedly fired from a movie called "Something About Her" . . . because he's DRINKING again.
The official reason given for his departure was "creative differences", but sources say he showed up one day not fit to work and, quote, "The director had no choice but to fire him on the spot.  Everyone on the set was pissed and disappointed."
David was replaced by ANTHONY MICHAEL HALL.
Jimmy Fallon Says He Hopes He Makes Jay Leno Proud
JIMMY FALLON was on the "Today" show yesterday, and he talked about how there's been no drama between him and JAY LENO.  In fact, he said Jay has been, quote, "awesome" to him.
Jimmy added, quote, "It's a little nerve-wracking but exciting to step into his shoes.  He kept the franchise going for a long time, and I hope I make him proud."
Alfonso Ribeiro Refuses to Believe Michael Jackson Was a Child Molester
As a child star in the '80s and a dancer for most of his life, ALFONSO RIBEIRO goes way back with MICHAEL JACKSON.  And four years after Michael's death, he's still defending him.
Alfonso says, quote, "Quite frankly, no matter how many reports or things, or what people say, I will never believe that Michael was any of the things that they want to report about him.
"I won't believe it because being a kid and being 12, 13, and 14, knowing Michael Jackson and hanging out with Michael, it never occurred, it never seemed like it could have occurred.  There was nothing ever questionable, I simply won't believe it."
He adds, quote, "At the end of the day Michael was a kid, and kids like hanging out with other kids, not adults . . . he was a child caught in a man's body."

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08/15/2013 9:21AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 8/15/2013
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