Betcha Didn't Know

Thursday, April 20th


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And Nicky says she's got some an interesting thing she found Aussie Internet about things that of a bet you didn't know that. Was what it was for. How does come in love is my boyfriend really into watching. Videos how stuff some made in everything that he watch at how's it made tons Yemeni goes deeper into the YouTube's to find out. ID act is it to exit exhausting level and I was watching when the other day about how up like soda can't as Maine in the history behind it all. And it's that you know when you have the very the top tap. You first pulled the tab on the pop thing is this whole little thing there that when you pull that up is actually pulling up and making a vent hole. Indy and before you actually open the lid on it makes sense that's why we can drink it I can get is crazy but you've probably never nano and I would have never announce a thought let's just go deeper and try and find a budget things I didn't know that that's why now the way I like this OK you know I'm not much I'm so I'll meet on most pen caps. How it's got holes in the top so it's you know that your answer there. I know this one a lot of people think it's because you wanna keep the pen from drying out a router is actually because pen caps are being choking hazard. So kids can swallow lemon it's actually help keep their Airways open in the agency deals online. I don't soleil and people think it would be very we will be wheezing today I swallowed as well I would just thinking hard and swelled up and think that. I'm shocked at the opposite of that name to came in New Hampshire. The holes in the side of your converse tennis she is yes people think it's for airing out yes you dank no. That actually when they are originally weren't a lot of basketball players were them and those extra holes as they could loop there laces through those holes as well. For a better grip on their feet really when they replaying I did not know that mood. And it did not know that that has warrior star. I am. People might know this when but I still think it's good to tell people in your car when you're looking at your gas light when it comes on and his rooms at a gas and rate exit that little picture of a gas tank. Eric you know whenever gas pump there's a tiny narrow yet I do when that one way or the air is to tell you what side your gas tank is on. Did you guys know that no the and I did note that. Especially in a rental car and you don't don't know where that is like OK can I got my figured out now. You just looked at the time hero yes. And I'll tell you we located the picture of the casting and lights up when you're almost at a gas. It's and a tiny Airpwn on any other down and year out things during your car and go look there and you see the Valero dome is that router is that right. That ladies a copy pains. You know there's one side this lady once had its flat out Yang I always with a flat tight close to my head right in the we'd be up. Texas was media everywhere around five wavy side actually helps gripped to your head better. So you need the ladies for the best type of hole out of Bobby pin that is actually the bottom not the top. I didn't know how that. On your years on your car a few at the chance to ever look at them. So there's the high tread part and then the part that goes in mount up and then the downbeat I don't ever and in in the and it rents the there are little lumps in between the trends. And that bump is actually an indicator did tell you'd that is the lowest amount of tread you're allowed to happen. Between your new tires tires are unsafe I've not I did not know that so if you look at your tires and it's laugh with that little bomb. And tires are timeless I mean when you've done warn them off to romance your railings as like break severe atom in the squeak in that instant is getting down to the end of the big pat has gone up that's my cyber it's a slick haven't changed in Tyre since 91. When you're using aluminum foil and Grady motherboard. Not sorry cardboard container that's your aluminum foil distributed studying could I yeah fiber in the mud puddle to CNN com am and as Brandon weed I'd take my car and a reduced doughnuts and you know what it's now is in the Kmart parking lot now queries to lift. That's not a nodding that's tormenting I don't I don't but it same deal now and when they're slick like that there's no trend that's even better of Iraq this ideas but at the foil right. Real well and the cardboard container that it's incentives you pulled he'll McClellan and the whole role comes out yeah daily back and on the side of your cardboard container third two little push and tabs you can holes Overland it'll calling the guy and. Our knowledge yank the whole thing out this line down across the kitchen he and an open tournament Rolen and back can't. So there's little side not just weeks that for you do you guys now that's why. Have the last time you open up of that thing in tin foil of an employee every day when I make my hat's. And millions. I gotta make a new had every day to send and receive their signals and a I drama Farber down the month an open mind to imply that late. I wanna be taking an agreement about an hour. Right burning out actually what it's more but you can use it for this if you are ever in a situation where you are trapped in your car yeah and you can't get out gas and you need to bust out the windows it by hammer whatever. They make those tiny little plastic cameras or whatever but you can actually pull your head rest outs. It's our medal on Allianz SE metal to smash the windows are open yeah and it's really and now that we've got to remember that when your outer membrane. Radically freaking out that your sinking but it's one of those things putting your brain and then you're you remember okay kind of like everybody remember this now granting a moment think about that OK if you follow if you got into a retention pond yeah this happens a lot or app I aerial recently something like that you know and I think Paul off the top. The speed and angrily asked that hard it should Wear it. Well Nelly got to make it easier to get the headrest out I'm telling you have a hello I'm getting to headrest out of my you know what could be the reason panic has yet but it. Anchor back there do you area you don't have a face boarding now baby yeah dad yeah. How easily I got and we cannot accelerating now they are writing I told a desire to I'd like listen we can keep them gone backwards furlong time is because you know he's a let that it's more it safer for your child be that way is as you know or timeout. Yeah hackers Tony you do look arm because of the team or no no it's the same if you could leave him there forever but they're get billionaire donor didn't they don't fit and. Yeah but it is safer that way that for ever well I think you're sick as I've tried to physically when chip forward facing baby things cart CE you have to put the ankle back underneath there and yet the list that thing up I cannot get mind open up yeah. Yeah I mean I didn't I tell you so much it's hard to get out firebird. I'm just crafted a foam helmet from my baby. Given his tin foil as well wrapped in tin foil you don't want the signals not to come in debris. Sounds like from Zell yet it's hard to get those out so if you're sinking and well intent upon and you're like oh crap now I have to and it has babies eat out of got a lot of love the baby. That's in the seat and see that's well that's going to be that great epic Fiat you're just I mean yeah you baby I'm striving for kids I mean what do you here's what you do what do you do it that's new exiting after you get debated but the you know maybe you'll ever have did you get the baby out they knew also to the headrest and it may be out at you you guys have been on a plane before they always -- put the map oxygen mask on you first before your baby. No I appear you're gonna be like I need to get others carper is in York it and you think as there and things I'll let you do now. There it can't just don't drive Chicago return to pot sometimes. How Imus saying the mommy you can babyface and backwards adult driver and no pockets. It hit it at any one more what are OKC is on your men's dress shirts on the back there's that Little League. Yes. I don't know I never even Dodd and I and I've seen it but I. I'd hang it up so there's a cup. Theories one is that back in the days sailors used to use it to hang their uniforms and keep them from getting wrinkled and it was odd we use or in the 1960s. I it was a big schools and keep your wife from. Being Greg had. Office had to put a cigarette in their man there's an emergency center and the speeds in Ivy League schools. The women when they words seriously dating a guy. Would cut that off off and then women knew that I was taken I'll that you do not on your shirt and you are take and and that's how that down and so crazy why doesn't like those little rubber bracelets the kids are wearing now with the different colors of those are the body yet but it's it's a day and the indicator of what you willing to do so that race and jelly great leaders indicate. And acts that you are willing to perform our household and he schoolers yes super discussing well at night and there I saw say eighteen year old seniors Farrar. Is. Good enough and instant and easy girl wearing a bunch of brace yeah whenever he's been around. The block and not and I hear that if you go to a party Ed it's like a pull tab assemblies are able to snap the color bracelet op here. And the man then note that yeah they get it they get 1313. Try.