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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 8/18/2014

Christina Aguilera Had a Baby Girl


CHRISTINA AGUILERA is now a mother of two.  She gave birth to a daughter on Saturday.  She announced late last night that they named the new addition Summer Rain Rutler.



This is her first child with her fiancé Matt Rutler.  She also has a six-year-old son named Max from her previous marriage to Jordan Bratman.



A few days ago, Christina posted a photo on Instagram of her holding some headphones up to her giant belly . . . with the caption:  Quote, "Baby girl getting [a] first listen to what mama's been creating in the studio."




Neil Patrick Harris Is Denying That His Relationship Is in Trouble


NEIL PATRICK HARRIS is denying rumors that his relationship with his fiancé David Burtka is on the rocks.



Over the weekend, Neil posted a photo of David with their twins on Instagram . . . with the caption:  Quote, "I couldn't be more in love with my family.  Any reports to the contrary are woefully mistaken.  #Grateful."



The "National Enquirer" reported that Neil and David have ended their engagement after eight years together . . . but apparently, that's not the case. 




Justin Timberlake Called Madonna His "Ninja" . . . And Got Blasted on Twitter


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Tweeted a birthday message to MADONNA, where he called her, quote, "my mother chucking ninja" . . . and got BLASTED for it, because "ninja" is viewed as a replacement for the N-word.  He ended up taking it down.



Here are some of the comments he got . . . "Justin, you know better." . . . "Bruh.  You went too deep." . . . and "I knew Justin Timberlake was getting too close for comfort with black culture but now he is saying ninja."



A lot of posts mentioned the racial tensions in Ferguson, Missouri . . . like this one, quote, "Justin Timberlake chose *this* week to call Madonna 'my ninja'?  I just can't."



On a lighter note, an 8-year-old autistic boy named Julian wanted nothing more than to see Justin in concert.  But he DID get more.  He got Justin leading the entire arena in singing "Happy Birthday" to him.




"The Expendables 3" Didn't Crack the Top 3 at the Box Office


"The Expendables 3" bombed at the box office, bringing in just $16.2 million in 4th place.  That's the worst opening for any of the"Expendables" movies.  The first one made nearly $35 million in 2010 . . . and the sequel made $28.6 million in 2012.



"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" came in #1 for a second week, earning another $28.4 million.  "Let's Be Cops" debuted in 3rd place with $26.1 million . . . and "The Giver" made $12.8 million in 5th place. 



Here are this week's Top 5 movies:



1.  "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", $28.4 million.  Up to $118 million in its 2nd week.


2.  "Guardians of the Galaxy", $24.7 million.  Up to $222 million in its 3rd week.


3.  NEW:  "Let's Be Cops", $17.7 million.  Up to $26.1 million since Wednesday.


4.  NEW:  "The Expendables 3", $16.2 million.


5.  NEW:  "The Giver", $12.8 million.




Rob Schneider Thinks a Parkinson's Drug May Have Killed Robin Williams


Actor ROB SCHNEIDER thinks prescription medication may have led to ROBIN WILLIAMS' suicide.  He Tweeted, quote, "Now that we can talk about it #RobinWilliams was on a drug treating the symptoms of Parkinson's.  One of the side effects is suicide."


We don't know what drugs Robin was or wasn't taking for Parkinson's.  We don't know how Rob Schneider knows, either.



But a so-called "source" close to Robin had this to add . . . quote, "A lot of Robin’s friends are convinced that the cocktail of prescription pills he was on somehow contributed to his mental state deteriorating as quickly as it did.



"Robin had always suffered from depression and addiction but the diagnosis and treatment of his Parkinson's was new, as was the combination of drugs he was on."

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08/18/2014 9:15AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 8/18/2014
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