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KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 8/2/2012

Robert Pattinson is Hiding Out at Reese Witherspoon's Ranch


We finally know where ROBERT PATTINSON is hiding out:  At REESE WITHERSPOON'S ranch in Ojai, California.


 --Robert and Reese co-starred in "Water for Elephants", and when those KRISTEN STEWART cheating photos surfaced, Reese offered him the place so he could get away from it all.


--Reese and her husband, who are expecting a baby, use the ranch as a vacation home.  Sources say Robert is, quote, "a total mess . . . He's questioning everything."


 --RadarOnline.com says Rob and Kristen ARE speaking again . . . but that Rob is nowhere near a place where he can forgive her.  A source says, quote, "Rob just isn't going to be able to get beyond the cheating, one time or not."


 --That hasn't stopped Kristen from trying.  She's been calling and texting him constantly.  A source says, quote, "She's dying to save the relationship.  It's the only thing she cares about."


 --Rob and Kristen will have to come to some kind of truce soon, because the last "Twilight" movie comes out in November, and there's a TON of promotion to be done.


 --A marketing suit says Summit Entertainment is, quote, "moving full steam ahead and looking forward to" the movie's opening. 



Snooki Wants to Give Birth in Heels


Nothing surprising about this:  SNOOKI wants to give birth in heels.  She says, quote, "I'm packing heels, my leopard-print gown, eyelashes and makeup!


--"I wanna look good when [my baby] first sees me."



One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Thinks He's Going "Slightly Deaf" Because of Their Screaming Fans


ONE DIRECTION singer LOUIS TOMLINSON . . . the one who "likes girls who eat carrots" . . . thinks the group's screaming fans are causing him to go DEAF.


--He says, quote, "I am going slightly deaf in my right ear.  It's tinnitus . . . [or] something like that.  All our fans are always very loud."


--Naturally, Britain's "Daily Mirror" tabloid dug up a source that was willing to comment on the horrific problem of having loud, screaming fans.


--The source said, quote, "Screams during gigs have started affecting the boys on stage.  They're young and still developing, so management insists they wear high-tech earpieces and filters to reduce the volume of the screaming and the music."


--Of course, all of this has been blown out of proportion.


--As it turns out, Louis made his comment while suffering a "really bad earache" . . . and it has since "cleared up."  So, he's perfectly fine.


--Tinnitus is a serious condition . . . marked by a ringing or some other persistent sound in one or both ears.  One of the common causes of it is noise-induced hearing loss.



Jermaine is Backing Out . . . He Wants Unity in the Jackson Community!




--He released a statement yesterday calling for a truce between the warring factions of the family . . . and officially dropping his signature from the letter seeking to have the executors of MICHAEL JACKSON'S estate removed.


--Jermaine said, quote, "Mistakes have been made and irrational things have been said on both sides in a highly charged emotional environment.  It is time for us all to draw a line in the sand and move towards peace, co-operation, love and healing."


--He also said that, quote, "mutual suspicions had allowed events to spiral out of control" . . . and added that he regrets, quote, "any distress caused to PrinceParis and Blanket."


--And he said, quote, "After much soul-searching, it is clearly time for us to live by Michael's words about love not war."


--It's not clear where RANDYJANET and REBBIE JACKSON currently stand.  But Jermaine did say he still has, quote, "deep reservations about many issues involved the estate."


--But he said that from now on, they'll be addressed in PRIVATE and, quote, "through the proper channels."



Is Jason Segel Leaving "How I Met Your Mother"?


There's speculation that JASON SEGEL is planning to leave "How I Met Your Mother" after the upcoming eighth season.


--An Austrian website quoted Jason saying, quote, "It's great to do some 'rated R' stuff again, because I've been playing the nice guy for quite a long time now. 


--"That's why I'm gonna quit 'How I Met Your Mother' after the eighth season."


--But Jason's rep says, quote, "Perhaps something got lost in translation, but Season Nine hasn't even been addressed yet."  CBS is in talks to bring the show back in 2013, but nothing's been decided.

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08/02/2012 9:52AM
KJ's Hollywood Dirt for 8/2/2012
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08/13/2012 7:11PM
louis tomlinson with tennitus
i really hope louis is going to be okay!! with out him 1D is just 4 hot boys with amazayn voices! like if i had to pick a favorite it would have to be niall but still! every good boy band needs a carrot loving boy!! and to be honest i think with managment doing what they are to niall, if louis goes deaf, the number of one direction fans would drop..alot. i love all of them! may they always be famous together!!!!! -a dedicated one direction fan!!
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